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The IoT is uranium

IoT devices are like uranium—as dangerous as post-Soviet era nuclear weapons.

Keeping up with incident response

Enterprise organizations are forced to ignore security alerts, live with excess risk, and deal with data breaches reactively when they happen.

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IoT security: Intel EPID simplifies authentication of IoT devices

Intel's proof of concept based on its Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID) streamlines the authentication and installation of IoT devices.

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3D printers hackable via smartphone

Hackers can use a smartphone to capture electromagnetic energy and sound emanating from a 3D printer nozzle, allowing them to steal intellectual property.

SIEM market dynamics in play

Financial churn combined with new requirements are transforming the SIEM market for enterprise organizations.

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Enterprises hope their mobile users pay attention to security

Most companies worry about communicating and enforcing their internal mobile security policies, says a new survey.

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Smartphone infections double, hotspots are also a trouble area

One out of every 120 smartphones had a malware infection during an April test period, a lab reveals. Android devices were hit the hardest.

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Review: SentinelOne blocks and dissects threats

SentinelOne EPP brings good malware detection, excellent forensics, and flexible remediation to business networks

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Clear Choice Tests

Review: Top tools for preventing data leaks

Most security tools are focused on keeping external attackers at bay. But what about the sensitive data that lives inside your network? How do you make sure it doesn’t get out, either intentionally or by accident? That’s where Data...


Where the monsters live

Tech monsters—threats to the security of our networks, computers, devices and privacy—live seemingly everywhere.

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Americans want passwords, not biometrics, survey finds

Fear of leaky organizations storing personal biometric data might be behind the public’s preference for passwords over biometry for security.

More on operationalizing threat intelligence

Four steps to turn threat intelligence data into measurable actions and results

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RiskSense lands $7M for assessment service

RiskSense, software-as-a-service that evaluates the security of corporate networks and generates a risk score, has been self-financed since its launch last year, but now has harnessed venture funding to help boost its R&D and hire...

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Your next 10 security pain points

New security issues that companies need to pay attention to include container technology, data loss prevention, regulatory compliance and skills development.

CISOs adopt a portfolio management approach for cybersecurity

With a long to-do list and perpetual skills shortage, CISOs are managing cybersecurity requirements, allocating resources and outsourcing.

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ForeScout simplifies IoT security

ForeScout can now secure Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints that were historically unmanageable.

A few thoughts from Black Hat 2016

Threats, vulnerabilities and security complexity represent serious challenges for cybersecurity professionals.


F5 Networks: It’s time to rethink security architecture

Traditional security methods to secure an increasingly cloud-first, mobile-centric world doesn’t work, says F5 Networks. It’s time to modernize security.

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