Winner of free SharePoint training (you can still claim your free training, too)

Our November contest has closed and this YouTube video will reveal the winner of the big prize, free SharePoint training a $2,375 value This means the December contest has begun! Webucator will be awarding another lucky reader free...


Should Steve Ballmer Go as CEO?

The following is a guest blog by freelance editor and self-confessed keyboard geek Marco Chiappetta: At Microsoft's annual shareholder meeting, which took place this past week at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington, Steve...


Got a spare $8,400? The Microsoft Surface 2.0 is for you

What a bargain! Microsoft will be releasing its second version of its touchscreen table,the Microsoft Surface 2.0, for pre-order in 23 countries in 2012. And it has reduced the price to a mere $8,400. When Microsoft first introduced...


Gartner: Windows Phone sales plummet while Android sales triple

Microsoft is losing what little ground it had in the smartphone market, according to the latest stats from Gartner. Ever hear of Bada? And yet that smartphone OS from Samsung sold more units and owns more of the overall worldwide...


Microsoft has no plans to fix months old Office 2010/WP7 sync bug

Windows Phone 7 won't sync with the 64-bit version of Office 2010. And Microsoft has no plans to fix that, the company says. The problem has been known for months and documented in a Microsoft support article, KB 980513 posted...


Microsoft Isn't Apple: Redmond OKs Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak Tool

The following is a guest blog by freelance editor and self-confessed keyboard geek Marco Chiappetta. A few days ago a new tool hit the scene that’s able to unlock Windows Phone 7 devices — the ChevronWP7 labs unlock client. It costs


How Hotmail will wage war on newsletters

In a recent blog post from the Windows Live team Hotmail declared war on “graymail,” its newly coined term for those semi-legit e-mail messages that build up in the inbox. These include newsletters, offers, and other email ...


RSA to integrate SecurID tokens with Microsoft cloud, Citrix virtual desktops

If you want to use single sign-on with Microsoft’s clouds, the go-to method is a Microsoft product called Microsoft Windows Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 (ADFS). RSA on Monday announced ADFS can now tap into RSA’s SecurID...


Will Windows 8 really perform on well on low-end hardware? Here's a test.

The following is a guest blog by freelance editor and self-confessed keyboard geek Marco Chiappetta. Among the plethora of information regarding Windows 8 that Microsoft has so far disseminated, is talk about a handful of ...


Google explains (sort of) how it's watching you but now indexes some Facebook comments

Google on Wednesday told its search engine and Gmail users that it would be adding a new service that explains why they are seeing particular ads. It also reiterated the fact that users can opt out of personalized ads altogether....


Microsoft to Android, iOS users: Get off of my cloud

Microsoft executives say its high time for IT professionals to embrace the consumerization of IT, where employees choose the devices to work on, and all is run on the cloud. But they are somehow delusional in thinking that ...


Linux Foundation wades into Windows 8 secure boot controversy

The Linux Foundation today released technical guidance to PC makers on how to implement secure UEFI without locking Linux or other free software off of new Windows 8 machines. The guidance included a subtle tisk-tisk at Microsoft's...


History of malware: from script kiddies to rootkits

Bitdefender put together this cool graphic that tracks the history of malware. In the early days, many of the worms were written by so-called script kiddies looking for some recognition. Fast forward to last year, where Stuxnet was...


Looks like new Nokia phones will include Lync Mobile app

Nokia today showed off its first Windows Phone handsets, the Lumia 800 and 710, although neither will be available in the U.S. until early 2012, missing the holiday season here. Both devices will first roll out in Europe in November...


Microsoft COO Kevin Turner sells $1.7 million worth of Microsoft shares

Just weeks before Microsoft's shareholders will vote on an newly annual say-on-pay initiative, COO Kevin Turner sold 40,000 shares of Microsoft stock to pocket a cool $1,082,238 ... give or take a few bucks. Turner is the highest...


Why Windows 8 is Microsoft’s 'Apple-like' Slippery Slope

The following is a guest blog by freelance editor and self-confessed keyboard geek Marco Chiappetta. Now that we’ve been able to spend a little time with the Windows 8 Developer Preview, it’s obvious that Microsoft is tailoring many...


Microsoft execs get pay raises, bonuses, and club memberships

At next months' shareholder's meeting, Microsoft investors will be asked to vote on executive compensation, in the company's second-ever "say-on-pay"vote. The first one was held in 2009 and at the time the board decided to only allow


Free Software Foundation petitions against Windows 8 secure boot

The controversy over Microsoft's required use of a new secure boot specification continues to grow. The Free Software Foundation has stepped in, asking the public to sign a petition against Secure Unified Extensible Firmware...


Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon researchers turn any surface into a touch screen

Researchers at Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University are showcasing a new wearable computer dubbed OmniTouch that turns any surface into a touch screen ... a wall, a notebook, your arm. One nit-picky detail, you have to...


Microsoft upgrades Intune cloud service, includes free Windows 7

Microsoft is rolling out an upgrade to its cloud software distribution and security monitoring service, Intune, seven months after it officially launched the first version. With Intune, Microsoft is giving away Windows 7 and...


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