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dropbox mobileofflinefolder android

Dropbox boosts mobile productivity with offline folder support

Users who need to make sure they can get access to files stored in Dropbox while they're on the go and away from the web have a new feature to help with that. The company announced Tuesday that users of its mobile apps will soon be...

Amazon Web Service’s Vice President and Distinguished Engineer James Hamilton

A peek inside Amazon’s cloud – from global scale to custom hardware

AWS Distinguished Engineer James Hamilton kicked off a re:Invent keynote by pulling back the covers on Amazon’s cloud, and giving a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s global scale, internal architecture and custom-made servers...

hybrid cloud

SwiftStack ramps up its hybrid cloud offerings

It's Amazon Web Services re:Invent week. That means we'll a huge number of cloud-related announcements, including SwiftStack's hybrid cloud offering.

andy jassy aws svp reinvent keynote

AWS is cutting and simplifying its storage prices

Amazon Web Services made a series of price cuts on Tuesday and simplified what customers pay for its storage products.

cloud question mark confusionjpg

10 reasons to divorce the cloud

For some companies, using cloud services isn’t what they hoped or expected it to be. Reason’s like these might be enough to make them leave.

cloud storage

Down the rabbit hole, part 6: Secure and private online file storage

These four online file storage options give you better control, security and privacy over large, cloud storage services.

cloud storage hp

How to pick the right cloud storage service

Many cloud storage options are available to businesses and consumers today, but one size does not fit all. This cloud storage guide includes tips to help you get started.

hack security malware

Major cloud is infested with malware, researchers say

Researchers say 10% of repositories hosted by cloud providers, including some on Amazon and Google, are compromised, and ‘lurking malice’ is hidden in them.


The best PC hardware we’re using now and why we love it

We celebrate 18 great components we couldn't live without, from fast SSDs to a graphics card that's just right, and even the perfect toolkit.


What you need to know about microservices

Microservices and container-based applications are becoming ever more popular. Why? And what does the emergence of these trends mean for your shop? This primer explains what microservices are, why your app-dev teams want to use them...

cloud backup

OwnBackup: Don't rely on SaaS vendors to do their own backup and recovery

OwnBackup is making a business out of what vendors should (arguably) do: secure and automated daily backups of SaaS and PaaS data.

cloud backup

The tape disk debate clouded

Data from cloud apps is increasing the need for storage. And with archiving as a necessity, the tape drive era is here to stay.

diane greene google horizon 2016

Here's how Google is overhauling its cloud storage offerings

There are big changes afoot for Google Cloud Platform's storage offerings. On Thursday, the company announced a complete overhaul of the storage options available to customers, complete with new storage tiers and reduced pricing.

vsphere ui

VMware embraces containers with latest vSphere, Virtual SAN updates

For years there’s been talk about what the adoption of public cloud and the advent of application containers would mean for VMware. The company is taking these innovations head on, announcing support for them in the latest updates of...

Is tape storage dead … again?

Tape storage has been declared dead so many times that it has become a trope in technology journalism. The truth is more complicated and is ultimately less about tape’s demise than it is about the steady encroachment of cloud services....

cargo containers

Which is cheaper: Containers or virtual machines?

As the containers vs. virtual machine debate rages on, new research finds that containers could yield double-digit resource savings compared to virtual machines.

microsoft sharepoint logo

Microsoft adds SharePoint support to OneDrive

Microsoft announced a big upgrade to its OneDrive cloud storage service, adding SharePoint support and more Office 365 integration.

nasa valkyrie robot mars

Mainframes 2026: What the future holds for big iron

The cloud killed the mainframe? I'm not so sure. Let's take a look at what the next decade has in store for big iron.

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