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AWS re:Invent and VMworld: A tale of two conferences

The chance to attend VMware and Amazon Web Service's users conferences was an education in the great divide that exists in how customers are solving their IT challenges

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7 warnings to heed before a cloud migration

At the annual AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this week, veterans of cloud deployments laid out warnings for enterprise teams preparing for such a move. Here are some pitfalls they urged companies to watch out for.

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Alibaba sets up second data center in the US in $1B cloud expansion

Continuing the expansion of its cloud computing business, Alibaba is setting up a second data center in Silicon Valley.


A quick look at Amazon QuickSight

Matt Wood, GM of Product Strategy for Amazon Web Services, chats with Network World about the company's QuickSight offering. The new offering gives AWS users business analytics from cloud-based services.

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New AWS tools give developers high-powered instances, better container support and more

Amazon Chief Technical Officer Werner Vogels told an audience at the company's Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas Wednesday that developing apps and services to leverage the cloud was the new normal. To that end, the company announced...

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Amazon aims to make AWS a better home for IoT devices

Amazon jumped into the managed IoT service market on Wednesday with the launch of a new platform.

Dispelling the myths of hybrid hosting

Hybrid hosting lets you run your database on dedicated servers, put your front-end in the cloud, and tie everything together with a single click.

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20 Steps: How to know you're ready for the cloud

A guideline of everything you need to do before deploying the cloud.

How the cloud gives Major League Baseball a new world of stats

MLB’s StatCast app was developed in Amazon’s cloud and gives fans a new perspective on the game.

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Amazon touts improved cloud security at re:Invent

Security is a hot topic at AWS re:Invent this year as AWS has launched new security products and big enterprise customers like Capital One and GE help convince customers that the cloud is secure.

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5 tips on cloud migration from those who know (with video)

For enterprises considering a move to the cloud, or even in the middle of a move right now, the transition can be daunting. But veterans who've been there can help you steer around the pitfalls.


Why containers are important for enterprise IT

At the AWS Re:Invent show in Las Vegas, Network World chats with Deepak Singh, GM of Amazon's Container Service, about the importance of containers in a cloud environment.


Cloud veterans offer advice

IT pros offer advice for a successful cloud migration at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

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Amazon's cloud conference - by the numbers

Some staggering statistics about Amazon’s big cloud conference


Amazon standing up to rivals

Amazon Web Services executives said they are standing up to the competition facing the company from rivals including Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and IBM.

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Amazon makes it easier to lock down the cloud

Amazon unveiled a pair of services Wednesday that are designed to make it easier for companies to keep their cloud deployments secure and within the parameters they want.

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Amazon wants companies to get onto its cloud using new services

Amazon launched a handful of new services all aimed at getting companies onto its cloud platform Wednesday, including a new ruggedized box for shipping data to the cloud provider.

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Amazon launches QuickSight business intelligence service

Amazon threw its hat into the business intelligence ring Wednesday with a service called QuickSight, provided through its Amazon Web Services division.

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New service helps pull data into AWS from the Internet of Things

Amazon announced a new Kinesis Firehose service on Wednesday morning that's designed to help companies get streams of information from devices into Amazon's cloud.

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