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6 aging protocols that could cripple the Internet
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Suing Arista was always the plan

Cisco didn't want a royalty arrangement; it wanted revenge

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1987: Jobs explains mouse to Playboy

Spotted this one on Reddit’s section devoted to the “mildly interesting:” In a 1987 interview with Playboy -- which we read back then for the articles, if you recall -- Steve Jobs was asked what’s up with this mouse contraption.

Revamping the cloud for real-time applications

Increase in use of real-time applications is creating problems for the cloud.

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The four Mac security options everyone should know

By default, the Mac is pretty secure. But with the help of a couple of built-in options, you can make it even more so. Topher Kessler explains.

Google Cloud offers streamlined Ubuntu for Docker use

Ubuntu Core provides a minimal Lightweight Linux environment for running containers

Six technologies that will change PCs next year

Laptops and desktops will be interactive, get 3D depth-sensing cameras and be free of wires

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The year in tech industry apologies

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and the rest get in the sorry line.

BMW wants to park your car with a smartwatch

Cars will be able to find a parking place on their own by 2020 with the help of sensors and digital plans

BT in talks to buy U.K. mobile carrier EE for US$19.5 billion

The deal would help BT sell bundled fixed and mobile services

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A terabyte on a postage stamp: RRAM heads into commercialization

Crossbar is announcing a breakthrough in the ability to build large chip arrays using its 3D resistive RAM (RRAM) technology, which can greatly increase the capacity and performance of non-volatile memory.

IBM Watson

How IBM’s Watson could change your business

Watson Group Chief Mike Rhodin talks about how IBM’s cognitive computing tech is rolling out to enterprises, developers and end users.


New products of the week 12.15.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as CA and VMware

Cisco: See No EVO, Hear No EVO, Speak New Partnerships

Cisco is not participating in VMware EVO:RAIL, but continues momentum with VCE and NetApp and enhances market opportunities with IBM VersaStack, Maxta, StratoScale, Pure Storage and Simplivity.

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The future is now: The 10 biggest tech innovations of 2014

A hoverboard. A virtual reality headset. A PC with a drawing board and 3D imaging capabilities. Believe it or not, all these things are real today. See them for yourself right here.

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Feeling generous? The right Mac can be the perfect gift

Sweet as it is to give someone a new iPhone case, the gift of a new Mac makes a statement. Chris Breen runs down the line and suggests the best Mac for your holiday sweetie.

Cisco was surprised by Arista statements: Chambers

Cisco CEO John Chambers said the company’s decision to sue data center switch rival Arista Networks now was made after surprising statements Arista made this year.

121114blog lenovo power cord recall

Not shocked by Lenovo power cable recall

So I’m sitting at my kitchen table this morning scanning news items on my Lenovo ThinkPad, which is plugged into my kitchen wall via a Lenovo power cable, when I read this headline: “Lenovo recalls power cables over fire risk.”


Top five tips for this year's tech Santa

You have the power and knowledge to help your less tech-savvy family and friends this holiday season. Be sure to put these five tips to good use.

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