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Add human knowledge and contextual information to Big Data to derive striking new insights

Modus Operandi lets you add human knowledge and contextual information to take analytics further and derive new insights that might otherwise be missed

DataTorrent tackles complexity of Hadoop data ingestion

It designed dtIngest to streamline the collection, aggregation and transfer of data to and from a Hadoop cluster

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Intel, Micron boast 1,000-times faster flash memory

Flash memory breakthrough promises significantly faster data analysis.

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Cazena launches a big data-as-a-service...service

Big data, despite being a term that hardly anyone can agree upon the meaning of, is one of the hottest marketing terms in IT marketing land. New vendor Cazena is launching today to offer big data as a service. But what does that...

Simplify the process and cut the cost of data migration and data acceleration

In the years 2000, 2007 and 2011, Bloor Research undertook research studies on the costs and challenges of data migrations. Their 2011 study showed that the average budget for a data migration project is $875,000. Despite spending...

Predictive analytics vendor Leadspace snags 8-Figure Series B funding

Predictive analytics, despite being a term that is used by a multitude of vendors to describe a bunch of different things, is one of those industry terms that just seems to attract venture funding. More proof of that today with a...

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Startup launches big data-as-a-service

Cazena, a startup founded by former Netezza execs, is aiming to help enterprises solve the big data engineering challenge with a managed service platform that addresses the security and complexity challenges that have kept many...

Nokia Here said to be snatched up by Audi, BMW and Daimler for $2.7B

The company's digital mapping technology is considered a critical element of self-driving cars

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DataSift unveils machine learning for developers and marketers

Big data, analytics and predictive insights are very much the flavor-de-jour in technology marketing land. Vendors and their PR flacks are quick to jump on these buzz words that have seen much interest from customers. DataSift, a...


NASA unveils most detailed image ever of Pluto

NASA unveiled the most detailed image ever of Pluto at a news conference on July 15, 2015, when it showed off the first close-up picture taken by the New Horizons spacecraft.

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GE, Pitney Bowes team up on predictive and prescriptive analytics

The two companies will use GE's Predix software platform for the Industrial Internet of Things to develop customized asset performance management applications.

Workday bets on machine learning with new venture fund

It has already invested in four data-science startups

Big data enables an entirely new design of airport

Big data applied to the massive problem area of airport logistics? Dubai Airports looks set to get this problem nailed.

IoT analytics brings new levels of innovation to new product development

Development teams are translating streams of real time machine data into actionable information to improve the product development process

Microsoft's Power BI visualization service will be generally available July 24

After six months of beta availability, the service is coming out, with more updates on the horizon

The curious case of Google Street View's missing streets

Many towns and cities are littered with small gaps in the Street View imagery

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Confluent closes $24 million Series B funding round

More funding news this morning for Confluent, the company that is wrapping commercial offerings around Apache Kafka. Kafka is an open source technology that offers real-time messaging services. While this may sound like a pretty...

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Self-service BI review: Tableau vs. Qlik Sense vs. Power BI

All three next-gen BI solutions make data discovery and analysis remarkably easy, but Tableau does it best

Oracle gets September trial date against Rimini Street

The case could establish ground rules for companies that provide third-party maintenance services

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SAP to bring analytics to soccer

SAP and City Football Group have announced a global, multi-year partnership that will deliver data analytics to every level of CFG and its international football clubs, from business operations to fan engagement to player and team...

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