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Raj Reddy Heidelberg Laureate Forum Turing

Forget the robocalypse -- 'Homo connecticus' may be what's coming

Robots' potential to take over the world is a commonly expressed fear in the world of AI, but at least one Turing Award winner doesn't see it happening that way.

data lakes

Podium Data wants to offer a complete data wrangling platform

A new player enters the enterprise data management space. Will a Podium data lake prove more valuable than the others?


A high-tech shirt made for speed

Worn by racing driver Tony Kanaan, this high-tech shirt from NTT Data and Toray provides his crew realtime measurements of his body during a race.

protecting data

How to protect your mission-critical information

A new report by the Information Security Forum (ISF) outlines the steps you can take to determine your mission-critical information assets &and create customized plans for protecting them.

digital laggards

‘Digital laggards’ must harness data or get left behind

Digital leaders post higher gross margins, revenues and profits than digital laggards, according to new research from Harvard Business School. Data is a big reason why.

smart city c level execs introb

Smart cities: The rise of new C-level executives

Smart cities are creating new types of C-level executives, including chief bicycle officer, chief innovation officer and chief data officer.

sap sapphire s/hana

SAP woos SMB developers with an 'express' edition of Hana

Aiming to make Hana more accessible to companies of all shapes and sizes, the enterprise software giant on Monday unveiled a downloadable "express" edition that developers can use for free.

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2

Salesforce is betting its Einstein AI will make CRM better

If there was any doubt that AI has officially arrived in the world of enterprise software, Salesforce just put it to rest.

statistics stats big data analytics

In an attempt to disrupt Splunk, Elastic makes another acquisition

Elastic, the vendor behind the Elasticsearch open source project, acquires behavioral analytics vendor Prelert to provide data analysis and intelligence.

MIT Milk

This new programming language promises a 4X speed boost on big data

Memory management can be challenge enough on traditional data sets, but when big data enters the picture, things can slow way, way down. A new programming language announced by MIT this week aims to remedy that problem.

data science classes

DataRobot aims to help create data science executives

New DataRobot University course is designed to teach executives how to identify opportunities to optimize their business using machine learning.

Big data

IoT is not about radios; it’s all about data

The real challenge for the Internet of Things (IoT) is data organization, sharing and search on an unprecedented scale. oneM2M and other web services will help with this.

businesman apps applications smartphone

Smartphone tracking not completely evil, academics say

Better pollution exposure data and freer-moving public transportation planning are among the more altruistic uses of smartphone tracking.

Who knew Edward Snowden would become such a musical inspiration?

Many would like to see famed whistleblower Edward Snowden face the music for releasing classified information from the NSA a few years back, but who knew his actions would wind up having an impact on the music world itself?

business buildings clouds

How Dyn is rising to the cloud challenge

Trying to capture an end-to-end picture of application performance across an enterprise is challenging enough. Providing that level of visibility for hybrid- and public-cloud-enabled applications presents a whole new level of...

041916aruba sign

Aruba Networks aims its Mobile First Platform at developers

Aruba Network’s Mobile First Platform, built on the new ArubaOS 8.0, helps developers build mobile-enabled apps on top of the Aruba foundation.

Man holding tablet with marketing automation

Review: Google Bigtable scales with ease

If your data runs to hundreds of terabytes or more, look to Cloud Bigtable for high performance, ease of use, and effortless scaling without downtime

werner vogels aws amazon

AWS August Roundup: Now you can query streaming data with SQL

The dog days of summer are over, and it's time to get back to work. While you were out enjoying the sunshine and sipping margaritas, Amazon continued to update its cloud platform with new services. Here's what you need to know about. ...

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