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Which IoT applications work best with fog computing?

With IoT projects, often it's better to use fog computing where compute, storage and communications resources are place in a continuum between the cloud and the edge.

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8 free virtual appliances you’ll love

These prebuilt LAMP, MEAN, ELK, WordPress, and other handy stacks amount to gain without pain for developers and admins

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Big Switch adds security perimeter around SDN data center

Big Switch Networks today unraveled a wide-ranging group of products aimed at mitigating security attacks, scrutinizing cloud and container environments and improving its existing SDN-based monitoring software.

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Google says it will reach 100% renewable energy goal by end of 2017

Google will buy 2.6 GigaWatts of electricity to power its global operations, making it the largest buyer of renewable energy, the company says.

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Verizon sells its data centers to Equinix for $3.6B

Verizon has sold off its U.S. data cetners to Equinix in a $3.6B deal one month after fellow teleco CenturyLink offloaded its data centers to a private equity group for more than $2B.

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Here’s how the Windows 10 Creators Update helps enterprises

A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled its Windows 10 Creators Update with a focus on the software’s benefits for end users when it launches next year. On Tuesday, the company showed a different side of the next major patch for its new...

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Dropbox boosts mobile productivity with offline folder support

Users who need to make sure they can get access to files stored in Dropbox while they're on the go and away from the web have a new feature to help with that. The company announced Tuesday that users of its mobile apps will soon be...

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Mirantis moves deeper into the container world, launches certification

Mirantis offers value in the container world and launches the first vendor-agnostic Kubernetes and Docker certification.


Why serverless computing is the next step in cloud evolution

Network World's Brandon Butler chats with Accenture's Michael Liebow about how serverless computing will evolve in the cloud environment over the next few years.

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CloudVelox offers automated cloud network customizations

CloudVelox’s One Hybrid Cloud automates the task of mapping an existing network environment into the cloud network.

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AWS wants to dominate beyond the public cloud with Lambda updates

Two years ago, Amazon Web Services made a splash when it introduced Lambda. Now, the company has gone even further to bring that technology outside of its core data center regions.


Amazon’s biggest re:Invent cloud announcements

AWS’s 2016 re:Invent conference is a wrap, and if you missed any of the news check out the biggest announcements Amazon made in Las Vegas.

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OpenAI releases Universe, a platform for training AIs to play games, use apps

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research company, wants to let AIs lose in their own universe, where they can learn to play games, use apps and interact with websites.

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Denon + Marantz delights streaming music listeners with Oracle Service Cloud and IoT

Denon + Marantz uses Oracle Service Cloud to analyze customer service data from IoT-enabled devices. The goal is to enhance customer service and optimize product development.

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Capital One rides the cloud to tech company transformation

Capital One, one of the top 10 largest banks in the U.S. with $313 billion in total assets, wants to be a tech company that also is a top financial services provider.

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Security pros most worried about clouds, mobile

Companies were least prepared to assess the security risks of cloud and mobile technologies, according to a survey of cybersecurity professionals released this morning. Overall, the confidence levels of security professionals that...

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Can any cloud company keep up with Amazon?

Last week’s AWS re:Invent conference celebrated the cloud—and Amazon’s dominance of it.

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10 most useful Slack bots

We experimented and tinkered with numerous bots that are available for Slack, the cloud messaging service meant mainly for business. (You can still use Slack for non-work reasons, particularly under the service’s free option.) Here...

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