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telephone central office

Telco central offices could be in for open source makeover

A first-of-its-kind gathering dedicated to re-inventing telco central offices as open source-infused data centers will take place on Friday at Google's Sunnyvale Tech Campus.

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Florida men sue Microsoft over 'coerced' upgrades to Windows 10

Three Florida men have sued Microsoft, charging that the company "coerced" them into upgrading to Windows 10.

4 cloud

$1 trillion in IT spending to be ‘affected’ by the cloud

Gartner analyst: In the next few years, a ‘shift to cloud’ will become ‘one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending since the early days of the digital age.’


Mingis on Tech: Windows 10 turns 1 -- now what?

It's been a year since Windows 10 rolled out. Executive News Editor Ken Mingis talks with Windows expert Preston Gralla about Microsoft's OS and what's new in the Anniversary Update.

wacky tech 2016 1

The weirdest, wackiest and coolest sci/tech stories of 2016 (so far!)

Yes it's that time again…Time to search the old news-feed and find some of the most interesting and sometimes weird and wacky high-tech stories of the year. This time out we feature a look at everything from fireworks displays in...

20160224 stock mwc microsoft windows 10 signs

Microsoft makes Windows 10 hardware change for PC security

Microsoft will start enforcing a change in minimum hardware requirement for Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices, and expects hardware makers to comply.

Jeremy Spilman, TapLink Founder & CEO

Citrix & LogMeIn complete complicated, tax-free sort-of merger

LogMeIn, the makers of the popular remote desktop software as well as IT security and other offerings, will become part of a Citrix subsidiary in the wake of a complicated, $1.8 billion transaction announced Tuesday by the two...

ThinkPad X1 Yoga

After delays, Lenovo finally ships its first OLED laptop

After months of delays, Lenovo's first laptop with an OLED screen is now shipping, but it remains a question if the PC maker will come out with additional OLED model anytime soon.

072716blog trump press conference

Trump eggs on Russian email hackers. What must David Kernell think?

Donald Trump this morning cheered Russian cybercriminals who are alleged to have hacked his Democratic opponent’s email and urged them to make public whatever they have stolen.

windows server download update install

Windows Server 2016 licensing and servicing options explained

There is a new bifurcated servicing model for Windows Server that depends in part on which installation option you choose.

Linaro's Developer Cloud logo

Gain access to an ARM server running Linux OS, through the cloud

If you want to play with an ARM-based server, you can now apply to gain access to one online through the Linaro Developer Cloud.

Intel's Recon Jet smartglasses

Intel is developing AR smart glasses for interactive collaboration

Intel seems to be developing a pair of augmented reality smart glasses, and we may see them at the company's developer show next month.

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Is corporate sustainability shaping your cloud adoption strategy?

Corporate sustainability departments looking to reduce waste are influencing IT decision making, and it could lead to increased cloud adoption.

01 plan

9 steps for a successful incident response plan

It is of vital importance to have a plan in place before an incident hits your company.


3 ways to remove Windows 10's default apps

Microsoft makes it easy to remove some apps, but for others, you'll need assistance from a third-party utility.

8kpc ram appalaraju

8kpc provides a lower-cost alternative to hyper-convergence

8kpc President and CEO Ram Appalaraju discusses the impact hyper-convergence has had on IT, where the hyper-convergence market is going and how 8kpc differentiates itself.

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IoT is the ‘new industrial revolution,’ says Vodafone

The enterprise is seeing return on IoT investment. And the tech genre is now a quarter of IT budgets.

sandisk storage

22% off SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 200GB - Deal Alert

A flash drive, reinvented. With the SanDisk Connect Stick in your pocket, in your bag or across the room, you can wirelessly access your media or transfer large files, stream HD videos and music, and save and share photos and videos...

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