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Clear Choice Tests

Review: Hot new tools to fight insider threats

An entire industry has sprung up to provide a defense against insider threats. We tested products from Fortscale, Avanan, and PFU Systems, with each one concentrating on a different aspect of the problem.

insider threat

3 top tools to fight insider threats

We tested three products, each concentrating on a different aspect of the insider threat problem.

Jen-Hsun Huang

Nvidia chief downplays challenge from Google’s AI chip

Nvidia's chief executive says he's not phased by Google's new chip for machine learning, even though Nvidia has staked part of its future on building chips for AI.


New products of the week 5.30.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Actiance and Black Duck Software.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella follows Apple’s Tim Cook to India

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is visiting India, reflecting the growing importance of the country as a market for multinational technology companies.

raspberry pi 2 node red

Node-RED, wiring the Raspberry Pi to the IoT

When you want to connect an IoT device to the Internet (or, for that matter, connect anything to anything), you should take a serious look at Node-RED, a free, open source visual process wiring system from IBM

Are there workloads in the cloud that don’t belong there?

Enterprise organizations are willingly moving sensitive data, mission-critical applications and network-based business processes to the public cloud.

UC in the Cloud – Panacea or placebo?

Separating fact from fiction in a cloud-based unified communications deployment

Data Gravity

Data gravity: The new KPI for tech companies

Data gravity helps cloud vendors get ahead of their competition by enabling them to accumulate knowledge about customers and understanding their needs.


Juniper's new access switches add to its cloud-focused lineup

Juniper Networks’ Unite architecture is living up to its name, bringing more enterprise network gear into its system for simplified management and scaling. The latest additions to the lineup are entry-level and midrange access...

052616blog california legal fraud

Startup CEO agrees to $560K settlement to make long list of fraud allegations go away

Bob Ambrogi, who writes a terrific blog about technology and the law, today has posted remarkable details of a lawsuit settlement involving the head of a legal startup.

Why the Salesforce-Amazon cloud partnership is a big deal

This week SaaS giant and IaaS behemoth Amazon Web Services codified a partnership that the two have been discussing for months. The move is a coup by Amazon in the public cloud market, particularly against Microsoft...

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2

Salesforce picks AWS as preferred public cloud provider

Salesforce has named Amazon Web Services its preferred public cloud provider for services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, App Cloud and Analytics Cloud, expanding a partnership between the two companies to provide the backend for the...

office 365 may update 1c

Business users get live chat in Office Online

Microsoft's attempts to catch up with Google in the online collaboration space took a step forward Wednesday, when the company announced that it's adding live chat to Office Online. so that people can discuss documents stored in...

Blue Origin launch

Afraid of floods and hackers? Put your data in space.

Satellite-based data centers with room for petabytes of data may start orbiting Earth as early as 2019. But when it comes to keeping secrets safe from the long arm of the law, the black void may not be far enough.

Salesforce Snap-ins Service Cloud Lightning

Salesforce brings cross-channel service a step closer with new 'Snap-ins'

You can't always bring customers to your best customer-service tools, but now you can bring those tools to them thanks to a new addition for Salesforce's Service Cloud.

salesforce logo

Is Salesforce planning a post-Oracle future?

There's speculation about Salesforce weaning itself from Oracle, as well as talk about Marc Benioff taking over the Oracle leadership.

Top 30 AWS cloud services

Amazon Web Services consultancy 2nd Watch this week released the findings of an analysis of 100,000 public cloud instances to determine the 30 most popular services being used

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