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What marketers want from IT

How to use data to design the best market for your company

Can you use technology to create the market your business wants? Behavioral economics say, ‘yes’ — and thanks to big data it’s about to become a service any business can access.

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Customer insights: Digital is changing who you compete against

You now compete against businesses across industries that provide experiences that are so great your customers will expect the same from you.

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AI will take some jobs, but no need to worry

There will still be plenty of work to go around so job prospects should remain good, especially for those who keep up with technology, broaden their skill sets, and get a better understanding of their company's business needs.


Will AI usher in a new era of hacking?

It may take several years or even decades, but hackers won’t necessarily always be human. Artificial intelligence –- a technology that also promises to revolutionize cyber security -- could one day become the go-to hacking tool.

IBM's Watson offices on Astor Place, New York City

ZoneSavvy taps big data to help SMBs find best sites for businesses

Location, location, location: As the old joke goes, those are the three keys to business success. Now, with big data analysis, corporations can be smarter than ever before about where to open up new offices or businesses.

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Nokia uses analytics, machine learning to help mobile providers

As mobile competition heats up, Nokia is betting that advanced data analytics and machine learning will help wireless carriers optimize their customer service.

nate silver

Nate Silver shares the secrets of accurate predictions

In the wake of a surprising U.S. presidential election season, founder Nate Silver offered forecasting problems and suggestions for software professionals.

IoT,  STYR, BOLTT, Sensoria, Skilled Analysts

Companies use IoT tech to personalize products, enhance consumer appeal

STYR, BOLTT and Sensoria use IoT sensors and data analysis to personalize products. The approach allows them to have an ongoing relationship with their customers.

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Review: Spark lights up machine learning

Spark brings efficient machine learning to large compute clusters and combines with TensorFlow for deep learning

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Coping with IoT data overload? Try 3D visualization

DottyView provides interactive, 3D visual consoles to help monitor the huge amount of data generated by IoT systems.

machine learning

Get started with TensorFlow

Begin harnessing the power of Google’s open source machine learning library with InfoWorld's hands-on tutorial

Donald Trump

Is Trump's unexpected victory a failure for big data? Not really

The failed predictions in the U.S. presidential race could cast doubts on some hot technology sectors, including big data and customer relationship management.

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Review: Microsoft takes on TensorFlow

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit is fast and easy to use, but a little wet behind the ears


Beware dodgy data analysis

Applying data analysis in absence of deep understanding of your business can have disastrous results.

Jessi Hong Yum

Young tech entrepreneurs inspired by hearts, minds, stomachs, and not necessarily in that order

Annual Rocket Pitch event at Babson College produces rapid-fire startup ideas from young entrepreneurs

How to increase adoption of your big data analytics platform

Inspiring non-technical staff to understand what to do with data insights can be a slow and painful process.

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Executives still mistrust insights from data and analytics

Organizations say they are increasingly focusing on data-driven decision-making to guide their businesses, but a majority of business leaders lack confidence in the insights generated from data and analytics. Professional services...

baxter robots million object challenge

How robots will teach each other with data

With the Million Object Challenge, Stefanie Tellex hopes to produce enough sample data other researchers can use to train robots to pick up objects.

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