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West Africa turns into dumping ground for e-waste

Problem compounded by the fact that most countries do not have e-waste recycling facilities

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The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, January 30

Intel's Broadwell is the real cable-cutter ... India victim sues Uber in US ... rogue Android gains investors ... and more

hardware upgrades

5 affordable hardware upgrades for a more efficient new year

Jazz up your system's storage, memory, networking and display without breaking the bank with’s desktop PC upgrade guide.

Citrix's 900 job cuts seen as 'defensive' move

It expects to save $90 million to $100 million per year as a result.

Amazon returns to profit as holiday sales soar

The company will break out Amazon Web Services sales next quarter, it said

Southwest Airlines’ CTO talks about tech and business transformation

"We’ll touch 90% of our systems and their applications over the next three to five years, modernizing them, replacing them, retiring technical debt, and introducing features"

Google misses with Q4 sales and earnings

The company said it experienced "strong currency headwinds" during the quarter

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HP Smart Install stumped, no longer installing

HP has disabled its Smart Install printer feature that has been making printer setup a snap since 2010, "due to the difficulty in upgrading the Smart Install software files on the printer."

Alibaba calls Chinese regulatory report unfair, as customer numbers grow

A Chinese regulator has criticized Alibaba for allegedly helping merchants to sell counterfeit goods

Server upgrades coming

Driven by new Ethernet speeds and cloud services, market trackers predict churn

012815blog snowblower cord snaps

Oh, snap! There goes the snowblower

Early this morning I give the snowblower a pull, the grip snaps off in my hand, the cord disappears inside, and the neighbors hear that McNamara fellow utter a relatively mild curse word.

012715blog ibm hong kong

IBM Hong Kong gets more diplomatic about denying report of 100,000 looming layoffs

Yesterday, IBM Hong Kong went ballistic on longtime tech pundit Robert Cringley over his reporting that Big Blue stands ready to ax some 100,000 employees in a massive corporate reorg code-named Project Chrome. Today that blog post...

How to stay ahead of threats to DNS servers

It’s virtually impossible to stop DNS attacks, but these best practices can significantly minimize the impact

All signs point to the demise of Microsoft's Surface RT tablet

Microsoft is within a whisker of calling it quits on its failed experiment with the Surface tablet.

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IBM Hong Kong calls Cringely report of 100,000 layoffs ‘ludicrous;’ Cringely fires back

IBM Hong Kong this morning issued an un-IBM-like press release in response to a report by Robert Cringely last week that the company is planning to lay off 26% of its workforce, or more than 100,000 people.

old pcs

The standardized PC served its purpose, but IT changes have rendered the approach obsolete

How to change the desktop paradigm in a large organization

012615 asus 1

5 things we love, hate about the ASUS X205 notebook

The ASUS X205 is a Windows 8.1 notebook designed to halt the encroachment of Chromebooks into the low-end Windows notebook market.

012615 asus 1

Is the ASUS X205 Microsoft’s Chromebook killer?

Low-priced, lightweight Windows 8.1 device challenges Chromebooks in low-end notebook market.


New products of the week 01.26.2015

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell and Hitachi.

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