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At I/O, Google earns praise for diversity

All eyes are on Apple with diversity watchers hoping for fewer white dudes

Google to Cardboard developers: Keep it short and simple, and watch out for nausea

Google Cardboard experiences should be the duration of traditional YouTube videos, said a Google executive

052915blog sticky notes

All hail the mighty sticky note

Need a bunch of busy people to do something for you, say fill out a survey form? A researcher has shown that the humble sticky note may be among your most powerful tools.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, May 29

Google I/O updates mobile, payments, IoT, and more... Apple buys augmented reality startup... Uber wants access to even more user data

Google Photos ditches Google+ to avoid the creepy factor

It turns out that storing private photos on a social network isn't appealing

Google launches family-friendly section in Play store

Online storefront to sort content by age, character and more

Google launches free, 'unlimited' photo, video storage service

Videos are capped at 1080p, images at 16 megapixels

US sides with Oracle in Java copyright dispute with Google

The dispute between Google and Oracle revolves around whether Java APIs can be copyrighted

052215blog hollywood express sign

Getting my first VCR was Very Cool, Really

The last video store in Cambridge, Hollywood Express, is closing. I remember getting my first VCR as clearly as I do my first bicycle … and my memory of the latter has the unfair advantage of having been captured on 18-mm film by my...

Apigee adds some Swagger to API design

The Apigee API Studio can generate documentation and test new APIs

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Wednesday, May 20

Six from China charged in US IP theft... ARM teams with Unicef on wearables... Microsoft previewing new Office for Android apps

Get your Chromebook ready for work

13 Chromebook tools for getting down to business

From collaboration apps to developer extensions, powerful add-ons make Chromebooks open for business

Citrix launches Workspace Cloud with BYOD flexibility

Enterprises can deliver a customized IT environment for each user, combining resources on premises and in the cloud

The Google Now Launcher brings a clean UI and prominent Google Now integration to any Android device

New Google feature makes ordering food online easier than ever

A new feature to Google Now makes ordering food online easier than ever

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Thursday, May 7

SAP's S/4Hana moves to the cloud...AMD puts Zen up against Intel's Skylake...Europe probes e-commerce firms

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Wednesday, May 6

Apple Beats deals may be target of probe ... French go all-in on Internet spying ... Intel's new chips are tuned for machine learning

Want to buy SAP software? There's an app (store) for that

New SAP store aims to simplify enterprise software purchases

Microsoft said to be considering a bid for Salesforce

Microsoft decided to evaluate an offer for Salesforce after a potential buyer approached the CRM vendor

050415blog no law against cash

Why people might believe cash was outlawed

The always-entertaining weekly newsletter tells us – particularly those who live in Louisiana – not to fret about reports that the use of cash money has been banned in that state for any transaction involving second-hand...

Microsoft jumps into application monitoring

Application Insights can be used to instrument applications to better understand how well they perform

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