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Yahoo tackles large 'malvertising' campaign in its ad network

Ads with malicious code may have appeared across Yahoo's sites

OneDrive finally lets you sync shared folders

Microsoft's cloud storage service now lets users automatically sync items in folders shared with others

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Clear Choice Tests

Container wars: Rocket vs. Odin vs. Docker

We review three approaches to using containers as an alternative to virtual machines.


'Chopping the tail' to reduce IT complexity

CTO Bryson Koehler explains how he leverages open source and cloud services to reduce system complexity at The Weather Company, which has pulled eight data centers offline in the past several years.

Airbnb guest suspected of stealing $35k from San Francisco home

Incident highlights risks of renting out homes through online sites

Yahoo picks up fashion commerce site Polyvore

Polyvore's site lets users search for clothing items and create themed collections

IBM fattens patent portfolio in cloud tech

IBM's long-term cloud strategy involves a large patent portfolio to keep competitors at bay

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LaaS (Linux as a Service) -- What you can expect when you build a Linux server in the cloud

Linux servers in the cloud -- cheaper and better than ever.

Uber investing $1 billion in India, targets 1 million daily rides

India is the largest market for Uber outside the US


Does the Cloud Free up the Enterprise?

At the AWS Summit in New York, Amazon Web Services customers and analysts discuss whether public cloud services free up the enterprise from being 'held hostage' by traditional IT companies.

Facebook aims to launch unmanned drone by year-end

The aircraft is designed to provide Internet access to people in underserved areas

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Why enterprises are embracing rogue IT

IT departments used to fear employees walking through the door armed with smartphones, tablets and personal cloud storage accounts. But much of that initial fear has subsided, as companies realize embracing rogue IT can lead to better...

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Is there any stopping the AWS juggernaut?

By now the dust has settled on Amazon's second quarter financial performance. It's time to look at what the fine performance of Amazon's AWS division means for the industry at large.

Using Watson, IBM and CVS aim to predict when your health is about to decline

New effort focuses on chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and asthma

Armed with Watson smarts, Pepper aspires to be a robot salesman

Despite its powerful AI boost, SoftBank's humanoid robot is still limited by basic challenges

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How ITIL can help cloud services

In just a few years, cloud became the dominant technology. Learn how a methodology like ITIL can help manage delivery of services through the cloud.

As Windows 10 launches, Microsoft pushes for enterprise adoption

Analysts are optimistic about the new operating system's chances but caution that deployments will take time

Zuckerberg: Video today, virtual reality tomorrow

The Facebook CEO seems set on virtual reality as the next medium for sharing content

IBM aims new IoT community site at developers

The DeveloperWorks Recipes forum will offer technical tutorials on connecting remote devices to back-end cloud systems

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