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SecureAuth introduces another take on multi-factor authentication

SecureAuth announces Symbol-to-Accept, a mobile multi-factor authentication (MFA) approach that aims to improve security without placing undue burden on users.

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Adobe fixes flaws in Flash Player and Adobe Connect

Adobe Systems released security patches for its widely used Flash Player software as well as its Adobe Connect web conferencing platform that's popular in enterprise environments.

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AI makes security systems more flexible

Advances in machine learning are making security systems easier to train and more flexible in dealing with changing conditions, but not all use cases are benefitting at the same rate.

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Security apps you need on your new Pixel

Privacy and security apps that should be the first apps on Google's new phone to help avoid growing mobile security threats, including identity theft, hacks and breaches.

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How much does a data breach actually cost?

When it comes to measuring the cost of a data breach, size matters. The more records lost, the higher the cost.

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A spam-control issue unique to Australia?

A user of Reddit’s section devoted to systems administration yesterday offered up for inspection an F-bomb-laden phishing email that had eluded his company’s spam filter despite the filter having been set to weed out such cursing.

Security online

Flaw in Intel CPUs could help attackers defeat ASLR exploit defense

A feature in Intel's Haswell CPUs can be abused to reliably defeat an anti-exploitation technology that exists in all major operating systems, researchers have found.

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Will a focus on data protection save the day?

Datacastle's Ron Faith discusses some simple thoughts that can bring security and data protection to the forefront of enterprise planning.

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SoftLayer founder’s new company, StackPath, releases app security product

Lance Crosby sold SoftLayer to IBM, and it didn't take long for his new company, StackPath, to release a real product: application security platform SecureCDN.

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7 ways DevOps benefits security programs

Many organizations are regularly pushing out tens if not hundreds of releases and updates on a daily basis. With help and guidance from the security team, organizations can push secure releases on the first try and save lots of money...

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Security for your collaborative software

There’s a gaping hole in your security infrastructure right now. The front door is open, the side window is ajar, and there’s an open safe with a neon sign saying “steal my data” in flashing lights.

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Microsoft opens up its 'million dollar' bug-finder

Project Springfield, which includes Microsoft's in-house testing technology for Windows and Office apps, uses whitebox fuzzing technology to sniff out flaws that could lead to crashes

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Always be prepared: Monitor, analyze and test your security

Critical Security Controls: Stay vigilant, plan your response and test your defenses with CIS Controls 18, 19 and 20.

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What’s in your code? Why you need a software bill of materials

When developers and suppliers carefully list the tools used to build an application and what third-party components are included, IT can improve software patching and updates

adobe systems headquarters san jose

Adobe fixes critical flaws in Flash Player and Digital Editions

Adobe Systems has fixed over 30 vulnerabilities in its Flash Player and Digital Editions products, most of which could be exploited to remotely install malware on computers.

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Autonomous cars? How about airliners?

Pilotless airliners? Far-fetched, you say. Not so, according to Tim Robinson, editor-in-chief of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s magazine Aerospace.

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HashiCorp slurps up cash to deliver DevOps goodness

DevOps vendor HashiCorp announces $24 million in Series B funding and general availability of its enterprise version of Vault.


Lessons learned from WordPress attacks

Infections on two WordPress websites taught this blogger a few lessons in WordPress security and disaster recovery.

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