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blackholes 1

Spectacular black hole space images

Black holes were at the center of the gravitational waves discovery.

SSD with Microns 3D NAND flash chips

Intel SSDs may get speed, capacity boost with new Micron chips

Intel's solid-state drives could be poised for a big jump in capacity and speed with new 3D flash chips coming from Micron.

Server platform based on Qualcomm ARM server chip

Qualcomm hopes a gradual approach to server market will pay dividends

The ARM server market is a dangerous place to be: it's still about promise and there's virtually no money to be made. Some ARM server chip makers have quit or shut down, while others hold on to the hope that it will some day be viable....

cloud computing sdn

VMware narrowing SDN gap with Cisco

Not quite 2:1 adoption rate for ACI like last fall, but close

gravitaional waves einstein 3

Einstein was right: Gravitational waves exist!

Scientists confirm existence of massive black hole-produced gravity waves that will revolutionize astronomy.

virtualization cloud

Ex-Cisco execs' NFV start-up opens software combines open source with ETSI standards under Apache 2.0 for virtualized service development

Microsoft SQL Server 2005

How to conquer the SQL Server 2005 migration challenge

Moving SQL Server 2005 data will be the easy part compared to the app migrations.

fire kids

Amazon Fire Kids Edition: Best Kids Tablet under $100

If you're looking for an inexpensive kid's tablet that is easy to use, durable and safe, the Fire Kids Edition fits the spec.

john halamka

Healthcare CIO: Legal issues are most difficult cloud migration challenge

Boston healthcare organization BIDMC is readying its move of business critical systems into the public cloud, and legal concerns are top of mind for the outfit's CIO


Setting up a Windows 10 picture PIN

How cool is it to draw on a picture to log into your Windows 10 PC? It's a lot cooler than remembering a bunch of letters and numbers. Here's how to set it up.

boeing 747 anniversary 1

The iconic Boeing 747 is almost 50!

The first 747 flew 47 years ago this week.

badge itanium

Intel's Itanium to live on as HPE commits to new servers with the chip

Intel's Itanium processor lineup has an uncertain future, but Hewlett Packard Enterprise is committed to an upcoming chip code-named Kittson.

hot job skills microsoft

Microsoft skills: What's hot and what's not?

SQL Server, Azure, SharePoint and .Net among the Microsoft skills in demand

HP server

HPE servers get new names to help users figure out what they can be used for

If you're looking at buying servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, don't let a new naming convention throw you off balance.

intel skylake core i7 6700k

It's official: Intel shuts down the cheap overclocking party by closing Skylake loophole

Say goodbye to that overclocking loophole in "non-K" Skylake CPUs. An update from Intel will shut it down, ending the cheap overclocking party.


Adding a child user account in Windows 10

It actually costs you 50 cents to set up a child user account in Windows 10! But there's a good reason why, and you'll find out how it all works in this video.


NASA’s Skylab marks 42nd anniversary of last space mission

Launched on May 14, 1973, the Skylab saw three crewed manned missions—the last being concluded in February 1974. In terms of technology the lab was pretty advanced for the time. According to IBM, two Big Blue computers controlled...

fight boxing vs

Containers vs. VMs: It comes down to state management, networking and sprawl

Understanding the key differences

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