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google transfer appliance

Google develops high-capacity cloud data transfer device

With a Google Transfer Appliance you can transfer up to 480TB of data relatively quickly to Google Cloud.

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Apstra lands Tokyo Electron Device as first channel partner

Apstra partners with Tokyo Electron Device (TED) to distribute Apstra’s intent-based networking solutions to the Japanese market.

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2 reasons to migrate off of Microsoft Exchange Server

By migrating away from Microsoft Exchange, you reduce costs for your organization and improve the security of your accounts and data. One option to use instead: Kolab.

amazon web services vmware

Amazon, VMware rumored to be developing data center software

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware are reportedly in talks about teaming up to develop data center software products. Speculation is it will be a stack-like product.

The Full Nerd

AMD Threadripper price, Ryzen 3 details, Vega FE performance, and more | The Full Nerd Ep 26

Gordon, Brad, and Adam are joined once again by special guest Alaina Yee to go over some of the hottest news stories of the week. Including Threadripper pricing, Ryzen 3 details, Vega Frontier Edition performance, and more. Ask...

ibm z14 mainfrrame

IBM touts full data encryption in new Z series mainframes

With one click, the entire contents of an IBM z14 mainframe can be encrypted with virtually no impact on performance.

IBM Z mainframe

IBM wants you to encrypt everything with its new mainframe

IBM wants businesses to use its new z14 mainframe to encrypt pretty much everything -- an approach to security it calls pervasive encryption.

abstract artificial intelligence on green background

IBM reorgs services division around Watson and AI

A change in emphasis from the days when mainframes running line-of-business software ruled.

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Cisco's M5 UCS servers take intent-based approach to data center

Data centers powered by new Cisco Unified Computing System servers that feature the new Intel Xeon Scalable Processor platform will run at peak efficiency via intent-based management, Cisco says.


What is hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence aims to simplify data center operations by combining compute, storage and networking in a software-driven appliance.


Intel tightens data-center grip with Xeon Scalable Processor platform

Intel's new Xeon Processor Scalable Family, based on the company's Skylake architecture, is about much more than revving up CPU performance. The new processor line is essentially a platform for computing, memory and storage designed...

artificial intelligence brain circuit

Google, IBM look to mimic the human brain

Two projects—one from Google and one from IBM and the U.S. Air Force—propose building neural computers that provide more power and consume less energy than supercomputers.

artificial intelligence / machine learning / binary code / neural network

NEC claims new vector processor speeds data processing 50-fold

Japanese electronics giant NEC has a new processor for machine learning and AI, the Aurora Vector Engine. The question is will anyone use it?

pepper robot

Robots, AI will run data centers

Litbit's AI-powered data center operator, Dac, and Wave2Wave's ROME robot are two examples of new technology helping to run data centers.

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Big buyouts hit the enterprise market, BMC and Bain eye companies

Companies are following Dell’s lead to merge and go private. BMC Software wants to merge with CA, while Bain Capital and its partners have set their sights on Toshiba.

microsoft cloud windows

Microsoft rumor: Company to reorganize cloud computing division

Microsoft is looking for a new approach to selling its cloud computing products, and the reorganization could mean many jobs lost.

The Full Nerd

Why you can't buy a Radeon card | The Full Nerd Episode 24

Just try buying a Radeon card. Or a GeForce, for that matter. And the reason has to do with money, specifically, cryptocurrency and its greedy miners. Learn the truth behind this major worldwide shortage in our "Full Nerd" show.

The Full Nerd

Intel Core i9 vs. AMD Threadripper | The Full Nerd Episode 24

Let the core wars begin! It's 18 cores in Core i9 vs. 16 cores in AMD's Ryzen, specifically Threadripper. Which will prevail? We go over all the numbers in Full Nerd

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