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mobile apps crowdsourcing via social media network [CW cover - October 2015]
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google 3d AI DeepMind Lab

NIPS conference: Google releases open-source, AI, 3D game-development project

Google's DeepMind Lab AI 3D game development project was released to accelerate deep reinforced learning R&D in the AI community

werner vogels aws reinvent 2016

AWS wants to dominate beyond the public cloud with Lambda updates

Two years ago, Amazon Web Services made a splash when it introduced Lambda. Now, the company has gone even further to bring that technology outside of its core data center regions.

green light in madrid go proceed

Should you go with Google's Go?

The once cutting-edge language is taking off -- and may be a prime candidate for your next project

5 tips for developers3

5 tips to help developers keep up with changing technologies

Developers want to learn new technologies and build new things. These five tips can help keep your developers happy and the innovation flowing.

rock concert audience party music celebrate

Review: GitLab rocks version control

Thanks to a solid foundation and delightful extras, this open source VCS is a serious contender

seamless scissors background 140057589

Oracle cuts management, messaging specs in Java EE 8

Oracle also wants to transfer MVC spec to another organization due to shifting priorities

Angular 2 primary

6 reasons to love Angular 2

See what all the Angular 2 excitement is about and why it’s different from every other JavaScript framework out there.

disney castle

Disney's best releases may be its open source tools

From animation to MacOS admin tools, the animation giant opens up

abstract glowing laptop

First look: Visual Studio for Mac is here at last, almost

Xamarin-inspired IDE will allow C# and F# programmers to develop for iOS, Mac, and Android on a single machine, but is currently limited


Micro services: Breaking down software monoliths

Massive enterprise architectures are collapsing under their own weight. Developers are decoupling massive system architectures into small, independent functions that loosely work together to solve complex problems

microsoft cloud open source

Why a cross-platform Microsoft is good for your business

Microsoft is preaching the mantra ‘any developer, any app, any platform.’ But it’s not just dev tools. It’s about wider technology choices for the business.

chatbots chatbot bot

Freshly-funded buddies up with Microsoft on chatbots

Starting from behind the likes of Slack and HipChat with its new workplace collaboration Teams service, Microsoft can use all the help it can get. Startup is among those coming to its aid.

it resume makeover

10 resume do’s and don’ts for developers

Recruiters and hiring managers reveal what makes a candidate stand out -- or fall flat

scott guthrie microsoft connect 2016 2

Every version of SQL Server 2016 now gets its full feature set

Microsoft packed SQL Server 2016 with new advanced features that are supposed to help it compete with a suite of other database software. But some of the most advanced capabilities in the relational database software were restricted...

160330 microsoft nadella 6

Microsoft and Google bury the hatchet in one small way

There's one small glimmer of hope in the relationship between Google and Microsoft: Google has joined the .NET Foundation, to help drive forward the programming language Microsoft created.

microsoft stock campus building

OpenAI will use Microsoft's cloud, as Azure gains more features

Microsoft's continued investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is paying dividends. The company has partnered with OpenAI, a non-profit company founded earlier this year to advance the field of machine...

microsoft stock campus building

Visual Studio for Mac: Microsoft publishes details a little early

Microsoft was supposed to announce details of Visual Studio for Mac later this week at the Connect() developer conference, but someone jumped the gun.

work tools carpentry

IT users review 6 software test management tools

Developers use test management tools — from vendors such as HPE, Microsoft and IBM — to manage their software quality-assurance programs. We’ve asked QA managers to identify the best and worst features of six leading suites.

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