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Qualcomm Centriq 2400

hybrid clouds

Cloud-native architectures will be the default soon

The number of cloud-native enterprise applications is expected to jump to 32 percent by 2020, but CIOs will face resistance along the way.

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Mingis on Tech: The alphabet soup of mobile device management

Do you know your MDM from MAM and EMM? It's all about BYOD, and how companies can keep data safe while making it easier for workers to be productive with their own devices.

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Delivering agility to Paychex with XebiaLabs

Paychex went from following a waterfall development cycle to becoming agile with the help of XebiaLabs products.

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Amazon Web Services sets a lure for Java programmers

Amazon Web Services has long offered an SDK to make it easier to access its web services from Java. Now it has another lure for Java programmers: James Gosling, the father of Java.

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Microsoft takes the Build show on the road

Microsoft has turned the Build developers conference into a world tour, with stops in Asia, Australia, Europe and India.

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Write apps with zero code using Microsoft Windows Template Studio

Microsoft’s new Windows Template Studio in Visual Studio lets you build a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app without having to write any code.

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Review: The 10 best JavaScript editors

Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Brackets, and Atom rise to the top, but several others are worth considering

12 ways to improve run-time container security

Checkpoints spanning from simple preparations to more advanced run-time security controls

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18 things you should know about using Linux tools in Windows 10

Windows 10 can now run (many) Linux binaries. Yes, really. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

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Mobile is the new desktop, and that's good for enterprise apps

Corporate applications (and their users) are likely to benefit from the intuitiveness of mobile app interfaces.

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Linux Foundation to develop tool for building blockchain business networks

The Linux Foundation said it has accepted Hyperledger Composer into its incubation working group and said the project should eventually help accelerate the development of smart contracts built on blockchain technology.

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Oracle hits back at modular Java critics

High-ranking Java official responds to Red Hat's comments, saying that changes need to be useful to all developers, not a select few

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12 top tech fields of the future

Find out the areas where there is expected growth in technology job fields.

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Ultimate geek dream? NASA challenges you to jump on the FORTRAN bandwagon!

NASA is looking to bolster the speed – from ten to 10,000 times -- of the software on its Pleiades supercomputer and is issuing a public challenge to get the job done.

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Google Docs phishing attack underscores OAuth security risks

Google has stopped Wednesday’s clever email phishing scheme, but the attack may very well make a comeback.


It’s World Password Day but passwords may be headed for extinction

A range of alternative authentication methods could spell end for passwords

JavaScript code

Review: The 6 best JavaScript IDEs

WebStorm, Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio Code, NetBeans, Komodo, and Eclipse pull out the stops for JavaScript, Node.js, and friends

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Quick guide to where AR stands today

Over the past few months, there have been several augmented reality developments. Here’s a quick guide to what the big AR players are up to.

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