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In and Around the 2017 RSA Conference

Interesting announcements on cognitive computing, endpoint security, middleware, and threat intelligence

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Avaya Surge protects the Internet of Things

Avaya Surge provides elastic, agile IoT device security.

RSA Conference 2017: Security analytics and operations

At the upcoming RSA Conference, expect to see vendors talking about architecture, machine learning, threat intelligence and incident response automation.

RSA Conference 2017: Endpoint security in the spotlight

Lots of visibility and hype around next-generation endpoint security, suites, EDR and services at the upcoming RSA Security Conference

Cyber security breach attack on monitor with binary code

How to practice cybersecurity (and why it's different from IT security)

Cybersecurity isn’t about one threat or one firewall issue on one computer. It's about zooming out and getting a bigger perspective on what's going on in an IT environment.

Commuting Chelsea Manning’s sentence was just and proper

The U.S. Army’s dismissal of multiple warning signs and lack of strong security policies and controls were major contributors to criminal activities.

Endpoint security in 2017

Comprehensive suites, machine learning, EDR and vendor attrition will be highlighted at the RSA Conference and throughout the entire year.

Thoughts on incident response automation and orchestration

Projects are well underway and evolving, while commercial incident response tools continue to gain momentum.


Nyotron launches to 'secure the world.' Simple, eh?

Nyotron launches PARANOID, a threat-agnostic defense tool to cope with unknown cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity pros to Trump: Critical infrastructure very vulnerable to cyber attack

The Trump administration should enlist the help of true cybersecurity professionals, rather than political insiders, to put an effective national plan together.

2017: The year of cybersecurity scale

Cloud, IoT, mobile and digital transformation will place new demands on usability, scalability and enterprise-class features of cybersecurity analytics and operations products.

Security data growth drives SOAPA

Security professionals want better ways to analyze and operationalize the massive increase in security data collection and processing. SOAPA can help

Looking back to look forward on cybersecurity

There have been lots of activities over the past two years that will only gain more traction in 2017.

iot threats

Lax IoT device security threatens to pollute the internet

DDoS attacks powered by hijacked IoT devices have the potential to do much more than take down popular websites.


IoT could be our downfall

We need to secure the internet of things.

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Clear Choice Tests

Review: Threat hunting turns the tables on attackers

For this review, we tested threat hunting systems from Sqrrl, Endgame and Infocyte. Each program was tested in a large demo environment seeded with realistic APT threats which had bypassed perimeter defenses and were hiding somewhere...

5 cybersecurity trends to watch for 2017

A mix of fresh and familiar threats and problems will concern IT departments in the year ahead.

information security

Looking to 2017: It’s not just enterprise security

Things are bad for the security of everything and data privacy, and 2017 will be equally bad if not worse.

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Aruba flexes some IoT muscle

Aruba’s new products, including ClearPass Universal Profiler and the new 2540 series switch, position the company as an IoT enabler.

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