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Data tower interior

Envisioning a 65-story data center

Two young architects have designed a data center that challenges how the structures are built. Instead of constructing a flat, sprawling complex, they are proposing a data center that reaches skyscraper heights.

the moon

Grow lunar-based solar panels to eliminate fossil-fuel reliance, says kid

Self-replicating solar panels located on the moon could be the answer to fossil-fuel elimination on Earth, says a high school senior. The youngster is being taken seriously by academics.


Facebook’s Open Compute Project helps competitors build hyperscale data centers together

Facebook’s open source hardware development and procurement strategy grows with new competitors and new industries.

SolarCity installation

Power stations gone by 2030, report suggests

Large-scale, conventional power plants will ultimately be replaced by rooftop solar panels and wind turbines, says an official power-industry body.


The struggle to create fusion energy at MIT

MIT's Dennis Whyte talks about the efforts to build a prototype fusion reactor.


The MIT C-MOD Fusion Reactor Project

MIT has been developing a small fusion reactor prototype, three of which could power the City of Boston if they were fully built.

mit energy harvesting

MIT wearable tech gives 'power walk' a whole new meaning

Today's wearable devices are often used to track exercise and fitness, but what if those very actions served to power the devices as well? That could soon be possible thanks to new research from MIT.


NSF puts $30M behind software bug killing, synthetic biology & computational sustainability

The National Science Foundation this week announced it is divvying up $30 million in funding among three multidisciplinary research projects designed to put advanced computing models to work on nixing software bugs, boosting synthetic...

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2

Salesforce backs new wind farm in 12-year renewable-energy deal

A few months ago Salesforce committed to a goal of eventually powering its global operations entirely with renewable energy, and on Monday it took a key step in that direction by signing a 12-year agreement to back a brand-new wind...

lights light bulb idea

ilumi: Not so smart lighting

ilumi's Smartbulbs have too many downsides to be considered a serious contender in the smart lighting market

San Jose Pole

San Jose gets SmartPoles with LTE, LED lights and energy meters

San Jose, Calif. has begun installing 50 SmartPoles that integrate LTE wireless with LED street lighting.

SolarCity solar panels

Scientists developing solar panel that doubles as a Li-Fi receiver

Existing on-roof solar panels can receive data, acting as a broadband receiver for hilltop laser transmissions, says a scientist.


Researchers tout technology to make electronics out of old tires

Researchers are working with a process that turns old tires – and there are some 300,000 tossed yearly – into electrodes for supercapacitors that would be used on the grid or in cars and other electronics applications.

green data center

How the tech industry is greening its data centers

The desire to be masters of their own energy domains has helped fast-track a growing community of self-generating – and increasingly green – data center power consumers.

Are comatose servers your next big IT headache?

Virtual machine sprawl might be costing your business tens of thousands of dollars. Here’s how you can find out – and what to do about it.

Energy saving light bulbs hanging

Are mainframes the answer to IT's energy efficiency concerns?

Mainframes are an excellent way to meet the complex demands of achieving energy efficiency in an enterprise environment. Sometimes pressure to realize cost savings results in decisions based on short-term results, and energy...

Software mogul Tom Siebel funds AI, drone research to tackle energy crisis

The CRM founder will spend $10 million over five years to improve the smart grid

old pcs computers desktops trash recycle

A new tool for pricing used IT equipment

An electronics recycler has created an IT products database representing 9,000 manufacturers and 11 million equipment models. The products range from consumer to business equipment, such as network storage devices, routers, switches,...

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