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How to see the world more clearly through interconnection

Global Interconnection Index offers critical new insights into a changing digital economy, data center design and tips on how to manage a hybrid or multi cloud deployment.

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Oracle expands database offering to its cloud services

Oracle’s Exadata can now split your database between on-premises and the cloud.

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Imanis Data focuses on big data backup and recovery

New features in Imanis Data 3.0 include backup of very large data sets, faster data recovery and support for multiple platforms.

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Getting data center managers & C-Suite on the same page for DCIM implementation

Data center managers need to work with C-Suite on data center infrastructure management (DCIM).

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HPE looks to put a supercomputer in space

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is sending the Spaceborne Computer to the International Space Station to test the durability of HPC in the harshness of space.

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Data centers: at the center of growth

Data center real estate investment trusts (REITs) continue to grow as companies adopt cloud technologies. Local governments welcome data center providers and operators as they increase jobs and other opportunities for communities hit...

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What is Linux? A powerful component of modern data centers

Linux has long been the basis of commercial networking devices, but is becoming more prevalent on its own in enterprise infrastructure.

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Intel, Seagate continue push for increased enterprise SSD capacity

SSDs are getting bigger, as we see with Seagate's and Intel's new lines, but so are the prices. Are they worth it yet?

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Tough times strike Lenovo’s data center business

Partners and customers are losing faith in Lenovo’s server business, if they ever had it.

Which big data programming language should I use?

ETL is slowing down real-time data analytics

Many IT professionals say the data transformation tool ETL hinders companies’ ability to do real-time analytics, and they are looking for alternatives.

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Data center construction increases thanks to the cloud

New research shows data center construction increased 43% in North America due to cloud computing companies needing more server space.

10 most powerful network companies muscle flex

The 10 most powerful companies in enterprise networking

Here's our ranking of the top 10 network-gear vendors that serve corporate needs.

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No-latency edge computing will snowball

We’re about to see a shift from traditional, centralized cloud data centers to a more localized, instant form of data holding and crunching, say experts in the wireless industry.

1 proven skills development

Do you have an IT trade craft skills gap?

Who will take care of your aging or new data infrastructure?

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Cray buys Seagate’s enterprise storage array business

Cray’s purchase of Seagate’s ClusterStor HPC storage array business gives the company ammunition to compete with Dell EMC.

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Google finally gains traction in cloud services

Google triples the number of major cloud deals year over year, gains large enterprise customers from regulated sectors.

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Stress test: Cisco Nexus 9516 data center core switch

An inside look at the Cisco Nexus 9516 data center core switch.

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Monitor cloud services for compliance, security from a single view

Qualys new app framework, CloudView, provides real-time monitoring of enterprise cloud services from a single dashboard.

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