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IT teams put conversations to work with ChatOps

Putting tools, alerts and processes into the chat interface gives both developers and the ops team a new model for working with infrastructure.

Collaboration tools: social media messages, sharing, connection, communication

Before you select a visual collaboration platform, ask yourself these questions

With so many new visual collaboration platforms emerging, how can you decide which one best suits your needs? Start by answering these 8 questions.

Mobile network apps and data.

A New Year’s Resolution for your Intranet: Do an IA Health Check!

Even with the best search engines available, Information Architecture is still critically important for your intranet. This article provides six key checks to help ensure that your intranet IA is delivering value.

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Why employees don't use collaboration tools

Enterprises continue to roll out tools like Slack and Hipchat, but many struggle to get users to adopt them. Here's why.

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10 hot chatbot builders

Chatbots are taking over! These platforms are where your ‘bot gets started.

ezTalks Onion videoconferencing

ezTalks Onion: all-in-one videoconferencing is under-baked

I had a chance to get an early version (really early, as there is still some rough edges to be worked out) of the ezTalks Onion. The device (I don’t know why they call it the Onion – it doesn’t look like one particularly) is an...

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Outlook vs. native apps in Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android

Office 2016 has largely unified the Exchange experience on the desktop, but native apps still do better overall on mobile clients

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2017 tech outlook -- and saving predictions from the digital dustbin

A chatbot onslaught in the enterprise and the cranking up of the 5G wireless hype machine are expected in 2017.

2016 collaboration tools stories

Top 10 business collaboration stories of 2016

The year 2016 was an especially busy one in the enterprise collaboration market. shares its picks for the most significant collaboration stories of 2016.

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Microsoft's collaboration strategy seems messy

Microsoft's Office 365 suite recently expanded with more apps for enterprise collaboration, but will the-more-the-merrier approach prevail, or is consolidation inevitable?


Microsoft adds Skype translation to landline calls

With little fanfare, Microsoft added a new feature to Skype that supports its real-time translation technology in calls to landlines and mobile phones.

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Review: Microsoft Teams tries to do Slack one better

Microsoft Teams, a new group collaboration tool, promises a new level of productivity for Office. But is it good enough to beat competitors like Slack?

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What to expect from Cisco's competitors in 2017

Cisco is in a strong position for 2017, but the company’s competitors won’t simply allow it to take market share.

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Microsoft and LinkedIn aim for ‘logical’ integrations

Microsoft and LinkedIn are now officially one company with a common vision for the future of work and social collaboration. Analysts say early integration plans reveal priorities across both platforms.

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Common security mistakes in collaboration tools

Collaboration tools have become all the rage, but has your IT department closed all security gaps.

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Microsoft's chatbot is reborn as Zo

Microsoft reworked its AI-powered chatbot—now called Zo. It’s currently available only on Kik, a chat service for mobile phones.

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How to build the business case for a digital workplace

Here are the basics of building a strategy so you can get budget and make your digital workplace a reality.

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10 most useful Slack bots

We experimented and tinkered with numerous bots that are available for Slack, the cloud messaging service meant mainly for business. (You can still use Slack for non-work reasons, particularly under the service’s free option.) Here...

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