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Building IT for worst-case scenarios

The World Bank overhauls IT so it's better prepared to do business in global hotspots where war, disease and poverty may be among the challenges of everyday life.

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Taking IT reorgs to the extreme

IT departments are constantly reorganizing, but a few companies have gone so far as to break the traditional IT department into pieces.

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Yepzon: Tracking your stuff in the real world has just become affordable

Keeping track of your stuff is hard enough when it’s in your office or your home but when it’s running around in the real world and you want to track it in real time it’s next to impossible, at least, next to impossible at a...

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Boeing exec details 6 steps that transformed its business

Boeing IT exec shares lessons learned.

In Cybersecurity, the Network Doesn’t Lie

Organizations are collecting, processing, and analyzing more and more network traffic.


White House making it easier to get an L-1 visa

The White House has released a memo intended to give clarity over how businesses may use the temporary L-1 work visa, a document derided by critics of the H-1B visa.

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When Intuit’s network gets taxed, it turns to Riverbed performance management tools

With TurboTax and QuickBooks becoming increasingly cloud based, user experience is key

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Stakes rise in the 25-year-old H-1B battle

The H-1B visa turns 25 this year, and while it has seen many ups and downs, what hasn't changed is the fury IT workers feel after being displaced by people who hold H-1Bs. Two recent cases illustrate the problem.

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The H-1B visa debate: Pain and the politics

This week's hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the H-1B visa program offered a compendium of thought, insight and friction. Here's a look at the debate from both sides.

H-1B's revolving door, illustration by Brian Stauffer [single use]

IT workers' voices heard in the Senate, confidentially

A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today on the H-1B visa program offered up a stew of policy arguments, positioning and frustration.

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How DevOps can redefine your IT strategy

Is DevOps the flavor of the month or the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for? We ask experts what they think of the trend, where to find talent and how IT workers can break into this emerging field within IT.

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Why companies opt to insource for IT innovation

IT outsourcing customers are increasingly demanding IT innovation and will either look to providers to deliver real business outcomes or take their innovation-related business back in-house to run themselves.

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The rapidly evolving state of content delivery networks

The digital Network World special report, prepared by Network World editors, examines the issues, trends and strategies for getting the most out of CDNs.

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Why workers want self-service IT

A combination of consumer tech that’s as powerful as it is cool, cloud services with free versions, and IT departments that are perceived as slow-moving is leading workers to look to roll their own tech solutions, according a Harris...

Consumer Identity Management systems step up where traditional ID systems fall down

CIDM has emerged to address the broader scale and risk of Web-based business processes and to give customers more control of their data

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Big Switch Networks CTO Rob Sherwood on SDN in 2015: The Time is now

Big Switch Networks CTO Rob Sherwood touts the maturity and ease-of-use of Big Switch SDN solutions, the power of open switching platforms, docker, overlays and more

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Home Automation: Top marks for Nortek GoControl Garage Door Controller

Late last year I installed the competing GoControl Garage Door Controller from Nortek Security & Control (formerly Linear LLC) that integrates with Z-Wave networks such as the Nexia Home Automation system and I'm really impressed.

Fave Raves 2015: What's your favorite enterprise IT product?

Send us your submission for Fave Raves, our annual call for the best products, as chosen by readers.

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