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Trump cybersecurity dos and don’ts (Part 2)

President Trump must balance partisan politics with the pragmatic realities of cybersecurity.

Trump cybersecurity dos and don’ts (Part 1)

President-elect Trump could make strong progress on cybersecurity while adhering to his campaign promises.

Goodbye SIEM, hello SOAPA

SIEM systems are becoming part of a dynamic and evolving security analytics and operations architecture.

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Advice for evading ATM skimmers

I cannot use an ATM these days without wondering if I am getting ripped off by a stealthy skimming device that has been placed inside the machine’s card slot.

Trend Micro’s Enterprise Play

Long known for endpoint security, Trend now offers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for enterprise organizations

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Residential routers easy to hack

Home routers are flawed and vulnerable to being hacked, claims security firm ESET.


Media fails to tell consumers about device flaws in Friday’s internet outage

When reporting on Friday’s DDoS attack, the national media should have warned consumers not to install internet-connected devices that have a 4-year-old flaw.

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GuardiCore helps security teams see into apps and networks before they segment

GuardiCore Reveal lets security teams discover, monitor and visualize activity inside applications and networks, as well as control traffic through micro-segmentation policies.

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Clear Choice Tests

Check Point SandBlast takes endpoint protection to another level

Check Point has long been known as a firewall company but it is reaching beyond its roots with a new series of protective technologies under its SandBlast line.

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IoT security guidance emerges

A new report from the Cloud Security Alliance offers advice on how to secure IoT devices from inception.

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Spammers prefer Trump over Clinton, but are rapidly losing faith in Trump

Donald Trump is far and away the favorite presidential candidate of at least one demographic group: spammers, though they are rapidly abandoning him.

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Phishing still fools people, but at least more are cautious

Two new IT security studies: One looks at phishing email detection and the other at security fatigue among computer users.

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Hackers can remotely exploit insulin pump for unauthorized insulin injections

Rapid7 and Johnson & Johnson reveal vulnerabilities in Animas OneTouch Ping insulin pump system that could be exploited remotely to trigger unauthorized insulin injections.

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IoT: We're serfs and pawns

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the perfect set of soldiers, and people unwittingly keep deploying insecure devices that allow others to report on us.

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Duct tape, modeling clay and a handgun are not standard computer parts

The TSA may not be the most popular federal agency, but it does put out a blog post every week that is highly entertaining for the look it offers into the scary panoply of weaponry that passengers try to get on planes.

Splunk intent on extending cybersecurity leadership

The Splunk user conference (.Conf2016) highlights a balance between powerful new features and ease-of-use benefits.

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The future of security: A combination of cyber and physical defense

With more items gaining web connectivity as part of the Internet of Things movement, the need to protect physical devices from hackers will only increase.

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Always be prepared: Monitor, analyze and test your security

Critical Security Controls: Stay vigilant, plan your response and test your defenses with CIS Controls 18, 19 and 20.

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The IoT is uranium

IoT devices are like uranium—as dangerous as post-Soviet era nuclear weapons.

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