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How to build the business case for a digital workplace

Here are the basics of building a strategy so you can get budget and make your digital workplace a reality.

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10 most useful Slack bots

We experimented and tinkered with numerous bots that are available for Slack, the cloud messaging service meant mainly for business. (You can still use Slack for non-work reasons, particularly under the service’s free option.) Here...

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Review: GitLab rocks version control

Thanks to a solid foundation and delightful extras, this open source VCS is a serious contender

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Video pays off in the enterprise

As costs come down and the technology improves, video is finally spurring easy and effective collaboration. (Plus -- 5 tips for building video culture in your organization.)


New products of the week 11.28.16

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as CA and IBM.

networking earth

BroadSoft: The most important UC vendor you probably haven’t heard of

BroadSoft hopes to elevate its name recognition with its BroadSoft Business suite and its Powered by BroadSoft branding initiative.

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Vendors push the 'private instance on a public cloud' proposition

Customers want private cloud offerings, and Alfresco with its content management system on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is doing what they ask.

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ICQ, the original instant messenger, turns 20

ICQ, the original instant messenger, could have been great. Instead, AOL bought it.

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Freshly-funded buddies up with Microsoft on chatbots

Starting from behind the likes of Slack and HipChat with its new workplace collaboration Teams service, Microsoft can use all the help it can get. Startup is among those coming to its aid.

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Cisco sales tick up, CEO Robbins bullish on data center, security, collaboration

Cisco announced Wednesday that it eked out 1% revenue growth in its fiscal first quarter, compared to the same quarter last year, in what CEO Chuck Robbins described as a “challenging global business environment.”

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SharePoint 2013 cheat sheet

More and more users are seeing SharePoint 2013 in their daily lives, as part of the Office 365 subscription service. Here's what they'll need to know.

Cisco founders forum ideation session

Cisco Founders Forum: One creative way to keep & energize talent

A look at Cisco's little-known Founders Forum, an internal group of brainy entrepreneurs whose companies Cisco has acquired -- and who Cisco wants to keep within its ranks.

Home Office

Why you need a digital workplace

Adopting a digital workplace can help your company benefit from the cost savings, productivity and employee satisfaction that remote work can afford.

ibm watson AI

Vonage partners with IBM Watson to enable cognitive communications

Vonage and Nexmo can bring context to communications, and when paired with Watson, they can make it cognitive by bringing in elements of conversation and language.

Hubspot inbound 2016

HubSpot Inbound 2016: A tech conference disguised as a sales & marketing one

HubSpot Inbound 2016 is one techie event for a sales & marketing confab -- CTO says chatbots will be huge thanks to artificial intelligence advances.

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Microsoft launches 'Feature Pack' for SharePoint 2016

Instead of a pack of bug fixes, Feature Pack for SharePoint 2016 adds a bunch of new features and functions.

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5 screen-sharing apps offer easy collaboration

These five apps that will let you video chat, message, share screens and collaborate in real-time with your coworkers.

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Cisco positions Spark at the heart of enterprise work

On Tuesday at Cisco’s conference for channel partners, the company laid out an ambitious goal for its Spark collaboration platform and announced two moves to make it more attractive to enterprises.

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