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DNA fingerprint

Microsoft is making big data really small using DNA

Microsoft has partnered with a San Francisco-based company to encode information on synthetic DNA to test its potential as a new medium for data storage.

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BI review: Tableau, QlikView, MicroStrategy and Oracle OBIEE

Enterprise users give a shout out for some of their favorite features of these popular BI tools, but also offer up a little tough love.

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One to watch: GE and Pivotal invest in SnappyData

It may not be much in terms of actual dollars, but this looks like a highly strategic investment in this early-stage company.


Can AI beat you at Foosball? Yes. Yes it can

AI has already proved its prowess in chess, Jeopardy and the ancient game of Go, but it's now come out victorious in yet another arena: the classic game of Foosball.

Doom ViZDoom

Doom will be AI's next big gaming challenge

AI may have trounced humanity in the ancient game of Go, but it remains untested in countless other gaming arenas.

Skysafe drone management

Top drone startups find venture capital flying their way

With unmanned aerial vehicles (i.e., drones) here to stay, entrepreneurs are pouncing on the opportunity to safeguard people from having these flying machines drop in unexpectedly and venture capitalists are buying in.

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Sleep and other patterns pinpoint individuals in datasets, study finds

Simple behavior, tracked by apps, is enough to spot individuals in a dataset, according to a study conducted by Columbia University and Google researchers.

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How an online real estate company optimized its Hadoop clusters

Every night, Trulia crunches more than a terabyte of new data and cross-references it with about 2 petabytes of existing data to deliver the most up-to-data real estate information to its users. Here's how it ensures consistent...

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Cloud review: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Joyent

The top five public clouds pile on the services and options, while adding unique twists

big data analytics colleges

8 universities at the forefront of big data

Undergraduate programs have been slow to catch on to big data education. Until now. Here are eight universities paving the way for the next generation of data scientists with undergraduate degrees in big data.

machine learning

Why machine learning is the new BI

Get ready for artificial intelligence and automation that helps you make business decisions rather than just understanding what happened in the past.


AWS focuses on hard disks for new big data services

Amazon Web Services is going retro to help companies deal with big data workloads. The cloud provider announced Tuesday that it's launching two new volume types for its Elastic Block Store service that are powered by traditional,...

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The platform wars are over

Platform is irrelevant—it's big data that matters. And nothing stores data like a mainframe.

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Location data from 2 apps can ID you across domains even if you use fake names

Even when big data has been stripped of personal details, privacy is not guaranteed, researchers say

MIT AI2 cybersecurity AI

AI + humans = kick-ass cybersecurity

Neither humans nor AI has proven overwhelmingly successful at maintaining cybersecurity on their own, so why not see what happens when you combine the two?

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Thrilled that AI is no longer a dirty word

Cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning are here to stay and promise to benefit both consumers and the organizations that exploit these advanced technologies.

data scientist career rm

IT career roadmap: How to become a data scientist

In this month's Career Roadmap, Tom Walsh and Alex Krowitz, both research engineers for workforce management company Kronos, discuss what it takes to be a data scientist -- one of today's hottest and most in-demand IT careers.


How data science helps Purdue predict student success

Most people know that a student who does well in a class would likely do well in another class, but could you predict whether a student would succeed based on how many times they logged into the campus network?

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