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Bitcoin glitch expected to abate as software upgrades continue

The software clients at risk are those that use Simple Payment Verification, said

Uber throws in the towel in battle with French taxi drivers

The company has suspended its UberPop service in France following attacks from taxi drivers unhappy with the service

IT firms' cloud appetite strong as gear sales surge 25 percent

Servers are in high demand as cloud gear sales outpace those of other IT equipment

Reddit sections go dark after exit of staffer

Some moderators claim they should have been consulted

router burning reddit down outage

Config error at Boston-area hosting company takes down Reddit, others

A Boston-area hosting provider briefly knocked several large services and websites dependent on Amazon and AWS offline on Tuesday night, thanks to a configuration error.

EMC Virtustream cloud

Chicago taxes cloud and streaming services

The city of Chicago has implemented sweeping new tax regulations that target the use of streaming and cloud computing services.

After Uber ruling, pressure mounts on companies to reclassify contractors

New suits claim the contract workers are in effect employees

In Japan, Uber dons white gloves to battle an elegant rival

A small group of foreign and domestic firms is trying to improve on Japanese taxi services

PayPal to acquire money transfer service Xoom for $890 million

The deal comes as PayPal prepares to split itself off from parent company eBay

Microsoft streamlines hybrid cloud operations with new tools

The company has embedded its cloud Operations Management Suite into System Center, and has enhanced its Azure backup offerings

African e-tailers deploy antifraud systems to gain trust, boost online payments

There is still reluctance among users in the region to pay online in advance of goods received


Docker, the container company with a whale of a logo, “adopted” a real whale

Docker – the container company that has captured the attention of the technology industry and has a whale for a logo – has “adopted” a real life whale.

Man building miniature brick wall

From CoreOS to Nano: Micro OSes strip down for containers

CoreOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu, VMware, Rancher, and Microsoft put unique twists on the stripped-down, container-focused, cloud-scale operating system

Sony launches crowdfunding site, e-paper remote control

First Flight is a platform designed to take in-house ideas from the planning stage to initial sales

An arguably ailing Engine Yard introduces commercial support for Deis Docker PaaS

You have to feel a certain sympathy for Engine Yard. The company was, a few years ago, one of the original platform as a service (PaaS) vendors. Alongside Heroku (later acquired by Salesforce in a high-profile deal), Engine Yard...

Bruised by past mistakes, tech firms brace for 'leap second'

Adding a 61st second has caused problems in the past, and some want to do away with it

Uber grabs mapping tech, employees from Microsoft

Going forward, Microsoft's Bing Maps will no longer collect its own imagery, relying instead on outside partners

PayPal tweaks terms in wake of 'robocall' controversy

Express consent from customers will be needed for marketing related calls, PayPal said

Oracle seeks to simplify e-store creation, management with new Commerce Cloud

Pre-integrated features include payments, design templates and SEO

Covering new geographies: e-SignLive expands with IBM Cloud

e-SignLive is an awkwardly named tool that allows organizations and individuals to sign documentation electronically. The product, itself a division of Silanis, is the most widely used e-signature solution in the world and processes...

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