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Amazon CTO Vogels on competing with Microsoft in hybrid cloud, keeping partners and customers happy

Q&A with Amazon CTO Werner Vogels discussing Amazon Web Services

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Facebook to use all renewable energy in its next data center

It will invest at least $500 million in a 110-acre site in Texas

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Curb: Home power monitoring comes of age

I just received my electricity bill and, to my annoyance (and horror) the bill is just over $100 more than the previous month! I have mostly LED lighting and lots of home automation controlling everything possible and I seem to...

Microsoft predicts China's air pollution with data analysis

The company has launched an air quality mobile app for users in China

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Home heating provided by cloud servers is now a reality

Data furnaces heat homes with dispersed cloud servers. The first eRadiators are getting installed now.

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Energy servers bring eco fuel cells to Comcast, IKEA buildings

Machines that convert the chemical energy from fuels into electrical power through a chemical reaction are gaining favor over the grid.

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Solar power road surface actually works

A Dutch solar power-generating road is making more electricity than expected.

To push electric cars, Seoul rolls out portable chargers with RFID

The chargers allow drivers to juice up their batteries at residential parking lots rather than dedicated stations

Apple focuses on making supply chain in China more green

Apple has previously faced accusations of failing to monitor the environmental conditions at its suppliers

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How Apple has made me feel really happy and really guilty at the same time

I hate having to stop using a piece of equipment because of designed-in obsolescence but, sometimes, there’s no choice even though it makes me feel guilty.

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A better way to store solar power for data centers

Pumped-storage hydroelectricity systems could become the 'world's biggest batteries,' and have implications for power-hungry data centers.

Ideovitra seeks to slay PC power vampires with SensyBee smart switch

Sitting between a PC and a wall outlet, SensyBee can turn a PC off completely, potentially saving up to 50W

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Smartphones charge in a minute with bio-battery

Smartphones tethered to the wall could become a thing of the past. Q4 2016 will see the arrival of batteries that charge quicker than anything seen before.

Ex-Facebook engineer launches startup to tackle server management

Coolan will aggregate data from all its customers and use it to provide server analytics

Apple plans two European data centers running on renewable energy

With data storage in the European Union, the company will not need to export data to the U.S. or other data protection regimes

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How a university's data center overhaul makes a green impact

University of Cambridge's recent data center consolidation aims to reduce the university's carbon footprint as well as centralize resources, management and monitoring.

Apple ends system of recruitment fees that tied labor to contractors

Apple claims that its audits and labor policies are helping to improve its supply chain

Apple's massive solar farm could power its entire California operations

The company expects "very significant savings" from the plant in Monterey County

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How a lake's microbes can power fuel cells

Future-fuel bio-hydrogen has a new generating plant: a sleepy salt lake in Washington.

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