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Zoomdata wants to scale out real-time data visualization

Zoomdata introduces Hi Def Data Sharpening, wants to sell people on the sweet promise of data visualization with fast performance and massive scale.

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Tencent adding five data centers to target cloud users outside China

Tencent Holdings has opened a data center in Silicon Valley with four more planned outside China as part of its bid to grow its cloud business outside the country.

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Industry 4.0 is the blueprint for the future of IT

When you think about IT's future, you probably don’t think about factories. But the evolution of Industry 4.0 may be the model for the future of IT organizations.

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Sapho makes bad enterprise software better

Enterprise software is horrendous. Sapho is one of the hero companies trying to resolve the myriad issues.

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Informatica CEO talks of why data quality is key to successful digital transformation

Anil Chakravarthy says mastering data integration and integrity are critical to innovation efforts, as well as securing the enterprise.

App dev trends going hot -- and cold

21 hot programming trends—and 21 going cold

Hot or not? From the web to the motherboard to the training ground, get the scoop on what's in and what's out in app dev

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Predictive analytics can stop ransomware dead in its tracks

Predictive analytics is a necessity because the malware of tomorrow is unknown and will surely evolve to our detriment. Find out how it finds traces of ransomware before the network goes down.

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Why Google BigQuery excels at BI on big data concurrency

Should you use Hadoop for your big data business intelligence needs? BigQuery? What's the difference between on-premises Hadoop, in-cloud Hadoop and a serverless model like Google BigQuery's? A new benchmark from AtScale seeks to help...

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Data security and the cloud: Earn trust by putting your customers in control

Giving customers control over who can access their sensitive data can go a long way toward helping the cloud industry reduce fears and earn trust.

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10 steps to cut through the data management complexity

Many data-driven enterprises are seeking a single view of their customer data, which is often siloed and fragmented. MongoDB has developed a 10-step methodology to help you cut through the data management complexity to create that...

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Tableau switches to subscription pricing for its BI products

Tableau is making a big change in the way it sells its business intelligence products. The company announced Thursday that all of its software will be available as a subscription, rather than a single license plus a service fee.

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Python vs. R: The battle for data scientist mind share

Here’s how the general-purpose favorite of scientists stacks up against the stat head’s data-honed tool of choice

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Review: Amazon QuickSight covers the BI basics

A promising data analysis tool in the cloud, QuickSight is easy to use but limited in terms of visualization types

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Knowing when a trusted insider becomes a threat

The time has come to pay serious attention to new ways of identifying and preventing such insider threats early on.

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Google AudioSet aims to make sounds, from roars to boings, searchable

Google researchers have released a collection of 2 million-plus labeled audio snippets designed to spark innovation in the area of sound search.

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AI will transform information security, but it won’t happen overnight

Artificial Intelligence technologies are evolving quickly, but can they aid an InfoSec community still grappling with default passwords and SQLi attacks?

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Hadoop fails to live up to the promise and the hype

The cost and complexity of Hadoop keep people from achieving anything, according to big data experts.

Machine learning gets down to business

Machine learning proves its worth to business

AI on the verge: Early adopters reap business benefits, as machine learning nears the mainstream

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