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University examines cloud phone service

Georgetown University’s move to the cloud comes as part of a telecommunications strategy shift aimed at lowering costs while embracing technologies for its digital shift.

graduatation degree

Most notable tech leaders delivering 2017 college commencement addresses

You’d think ponying up for a technology leader to be your school’s commencement day speaker would be so much less of a hassle than going with a high profile politician such as President Donald Trump or his rival Hillary Clinton, yet...

closeup of woman with hand at ear listening

Google AudioSet aims to make sounds, from roars to boings, searchable

Google researchers have released a collection of 2 million-plus labeled audio snippets designed to spark innovation in the area of sound search.


FAQ: What is 802.11ay wireless technology?

Products based on the IEEE 802.11ad (WiGig) standard have really only begun rolling out over the past year, but an effort to deliver an enhancement dubbed 802.11ay in the unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum band that promises to deliver faster...

high school students

Carnegie Mellon hacking contest aims to get IT security talent started young

Carnegie Mellon University this week launches its third annual online capture the flag (CTF) contest aimed at introducing middle and high school students to the world of IT security — and just maybe attract some of them into a segment...

code programming software bugs cybersecurity

Flaws in Moodle CMS put thousands of e-learning websites at risk

Organizations that use the popular Moodle learning management system should deploy the latest patches as soon as possible because they fix vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to take over web servers.


Google Chrome extension ScaleUp can make your in-flight Wi-Fi fly

Northwestern University researchers have devised a Google Chrome browser extension that might just help you get your money's worth for in-flight Wi-Fi.

pi day snow art

Here's how we celebrate Pi Day during a blizzard

Yes, the Blizzard of 2017 on the east coast did foil our plan to stream our inaugural Pi Day Challenge live on Facebook and YouTube, but it did not kill our creativity.

carol frieze

Carnegie Mellon director recognized for devotion to diversity in CompSci

The Computing Research Association has recognized Carnegie Mellon University’s Carol Frieze as its 2017 A. Nico Habermann Award winner in recognition of her efforts to promote diversity in computer science.

10 phishing

How to avoid falling for the W-2 phishing scam

The W-2 scam provides another example of how a security awareness program that adapts to trending threats has an advantage over a one-size-fits-all plan.

piday2017 handouts photo

NASA Pi Day Challenge 2017: Don't crater...

NASA is encouraging teachers to share its Pi Day Challenge with students on March 14, which is known in mathematical circles as Pi Day (i.e., 3.14).

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Is Google pushing Apple out of U.S. classrooms?

Chromebooks are quickly becoming the standard device in U.S. schools while Apple’s market share continues to slide.

Rutgers illo

Pardon the interruption: Here's how your smartphone could be less of a noodge

Rutgers University researchers have examined the tolerance levels of different personality types for being interrupted by smartphone notifications in an effort that could help phone makers and app developers build offerings that...

usb thumb flash drive stick

Reaching the cybersecurity tipping point

Are you creating conditions that lead employees toward their cybersecurity tipping point—to committing to solid security and privacy practices?

innovation idea

AARP award program to honor innovation in caregiving (deadline extended until April 25)

The AARP, a nonprofit organization that advocates for Americans over 50 years of age, has launched its search for nominees for its Innovation Champion Awards to recognize providers of technology-powered products and services that...

White House (public domain)

Outgoing presidential IT advisors offer Trump 10 tips to succeed

There'll be a to-do list from the IT department in the president's 'in' tray when Donald Trump enters the White House later this month.

artificial intelligence AI machine learning brain circuit

Top 10 Ethical Dilemmas & Policy Issues in Science & Tech

You think you have problems? Sure you do, but pity those in science and technology tasked with advancing artificial intelligence, drones and healthcare methods that are fraught with peril despite potentially huge benefits. The...

tim cook keynote

WIth Apple CEO Tim Cook on board, MIT pulls off first 2017 commencement speaker coup

MIT, which not surprisingly has a good track record of securing techie leaders for its commencement speakers, has signed on Apple CEO Tim Cook to do the honors on June 9, 2017.

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