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Cybersecurity skills shortage impact on technology innovation

The global cybersecurity skills shortage demands that new cybersecurity technologies must be built for ease of deployment, ease of use, and rapid ROI.

Cybersecurity skills shortage threatens the mid-market

Organizations with 100 to 999 employees remain understaffed and under-skilled in cybersecurity—and an easy mark for hackers.

Cybersecurity remains an elusive business priority

Most organizations are increasing cybersecurity spending and elevating cybersecurity issues to the board level but still struggle with the cybersecurity skills shortage.

SOAPA services opportunities abound

Similar to the rise of ERP in the 1990s, we are about to see a cybersecurity services boom around Security Operations and Analytics (SOAPA).


Security researcher blasts Tizen: 'May be the worst code I've ever seen'

Israeli security researcher criticizes Tizen, a Samsung-backed Android alternative, for its many security flaws.

key metal home security encryption

Can Google’s Key Transparency make encrypted email ubiquitous?

The open nature of email makes implementing encryption complex. Google hopes to change that with its Key Transparency initiative.

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Face-off: Cisco vs. Fortinet for enterprise firewalls

Considering an enterprise-grade firewall? Download this free report for side-by-side comparisons of rival products from Cisco and Fortinet, based on reviews written by enterprise users of the products.

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7 steps to avoid getting hooked by phishing scams

Here are seven simple steps that will safeguard you and your business from phishing attacks.

People, process and technology challenges with security operations

Large organizations need to focus on formalizing processes, implementing intelligent security technologies, training staff and modifying the organization.

The 'new' McAfee

Security veteran McAfee has ample opportunity to prosper again with the right investment and focus.

7 encryption

Encryption critical for protecting mobile device data

More and more personal data is being stored on mobile devices, and without encryption, this data can easily fall into the wrong hands.

iot energy

How to bring true interoperability to the Internet of Things

Multimode radios, software flexibility and hardware-based security allow IoT devices to work in concert in the home.

RIP Raimund Genes, Trend Micro CTO

Raimond Genes, Trend Micro CTO, cybersecurity visionary and an inspiration, is gone but not forgotten.

Organizations need strategic and proactive threat intelligence programs

Enterprise organizations must move beyond reactive and operational use cases and leverage threat intelligence more aggressively.

employees technology planning data [Computerworld, January-February 2017 - HR IT]

Protect your unstructured data with user behavior analytics

Coupled with solid perimeter defenses, user behavior analytics is a powerful asset in the fight against data theft.

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Smarter authentication makes mobile experiences more secure, user friendly

Big data and context help make authentication experiences in today's mobile and digital world more secure, yet easier to use.

Why is incident response automation and orchestration so hot?

Manual processes limit incident response efficiency and effectiveness, driving the need for incident response automation and orchestration.

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Appeals court rules Americans have no legal recourse if hacked by foreign governments

An appeals court in Washington, D.C., yesterday upheld a lower court ruling denying an American citizen the right to sue the government of Ethiopia for hacking his home computer.

IBM's position on Security Analytics and Operations (SOAPA), part 2

Marc van Zadelhoff, general manager of IBM’s security division, discusses SOAPA requirements, intelligence and scale.

11 botnet of things

Botnets: Is your network really protected?

Security is taking a backseat as more IoT devices connect to the internet, making it possible for botnets to attack networks.

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