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Feds advance open data roadmap despite challenges

The DATA Act aims to bring transparency to government spending, but officials are mindful of the compliance burden and cultural challenges in effecting reform.


How big data helps track wildlife

As part of the Computerworld 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards, we chat with officials from the TEAM Network, part of Conservation International, about their big data technology that helps track wildlife in protected areas around the...

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13 more big data & analytics companies to watch

So many big data and analytics-focused startups are getting funding these days that I’ve been inspired to compile a second slideshow highlighting these companies. This new batch has reined in some $250 million this year as they seek...

Your digital footprint reflects your personality, researchers claim

It's not just habits, but your personality can also be revealed through your social media interactions, according to scientists.

big data fabric

Intel: Criminals getting better at data exfiltration

Enterprises tend to be highly focused on keeping attackers out of their systems, but most of the actual damage happens not when the bad guys first break in, but when they're able to successfully steal data -- and the techniques...

connected cars

How HP used big data to optimize its fleet of 6,000 vehicles

HP collected data on nearly 6,000 vehicles the company owns to gain efficiencies based on how they are used.

big data code

Why the world's top computing experts are worrying about your data

World experts in computer science and mathematics spent an afternoon at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Germany Tuesday trying to figure out how the widespread collection of data about consumers can be prevented from causing harm.


Despite Microsoft partnership, NFL leans on Amazon to store new stats data

Even though the league has agreed to use Microsoft technology in some instances, it's storing new data generated from real-time player tracking with AWS.

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The 15 biggest enterprise ‘unicorns’

These are 15 of the highest valued enterprise software companies that have received venture funding but have not yet been sold or gone public.


Big data's future: predictive analytics, Internet of Things

At the HP Big Data Conference 2015 in Boston, we asked speakers where big data technology was heading over the next few years.

5 Problems with big data

when data gets big, big problems can arise. FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silve outlines five problems that can arise from having too much big data.

hp cloud for big data

Is the cloud the right spot for your big data?

Some say the cloud is the best spot for big data, others argue it should remain on premises. The answer is, it depends.

big data fabric

Why big data isn't always the answer

While most analytics tools are set up for quantified information it's often the unstructured data that provides the context and the meaning companies need to make that information useful.

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Why big data will be a big deal for the new HP

Big changes are afoot at HP as the company prepares for a split up this spring. Big data software is expected to be a pillar of the new Enterprise focused HP company.

University of Wisconsin

How the University of Wisconsin is closing the data science skills gap

When the University of Wisconsin asked businesses what they were looking for in employees, nearly all of them said, ‘data scientists.’ The university responded with an online data science master degree program to help bring more...


How technology is nourishing the food chain

New technologies are making food production more efficient and more environmentally sound. Here's how farmers are using everything from crop modeling tools to drones to generate higher yields.

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New image recognition app brings context to smartphone photos

Deep learning will create a 'visual internet' where everyday objects will be recognized by smartphones, says an app developer.


Has big data moved beyond hype?

How mainstream is big data? We asked two speakers at HP's Big Data Conference 2015 in Boston whether enterprises have fully adopted technologies around big data and analytics, or if we're still in the early innings of the game.

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