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Priori digs deep to find the truth about mobile app stores

The company is a planning to lauch its app analytics platform next month

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IBM taps Twitter's data to drive business insights

IBM and Twitter say they will 'change the way business decisions are made' by pairing Twitter data with IBM's analytics tools and new apps for the enterprise. But CIOs won't buy in until the two companies can bring structure and...

With Clutter, Microsoft is less cautious about bringing machine learning to the masses

The research group hasn't always been ready to make such tools available

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Enterprises moving Big Data workloads to public cloud

More than half of large enterprises are either already using public cloud resources for their big data analytic needs or plan to do so, according to a report by Gigaom Research.

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Business intelligence meets mobility at eHarmony

As online dating site eHarmony has expanded its mobile presence, it has also made good use of its business intelligence platform. This provides better visibility into what mobile users are doing and what services are better off being...

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Mapping the ultimate Halloween candy haul route: Sweetest use of Big Data ever?

Computer scientist father and his young son crunch big data to plot most efficient trick-or-treat route for optimal Halloween candy haul.

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Why Big Data and analytics should care about my burning waterskis

How you code data in your Big Data project has consequences, just take a look at ICD-10 which codes for things that will amaze you!


Mojio: Big Data on vehicles plus a open platform equals easy IoT analytic apps

Mojio offers a device that plugs into the On Board Diagnostic II (ODB) connector and includes GPS and an accelerometer. It sends vehicle performance and location data to Mojio’s platform via AT&T’s 3G network in the US and the Telus...

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Microsoft adds IoT, Big Data orchestration services to Azure

Looking to expand on the big data capabilities of its cloud platform, Microsoft has introduced Internet of Things streaming analytics, data production and workflow services for Azure.

Power tools company uses marketing analytics to compete with Big Box stores

Big Data tools to combine internal and external information helps determine how to counteract the marketing muscle of Home Depot and Lowe's.

IBM sends Cognos, SPSS to the cloud

IBM continues to migrate its portfolio of enterprise software to the cloud

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Intel turns to wearables, Big Data to fight Parkinson's

Medical researchers today have only a rudimentary understanding of how Parkinson's disease progresses in patients. In collaboration with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Intel is helping researchers use wearable devices, the Internet of...

Big Switch rolls out SDN starter kits

SDN pioneer Big Switch Networks this week is expected to unveil “starter kits” designed for its Big Cloud Fabric product that began shipping in September amidst a stream of positive product reviews.

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Big data wars: How technology could tip the mid-term elections

It’s Project Ivy vs. VoterGravity as Democrats and Republicans deploy competing data analytics platforms.

Big data analytics.

8 big trends in big data analytics

Big data technologies and practices are moving quickly. Here's what you need to know to stay ahead of the game.

Twitter weaves Fabric, but will developers be drawn in?

Twitter wants to help developers build apps -- with more tie-ins to Twitter -- through Fabric

SAP offering customers 'simpler' way to buy its Hana in-memory platform

It's one thing to announce and another to deliver, one Hana expert says

Startup offers a big-data storyteller

ClearStory Data's Collaborative Storyboards offers a way to present data in a series of live visualizations

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