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In the Software Defined Data Center, application response time trumps infrastructure capacity management

With applications consisting of a plethora of services delivered from a range of resources, End User Experience (EUE) is key


Sysdig and Mesosphere partner to monitor all of those containers

The container space is a busy one, and partnerships are one way to be heard above the noise.

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What users love (and hate) about 4 leading APM tools

An Application Performance Management solution translates IT metrics into business value, but all tools are not created equal. Here's what enterprise users really think about four top APM tools.

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Defining 'reachability' on the global Internet

We all remember the Verizon Wireless commercials that asked “Can you hear me now?”. While the ad campaign may have been repetitive, Verizon was driving home the point that its network had broad wireless network reachability. While...

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SDN shifts from configuration to analytics

Two vendors, Midokura and Pluribus, offer products for visibility into operations, performance

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Why your application tracking system may be killing your recruiting efforts

Applicant tracking systems get a bad rap for a reason -- many are clunky, hard to use and difficult to calibrate. But that doesn't mean you should ditch them entirely. Here’s how to improve your ATS.

How to get the most out of application aware network performance monitoring

You can turn network performance into your secret weapon and competitive advantage

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OpsClarity launches an application and infrastructure monitoring platform

How many monitoring solutions does the world need? According to OpsClarity, there is room for at least one more.

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Think your IT project is a nightmare? Check these out and you'll feel better

There are many ways to gauge satisfaction with a new computer system, but when the people who have to use it show up for work wearing red and declare it "Code Red" day, you probably don't need to bother with a survey.

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Can citizen developers bring shadow IT into the light?

Citizen developers can produce valuable businesses applications quickly, but is speed to market worth the risk of security and compliance considerations flying out of the window?

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Viewing app performance from the outside in is key to digital initiatives

Dynatrace CEO talks about application performance management trends, what comes next

HashiCorp finds a successor to Vagrant, introduces Otto and Nomad

Technology product nomenclature is hilarious. This is an industry which prides itself on coming up with some pretty bizarre names. But what's behind HashiCorp's change of naming convention?

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Logentries launches Docker log management and analytics service

Another day, another example of a company jumping on the Docker bandwagon and supporting the latest, greatest in some way.

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Are you over-testing your software?

Is it possible to reduce – or even eliminate – the human factor when it comes to testing software releases? In a word, yes. Here’s how.

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How IT automation put Subway on fast track to success

A look at how Subway successfully unified and automated a series of key data center batch processes that put the submarine sandwich maker on a path to success.

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Lessons from Tax Day 2015: How the tax sites fared

Dynatrace monitored recognized tax prep vendors and related sites leading up to the April 15th deadline to see who held up best under the strain of increased traffic and transactions to provide the best digital experience for...

Microsoft jumps into application monitoring

Application Insights can be used to instrument applications to better understand how well they perform

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When Intuit’s network gets taxed, it turns to Riverbed performance management tools

With TurboTax and QuickBooks becoming increasingly cloud based, user experience is key

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