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Lumia 950 ship date

We now know when Windows 10 Mobile will 'launch'

Microsoft appears to have clarified when Windows 10 Mobile will formally be released, both on new devices and on updates for older phones.

NDN hackathon

IP was Middle School, Named Data Networking is College

Much of the Named Data Networking (NDN) project codebase is still at the Version zero-dot-something level. But things are nevertheless starting to get real for this architecture designed to blast past today’s host-based and...

tacos de carnitas carne asada y al pastor

Microsoft serves up Taco for cross-platform mobile dev

The tools leverage the Apache Cordova device APIs for developing Android, iOS, and Windows apps

Peeple app

Beginning of the end for the Peeple app?

The Twitter account and Facebook page for the creepy Peeple app went poof. Hopefully it was a giant hoax or is dying before the people rating service can start ruining the lives of people.

Amazon logo

Amazon bans Google Chromecast, Apple TV

Generally speaking, no retailer has to sell anything it doesn’t want to sell. So is under no obligation to sell the products of competitors such as Google and Apple.

Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft offers businesses a 'premium' network link to Office 365

Microsoft has rolled out a premium service called Azure ExpressRoute, which allows businesses to connect to Office 365 via a private, managed wide area network instead of the public Internet.

ifixit apps

Apple gives iFixit app the boot

Apple might be spiting itself by giving the iFixit app the boot from its App Store this week.

093015blog google self driving car

Of course, you’ll still be able to drive Google’s self-driving car

You can bet that whatever Google eventually markets as a “self-driving car” will come standard with everything necessary for it to be driven by its owner in exactly the way we all drive our cars today.

mobile apps and touch screen

Review: RethinkDB rethinks real-time Web apps

RethinkDB's NoSQL document store delivers high-speed change notifications for super-responsive apps

JAMF Software Casper

iOS 9 release spurs upgrade of JAMF's Apple management suite

Apple is releasing iOS 9 today, and JAMF Software is ready with an updated version of Casper Suite, its management platform for Macs and iOS devices.

mergers aquisitions businessmen toys circuitboard handshake agreement

Secunia acquired by Flexera Software

Organizations will now be able to use Secunia's software security audit tools in concert with Flexera's asset management capabilities

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2

Salesforce unveils a new CRM tool for 'relationship intelligence'

Salesforce taps technology gained as part of its $390 million RelateIQ acquisition last year to offer a brand-new tool focused on what it calls "relationship intelligence."

microsoft minecraft

Minecraft survives Year One under Microsoft

Microsoft bought Minecraft a year ago today and everyone who loves the latter feared the former would ruin it because that’s how Microsoft rolls.

091415blog twitter down2

Twitter is down whether you care or not

Twitter the Web portal has been down for more than 40 minutes now, according to the monitoring site

office 2016 installation

Office 2016 adopts branches, update-or-else strategy of Windows 10

Microsoft will launch Office 2016 for Windows on Sept. 22, and has now detailed how it will deliver updates and upgrades with a cadence and rules similar to Windows 10.

091015blog boston globe front page

The cheapest way to read the Boston Globe online may surprise you

Sorry about the click-bait headline, but this actually did surprise me so I thought it might surprise you.

macbook outlook 2x

Review: Office 2016 for Mac offers a new interface and better features

With the new Office 2016 for Mac, Microsoft has finally brought the OS X version of its office suite up to the standards of the Windows product.

brain circuit head mind electric

Project Oxford: Microsoft serves up APIs for intelligent apps

Microsoft talks up IoT potential of the cross-platform Oxford SDKs and face, speech, and vision APIs

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