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google adwords

Google taps AI to help you bid for digital ads

Real-time bidding is an aspect of digital marketing that can seem overly complex for the average bear, so it was only a matter of time before AI entered the picture.

stock exchange

Big data paper shows stock market trades behave like light bulbs

Big data paper shows once you remove noise from stock trade data, its patterns become surprisingly predictable, looks like light bulb failures

Macy's store California

IBM's Watson just landed a new job: helping Macy's shoppers

IBM's Watson may be putting its cognitive muscle to work battling cancer and cybercriminals, but it's no slouch at shopping, either. On Wednesday, retail brand Macy's announced that it's testing out a new mobile service that lets...

Big Data analytics machine learning

Dark data? Not if Teradata and Nuix can help it

Big data may promise a world of new insight, but if it can't be analyzed, you can kiss that potential goodbye. Enter Teradata and Nuix, which on Tuesday teamed up to bring so-called "dark data" to light.

MicroStrategy customers

My big intro to BI & analytics vendor MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy, a veteran of the business intelligence and analytics market that is currently littered with so many startups, has plenty to boast about and isn’t shy about doing it.

republican national convention

Campaigns use Big Data for political gain

Security experts have been saying that ‘privacy is dead’ for a long time. The collection of voter data by modern political campaigns is another stark example.

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How 'human-aware' AI could save us from the robopocalypse

Much virtual ink gets spilled each week enumerating the many horrors that could be ours in an AI-filled world, but top researchers in the field are already thinking ahead and making plans to ensure none of that happens.

AlphaGo first game in Seoul

Google's AI is learning how to save your life

AlphaGo's uncanny success at the game of Go was taken by many as a death knell for the dominance of the human intellect, but Google researcher David Silver doesn't see it that way.

Analytics in action CIO Wrapsheet

A CIO's guide to understanding analytics

Today's data-driven business runs on the almighty algorithm. Here's how to get the most out of your data analytics.

cloud questions

6 'data' buzzwords you need to understand

Take one major trend spanning the business and technology worlds, add countless vendors and consultants hoping to cash in, and what do you get? A whole lot of buzzwords with unclear definitions.

data management vortex

The democratization of data in the cloud

Data democratization, made possible through cloud computing, puts crucial business information into the hands of those who need it the most.


Nexar, turning your smartphone into a dash cam with crowdsourced smarts

Nexar combines car video with sensor data, Big Data, and artificial intelligence to create road intelligence. sparkling water

Use Apache Spark? This tool can help you tap machine learning

Finding insight in oceans of data is one of enterprises' most pressing challenges, and increasingly AI is being brought in to help. Now, a new tool for Apache Spark aims to put machine learning within closer reach.

mind the gap 620x465

Study reveals security gap in big data projects

An IDG Enterprise study of big-data initiatives finds that the extremely valuable output of those projects often lacks additional security. Download the free report.

big data

Younger generation more optimistic about big data, study says

An IDG Enterprise study of big-data initiatives finds a generation gap: IT professionals aged 18 to 34 are most optimistic about the transformative benefits of big data, while older IT pros are more skeptical. Download the free...

aws amazon web services

Amazon's Elastic File System is now open for business

Following an extended preview period, Amazon's Elastic File System is now generally available in three geographical regions, with more on the way.


NASCAR is digitizing race day

NASCAR is bringing modern technology to race day, using a new system to tie together data on each race so officials can make decisions fast. We got to see it in action at the Sonoma Raceway in California.


The 'summer of AI' is here, this startup chief says

Vicarious is drawing from neuroscience, deep architectures, and generative probabilistic models to create technology that requires "orders of magnitude" less training than traditional machine-learning techniques do, it says.

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