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H1-B Visa Abuse

speed fast speedometer

Startup Teridion aims to be the Waze of internet performance

By calculating the fastest path possible for internet traffic, Teridion aims to boost internet speeds.

puppeteer concept 104870858

Puppet Labs wants to orchestrate all the things

As applications become ever-more complex, there is an increasing need to model and visualize the interrelations and interdependencies within them. Puppet's new approach speaks to this.

datahub nodeprime

Startup NodePrime decloaks, wants to manage your whole data center

San Francisco-based startup NodePrime wants to be the proverbial single pane of glass that you use to manage your complicated, heavily virtualized data center, the company announced as it exited stealth today with a $7 million seed...

Cardinal rules of system administration

18 cardinal rules of systems administration

Holding yourself to this set of rules will help to keep your systems running smoothly and your users happy.

questions decisions future not sure confused

Juniper aims to simplify enterprise networking with 'Unite' architecture

The IT environment, particularly in the network, is more complex than ever before. Juniper aims to resolve that with its new Unite architecture.

HashiCorp finds a successor to Vagrant, introduces Otto and Nomad

Technology product nomenclature is hilarious. This is an industry which prides itself on coming up with some pretty bizarre names. But what's behind HashiCorp's change of naming convention?

techy cloud

The cloud needs a new type of network optimization

Analyzing how network optimization can evolve to meet the demands of cloud computing.

tamr catalog dark data

Bring your company's 'dark data' to light with this free new tool from Tamr

Tamr's enterprise metadata catalog -- released Thursday into public beta -- can help companies create an inventory of their data sources, including metadata about who owns the source.

2015 most powerful companies 1

The 25 most powerful enterprise networking companies

These are our picks for the biggest influencers on the network.

indian business visa india passport stamp passport rubber stamp asia embassy 000000214013

Congress set to make the H-1B visa less costly for India

Congress is set to drop a $2,000 H-1B visa fee mostly paid by India-based IT services providers.

bi modal it and what it means to you

How bimodal IT is helping companies hire and retain workers

Bimodal IT is a fairly new concept, but if you embrace it you can empower your workforce. With the right employees in the right work environment, risk takers and more traditional IT pros are much less likely to butt heads.

id management authenticate password secure

Microsoft extends Azure Active Directory to support Facebook, Google

Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory now allows businesses to authenticate customers and partners, not just employees, using popular consumer apps like Facebook and Google login credentials.

JAMF Software Casper

iOS 9 release spurs upgrade of JAMF's Apple management suite

Apple is releasing iOS 9 today, and JAMF Software is ready with an updated version of Casper Suite, its management platform for Macs and iOS devices.

domestic outsourcing ts

California delays the backlash over IT layoffs

Southern California Edison's layoff of IT workers stirred state lawmakers to action this year on two bills attacking the use of H-1B workers to offshore jobs. But both bills have stalled without a final vote.

windows 10 hp stream

Microsoft pushes Windows 10 upgrade to PCs without user consent

Microsoft today confirmed it has been pre-loading the Windows 10 installation bits onto devices whose owners have not "reserved" a copy or expressed interest in the new OS.

Windows 10 reservation screen

Didn’t ask for Windows 10? Your PC may have downloaded it anyway

Microsoft may auto-download Windows 10 files whether you ask for them or not.

H1-B Visa Abuse

The Senate’s unanswered questions about H-1B replacements

Infosys announced it's in the clear with the Department of Labor, but there are bigger questions still at play.

traffic jam taxis new york city

12 bad habits that slow IT to a crawl

Bottlenecks always seem born of the best intentions, but they must be rooted out -- and broken

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