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Big data makes a difference at Penn Medicine

Here’s how one healthcare organization is making use of the massive amount of information – measurable in petabytes – it now has at its disposal to save lives.

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4 traits good data scientists share

Big data is creating a booming market for data scientists as companies struggle to not only store loads of data, but also analyze it and interpret it. To be a good data scientist, you'll want to master these four areas.

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Right back at you tech vendors: OUR independent study of YOUR independent research

While not as useless as PR pitches about technology companies cracking some other publication's Top 10 list, "independent" research reports commissioned by vendors are right up there.


Gartner: Top 10 strategic predictions that could shake up IT

The robots decidedly have it. They will help run businesses, make decisions for you and maybe even be your boss. Those were just some of the predictions put forth by Gartner vice president Daryl Plummer at the consultancy’s always...

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IBM zeroes in on unstructured data with Cleversafe buy

IBM will acquire object-based storage vendor Cleversafe in a move to bolster its cloud business unit with more flexibility and simplified management options in the hybrid cloud, it announced on Monday.

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Banks' use of big data to be scrutinized by EU regulators

Focusing on the "opportunities and challenges" associated with big data, a new investigation aims to determine whether new regulatory or supervisory measures are needed.

Boeing, Carnegie Mellon unite to make the most of aeronautics big data

The Boeing Company is providing $7.5 million to establish a lab at Carnegie Mellon University designed to use artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies to improve the process of making aircraft and ensuring those...

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Microsoft prepares a new SQL language for Big Data

Microsoft recently announced its Azure Data Lake and Azure Data Analytics, which will be based on a language called U-SQL.

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Hortonworks unveils big data scorecard

The new Hortonworks Big Data Scorecard is designed to help organizations assess their capabilities and build a plan to jump start big data projects.

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Verisign introduces free, privacy-focused public DNS

Verisign announced a new free, public Domain Name System (DNS) that protects users' privacy by refusing to sell their browsing data to third parties.

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Cloud-based 'digital twins' could make power plants more efficient

General Electric is introducing the Digital Power Plant, a real-time simulation of a physical power plant that lives in the cloud and allows for better management and less downtime.

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Pivotal goes after Oracle and 'the traditional database' with open source HAWQ

It's always fighting talk when a vendor makes an announcement foretelling the end of a technology approach. Is open source HAWQ really going to kill the traditional database?

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Cloudera unveils in-memory store, security layer for Hadoop

The Hadoop distribution specialist today announced a new open source project designed to enable real-time analytic applications in Hadoop as well as a new open source security layer for fine-grained unified access control enforcement....


Traction Watch: Looker aims to get that data out of the silos

Growth happens when you create opportunities for other companies and Santa Clara-based business intelligence and data discovery service, Looker, is doing just that, by giving organizations insight into their data. Their service allows...

tamr catalog dark data

Bring your company's 'dark data' to light with this free new tool from Tamr

Tamr's enterprise metadata catalog -- released Thursday into public beta -- can help companies create an inventory of their data sources, including metadata about who owns the source.

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Massachusetts gives IBM a $2.5M tax break for absolutely no reason whatsoever

IBM was looking for office space to house its IBM Watson Health initiative and picked a new building in Cambridge, Mass., a decision the state of Massachusetts rewarded with an utterly gratuitous $2.5 million tax break.

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Microsoft cuts deals in China with government organizations and companies

Microsoft announced three new tie-ups in China on the same day that the country's President Xi Jinping and a delegation visited its campus at Redmond, Washington.

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Splunk updates platform, adds monitoring and analytics services

Splunk Enterprise 6.3 is intended to help the platform scale data collection for DevOps and Internet of Things devices, while the new Splunk IT Service Intelligence aims to deliver a central and unified view of critical IT services.

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Google promises a Hadoop or Spark cluster in 90 seconds with Cloud Dataproc

Getting insights out of big data is typically neither quick nor easy, but Google is aiming to change all that with a new, managed service for Hadoop and Spark.

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