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800px student teachers kindergarten 1898

RoboTutor team using open source tools to address short supply of teachers, schools

Carnegie Mellon researchers among 200 teams going for Global Learning XPRIZE with development of new open source software tools

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How wireless providers are quietly cashing in on your location data

Smartphone location data will be a $79 billion business by 2020, says a researcher. Mobile operators are hoping this new, somewhat quietly conducted business, will make-up the shortfall caused by a slowing smartphone market.

University Research Projects

9 research projects that could transform the enterprise

From unstructured data mining to visual microphones, academic labs are bringing future breakthrough possibilities to light

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Microsoft rolls out open source toolkit for machine learning

The newly-open sourced Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit features fast, parallelized, and easy-to-deploy machine learning algorithms

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IDC says big data spending to hit $48.6 billion in 2019

The research firm predicts the market for big data technology and services will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23.1 percent through 2019.


Even the CEO's job is susceptible to automation, McKinsey report says

Almost half of work activities could be automated now, a new report says. And that includes those in the executive suite.

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How big data is changing the database landscape for good

Mention the word "database," and most people think of the venerable RDBMS that has dominated the landscape for more than 30 years. That, however, may soon change.

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Study reveals that most companies are failing at big data

Research from PwC and Iron Mountain reports some surprising statistics about how companies are using the data they collect.

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Can artificial intelligence influence human behavior? A trial will find out

Researchers in Singapore began a two-year trial this week of a smartphone app that attempts to use artificial intelligence to influence the real world decisions of users.

Changeable weather

With a torrent of weather data, IBM hopes to know the world

IBM's deal to buy The Weather Company adds to its cognitive computing capabilities something IBM really needs -- data.

HOLD - CW November feature - data analytics chart money finance laptop computer

Make analytics pay off for you and your customers

When customers got a better experience, these companies got a revenue kick, thanks to accurate and timely analytics data in the hands of salespeople. 

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National Science Foundation invests $5M-plus in big data hubs

The National Science Foundation announced Monday that it is awarding a handful of universities more than $5 million to establish four regional hubs devoted to furthering the ability of organizations in fields ranging from agriculture...

Tips for working with IoT data

3 ways you can sell your own personal data

Personal data marketplaces are beginning to appear. Here's a look at three.

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The answer to wasted IT investment: Spend, spend, spend!

The problem with staying competitive isn't that we spend too much on IT, it's that we don't spend enough

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How Apache Kafka is greasing the wheels for big data

Analytics is often described as one of the biggest challenges associated with big data, but even before that step can happen, data has to be ingested and made available to enterprise users. That's where Apache Kafka comes in.

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10 use cases where NoSQL will outperform SQL

Many industries are now adopting NoSQL database technology for crucial business applications, replacing their relational database deployments to gain flexibility and scalability

7 11 grow lead

7-Eleven takes a big gulp of customer data

The ubiquitous convenience store chain updates its loyalty program from punch cards to a mobile app for super-frequent patrons

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Microsoft unveils new betas for SQL Server 2016, Azure Data Lake services

Microsoft unwrapped a smorgasbord of data-related announcements at the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit in Seattle on Wednesday, including news about the next beta for its flagship database server software and...

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