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iot connected police car boise idaho

Holy Batman! Look at how IoT has transformed police cars

Cradlepoint multi-WAN routers, Taser body cameras and IoT sensors integrated with the FBI's National Crime Information Center enhance public safety and law enforcement.

20160127 verizon sf small cell

George Washington didn't tweet here, but you may get 5G

On Monday, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission announced a deal to made it easier for mobile operators and building owners to install cellular gear on many old buildings, including some in historic districts.

20160224 stock mwc qualcomm booth sign

Devices with Qualcomm modems safe from critical ASN.1 telecom flaw

Smartphones equipped with Qualcomm modems are not vulnerable to a recently announced vulnerability that could potentially allow attackers to take over cellular network gear and consumer mobile devices.

AT&T logo on Boston store

IBM and AT&T are cozying up to IoT developers

Big IoT partnerships are coming thick and fast these days. A deal between IBM and AT&T to help developers turn IoT ideas into reality is just the latest tie-up involving major enterprise vendors in this field.

50 million deaf citizens can't call 911

Why 50 million people can't call 911

For the 50 million deaf citizens in the U.S., calling 911 simply isn't an option and texting to 911 isn't available in most emergency call centers.

sk telecom lorawan iot network

Like smartphones, IoT communications going long distance

The world's newest mobile telecoms network went into operation this week, but it's not for smartphones. The network, built by South Korea's SK Telecom, is dedicated to gadgets that connect to the so-called internet of things.

istock 000018475177small map pin

Did Europe just fix emergency cellular call location?

Advanced Mobile Location, developed by BT with the help of HTC and EE, can determine a mobile phone user’s location 4,000 times better than the current system.

050516verizon on strike

Verizon strike taking trickle-down toll on business customers

With the strike by Verizon union members now in its fourth week – and no settlement appearing near -- frustrations born of service delays and cancelations remain primarily the bane of consumers, although business customers are also...

the good wife

"The Good Wife" TV show could teach you a few things about modern technology

The CBS legal and political drama The Good Wife ends its 7-season run on May 8, and if you’re not a regular viewer of the show it might surprise you to learn how clever the writers are at coming up with plots ripped from the day’s top...

042716blog captain midnight message

Man who hijacked HBO’s satellite signal 30 years ago would face far different fate today

On April 27, 1986, a Florida man with workplace access to a satellite transmission dish – and a financial beef with HBO -- pulled off the kind of audacious stunt that were it to happen today would likely land him in prison for a long,...

rtx16pks 100586622 primary.idge

Demystifying the information-centric network

Evolving to an ICN will deliver much-needed efficiencies and performance improvements. Learn why it is important and its role in next-generation 5G networks.

20160225 stock mwc ericsson 5g mobile demonstration closeup

Korea's working on a cool combination: 5G and the Winter Olympics

South Korean carrier KT has said it wants to launch the first 5G network at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. On Thursday, KT announced a successful trial of one potential 5G technology in that mountain resort region.

20160127 verizon sf small cell

Small cell deployment to rapidly grow, says report

A majority of businesses will be using the cellular-boosting devices by the end of next year, a study believes.

wifi stock

A rocky path to market for LAA small cells

To be commercially successful, small-cells need to become pervasive in public-facing enterprise and significant in private enterprise. But despite significant demand in these markets, small-cells face go-to-market challenges.

5G wirelesss technology

5 things you need to know about 5G

While it may still be years away, understanding how 5G will impact the enterprise now will help you plan accordingly.

router chalkboard

ISPs aren't telling customers their router is a public hotspot

ISPs are about to be inundated by irate customers not happy about public router sharing, a research firm thinks. One issue: not being straight about it.

wifi stock

Global regulators shape the future of LTE-U, LAA

All countries regulate RF spectrum, but the form of regulation differs. In the case of LTE-in-unlicensed-spectrum, the US regulator invites the industry to police itself, while Europeans are more rules-oriented.

Three tall telecommunication towers with antennas on blue sky.

5G: A look at radios and spectrum

For so many generations a single acronym has provided the generational definition. In this respect 5G will be different. There will not just be one radio and one new acronym.

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