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shadow it

6 ways 'shadow IT' can actually help IT

Users love shadow IT, but IT departments hate the very idea. It doesn't have to be that way.

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How design and experience drive enterprise technology adoption

Yves Behar spoke recently about how critical design is to technology adoption, a reality that applies to enterprise products as well.


Preparing the network to meet BYOD challenges

Bring your own device: Bring it on.

Microsoft cloud services provide construction firm with cost-savings, increased productivity

Chicago-based firm Walsh Group Construction is finding that buying into Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite has helped streamline its BYOD program and that relying on the cloud service required a leap of faith for security.


For BYOD, money changes everything

You can't blame employees for wanting to be paid for using their personal phones and tablets for work. And it’s understandable that companies don't want to subsidize personal use. Who foots the bill for BYOD phones has turned into a...

byod frustration

BYOD was a tech roller coaster ride in 2014

From the beginning, the Bring Your Own Device movement has been a nightmare for CIOs. And recently many workers – once excited by the concept – are wondering if it’s worth it. Here’s a look back at’s year-long coverage of this...

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10 predictions for IT in 2015

If I am right, this will be a tough year for tech and everyone else.

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Is enterprise IT more difficult to manage now than ever?

Today’s enterprise IT departments face conflicting priorities, impossible goals, and existential threats with no obvious solutions.

byod around the world globe mobile

Around the world With BYOD

More than half of employees across the global bring a mobile device to work. However, when you look at individual countries, the results vary wildly in terms of ownership and adoption -- surprisingly, some tech-loving countries are...

byod mobile smartphones tablets devices

BYOD is saving serious money for IT

Savings have been anecdotal for a while, but now Gartner is measuring real dollar savings.

byod keyboard bring your own device mobile

BYOD brings corporate contradictions

CIOs naturally want a BYOD policy in place to give them some level of control, but the reality is that employees will do whatever they want regardless of the policy.


8 tech buzzwords that you need to know

Impress your friends at this year’s holiday gatherings by dropping a few of these terms.

Managing BYOD expenses: How to get it right

BYOD programs haven't always saved money. But, handled correctly, they can.

HP's BYOD service protects mobile devices and PCs

HP Touchpoint Manager is for SMBs, with plans starting at $2 per month

Microsoft Office advancements are a boost for BYOD programs

Businesses with mobile workers can do more on more devices with Microsoft Office upgrades for iPhone, iPad and Android.

smartphone security

The smartphone that knows when it's been stolen

If your phone could get to know you, then it could learn to prevent access when someone else tries to use it.

Capriza Zapp

Startup Capriza scores $27M to Zapp legacy apps into mobile ones

Capriza, a startup that helps enterprises convert their legacy apps into mobile- and cloud-based ones, Thursday announced it has racked up an additional $27 million in venture funding. That should be enough to help Capriza scale its...

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

BYOD forces users' personal information on help desk

The help desk can be caught in the middle when users put not-safe-for-work (NSFW) material on their personal devices.

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