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What’s behind VMware’s Wavefront acquisition?

Wavefront's software is designed to help CIOs monitor cloud systems at a time when most IT departments are speeding up application deployment with DevOps.

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University examines cloud phone service

Georgetown University’s move to the cloud comes as part of a telecommunications strategy shift aimed at lowering costs while embracing technologies for its digital shift.

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How to get the most out of data, services in a multi-cloud world

The reality for the vast majority of enterprises is that their IT, and thus their data and services, will span multiple data centers and computing clouds.

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Edge computing will blow away the cloud

Self-contained devices, such as autonomous vehicles, drones and IoT devices, will push out cloud services as more computing moves to the edge, say venture capitalists.

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Dell Boomi bringing startup mentality to hybrid cloud market

In this installment of the IDG CEO Interview Series, CEO Chris McNabb talks about why Dell Technologies kept Dell Boomi in the fold and how the company operates as a “startup” within the Dell ecosystem.

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Nimble Storage delivers upon a practical hybrid cloud use case

We used to laugh about cloud bursting, but Nimble's Cloud Volumes is a much more realistic take.

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Dell EMC brings hyperconverged infrastructure to hybrid clouds

EHC on VxRail, a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution from Dell EMC, gives businesses an easy, fast way to get a hybrid cloud up and running.

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Battle of the clouds: Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud Platform

With more and more workloads going to the cloud, and the top vendors being as competitive as they’ve been, deciding on which provider to go with isn’t getting any easier. This handy guide will outline the pros and cons of each...

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Hybrid ERP matures as companies develop better strategies

Developing new strategies to ensure that cloud and on-premises ERP systems play nice together is just one part of the hybrid challenge.

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How a rebirth at the edge will change the cloud

According to one industry veteran, the cloud era is coming to an end. What business and IT leaders need to take from this provocative statement.

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The future isn't cloud. It's multi-cloud

Cloud computing was supposed to simplify IT environments. Now, a study by Microsoft and 451 Research shows nearly a third of organizations work with four or more cloud vendors.

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ZeroStack uses machine learning to create self-driving clouds

ZeroStack’s AI-driven approach reduces the burden of running a private cloud.

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A guide to hybrid cloud transformation

How to create solutions that bring new life to traditional applications and bring new capabilities to your born-on-the-cloud applications.

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Juniper heads to the clouds with Unite

Juniper Network's Unite framework is a solid, prescriptive way for Juniper customers to move to a hybrid cloud.

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If the cloud is so great, why are so many businesses unsatisfied?

The hype around cloud computing remains as adoption soars. But for 77% of companies, the challenge is finding and deploying a service that's the right fit.

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Clouds may not reign supreme

Most of yesterday’s applications are moving toward the cloud. But the swing back to a distributed model is inevitable.

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Public vs. private cloud: Why the public cloud is a real threat to security

The debate on public vs. private cloud is a fierce one with advocates on both sides. Security experts, however, consistently fall in the pro-private camp.

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More proof the cloud is winning big

A new IDC forecast predicts spending on cloud infrastructure to top traditional IT approaches by 2020.

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