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Amazon Web Services updates console to simplify management

The company hopes to streamline management with resource groups and Tag Editor tool

Why Comcast's pro-net neutrality ads are totally disingenuous

The giant cable company and ISP is running commercials claiming to support the "Open Internet." Don’t believe it for a second.

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IT security whiz sets sights on commercial drone management

A new company called PixiePath from Ping Identity's co-founder seeks to address the software shortage in commercial drones by delivering SaaS-based tools for controlling fleets of them.

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3 ways for CIOs to understand their company’s bottom line

Plenty of CIOs pay lip service to “aligning with the business,” but to truly succeed, they need a deep knowledge of how the company makes money.

VCs bet $33M you’ll want to use Avi Networks’ white box hardware for app delivery

Avi Networks, a network startup formed by ex-Cisco executives and backed by $33 million in venture capital, came out of stealth Wednesday with the announcement of a system designed to boost the performance of enterprise applications...

AT&T plans to transform customer engagement

Thaddeus Arroyo, president of technology development at AT&T, has a big job: He oversees about 15,000 IT employees and 10,000 contractors, manages systems supporting all of AT&T's business segments and is responsible for AT&T's...


Top five tips for this year's tech Santa

You have the power and knowledge to help your less tech-savvy family and friends this holiday season. Be sure to put these five tips to good use.

Branding Attracts Better IT Talent

4 ways building a better brand attracts better IT talent

Want to attract top tech talent? Focusing on employee engagement will bolster your positive brand image and result in a higher caliber of potential candidates.

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Sites that don't like Chrome for no obvious reason

For reasons I can't fathom, certain sites don’t seem to work with Google’s Chrome browser. I find this extraordinary and the site that annoys me most when it comes to not working properly with Chrome is Wells Fargo.

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5 signs that a vendor won’t make It to 2020

We won’t name names, but there are some telltale signs that a vendor won’t make it to 2020. Rob Enderle identifies conditions for failure and tells you how to apply those dubious qualities to your vendors to determine if they are...

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Monster snow: How Buffalo-area businesses kept things going in the storm

Seven feet of snow and then the threat of flooding has not taken down Buffalo tech companies' networks or spirits.

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5 ways to escape password hell

Password management software, smartphone apps and long passphrases can help ease the pain.

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Comcast app lets customers track service techs in real time

To avoid forcing customers to sit at home waiting for their cable fix, ComCast today unveiled a mobile app that lets customers track where service techs are in real time.

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Nexia Home Intelligence: One of the best premises automation systems

Over the last few months I’ve been testing Nexia Home Intelligence, a premises automation solution sold by Ingersoll Rand which also owns a number of other well-known brands including Schlage, Trane, and American Standard. Given...

How Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry are fighting to win the enterprise

Samsung partners with BlackBerry to improve security and Apple expands program to ease roll out of its devices

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Hypocrisy and connections help IT outsourcing firms

Infosys and other offshore firms need all the business and political connections they can get as they work to fend off efforts to restrict the use of H-1B visas and force them to hire more U.S. workers.

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Top tips and tools for online reputation management

Search engine optimization experts share tips and tools to help you manage your company's online reputation.

Internet sales tax bill dead in Congress

Speaker of the House John Boehner says he has significant concerns about the legislation

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How to Build a Better IT Outsourcing Benchmarking Process

As customers look to take advantage of a competitive IT outsourcing market, benchmarking is more important than ever. Service providers and customers are exploring ways to build a better benchmarking process that will benefit all...

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