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GAO blames ISPs for confusing consumers about bandwidth usage

Why put the onus on ISPs when application providers should be providing data on bandwidth usage?

VCs bet $33M you’ll want to use Avi Networks’ white box hardware for app delivery

Avi Networks, a network startup formed by ex-Cisco executives and backed by $33 million in venture capital, came out of stealth Wednesday with the announcement of a system designed to boost the performance of enterprise applications...

google chrome

Sites that don't like Chrome for no obvious reason

For reasons I can't fathom, certain sites don’t seem to work with Google’s Chrome browser. I find this extraordinary and the site that annoys me most when it comes to not working properly with Chrome is Wells Fargo.

Startup Instart Logic ushers in the era of software-defined application delivery

The term "software-defined" is very overused in IT these days, but for Instart Logic, it's actually accurate.


11 essential JavaScript tools for Web developers

From Web app frameworks to data visualization in real time, these tools have your next Web project covered

10 Web Services That Make Your Life Easier

There are thousands of apps and Web services out there. New ones are hitting the Internet as you read this. Here are 10 bona fide tools that can actually improve your life.

The benefits of converged network and application performance management

A converged Application Performance Management (APM) and Network Performance Management (NPM) solution gives organizations actionable information to resolve the most challenging performance concerns in minutes.

6 CSS tools for programming in style

Preprocessors, frameworks, boilerplate -- these technologies bring style, consistency, and responsiveness to Web development

Special report: The triumph of JavaScript

JavaScript is the reigning programming language across platforms and devices. Harness that power with the right frameworks and tools

Apache lights a fire under Hadoop with Spark

The Apache Software Foundation has announced the first production-ready release of Spark, analysis software that could speed jobs that run on the Hadoop data-processing platform.

Who Legally Owns Your Big Data?

Commingling internal and external data can produce problems if your contract isn't clear about who owns what -- and for how long.

Land O'Lakes Seeks IT Candidates With a Cultural Fit

The CIO at the $14 billion company hunts for job candidates who understand cloud, big data -- and the special nature of the food business.

PHP keepers plot radical revision of the language

Inspired by Facebook's efforts to speed performance of PHP, the core development team behind the popular open-source Web programming language has embarked on an effort to redesign PHP for faster performance.

Microsoft goes public with browser development plans

Aiming to provide more transparency in how it develops Internet Explorer, Microsoft has launched a website to help keep developers abreast of the latest changes and plans for the browser.

How IBM Plans to Get With the Times

This week's IBM Edge2014 infrastructure event hinted at how the company plans to use experience to its advantage. Far from burning out or fading away like an aging rock star, IBM intends to join today's young rockers on stage...

How to Do Big Data in Healthcare

Many healthcare organizations like to talk about data analytics. However, here are eight pieces of expert advice to help you actually do it.

SAP buying SeeWhy for targeted marketing technology

SAP is scooping up SeeWhy, maker of real-time targeted marketing software, in a bid to flesh out the omni-channel commerce platform it gained through last year's acquisition of Hybris.

IBM buys Cognea, will add its virtual assistant technology to Watson

IBM has acquired virtual assistant software startup Cognea, with plans to roll its capabilities into the Watson cognitive computing platform.

10 Ways Google Has Failed With Google+

Google+ was a late but welcomed arrival to social media scene about three years ago. However, Google's answer to Facebook has failed to provide real competition. Here's a look at 10 ways the search engine king as fallen down with...

Apps that make your phone a wallet

Free mobile payment apps keep popping up in the major app stores.  Some apps, like the new Nordstrom Rack app for iOS, work like typical online purchases using a credit card, but with the credit card number stored on a...

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