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Good wants to manage your smartphones for $3 a month, per user

The company's new Mangement Suite also includes a secure browser and an enterprise app store

Dieter Haban, CIO, Daimler Trucks North America [2014]

Daimler Trucks' top IT exec hires a mix of 'Einsteins' and 'Edisons'

Dieter Haban, CIO at Daimler Trucks North America, led the team that developed a real-time, factory-installed remote diagnostic system found on more than 70,000 Daimler Freightliner trucks.

Enterprises can now use Dell's Kace appliance to manage Chromebooks

The Kace K1000 enterprise asset management software can also keep tabs on many other types of devices

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How an MSP can help your company get Its groove back

Managed service providers (MSPs) are rapidly becoming the gold standard for outsourcing the day-to-day management responsibilities and operations of corporations worldwide, so the IT staff can focus on R&D, new products and better...

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Anti-H-1B senator to head immigration panel

The Senate's two top Republican critics of temporary worker immigration, specifically the H-1B and L-1 visas, now hold the two most important immigration posts in the Senate.

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Watch out for an upcoming leap second

One day this year we’ll have 86,401 seconds, not the usual 86,400. When that’s happened before it’s caused some software to get way out of wack.

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The hidden dangers of short-term outsourcing deals

Think it's easy to get out of a short deal when you want to switch outsourcing providers? Think again. Exits from short deals can be costly, time-consuming and disruptive.

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New H-1B bill will 'help destroy' U.S. tech workforce

Legislation that would hike the H-1B visa cap is drawing criticism and warnings that it will lead to an increase in offshoring of tech jobs.


Preparing the network to meet BYOD challenges

Bring your own device: Bring it on.

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Sharpen your vendor management skills

The changing vendor landscape means IT must forge tighter partnerships with service providers and third-party vendors. Here are the skills you should have in your back pocket.


Cooler than cubicles: 18 new designs for the office

Sit, stand, lean, curl up – today’s commercial furniture designs let users choose how they want to work.

GAO blames ISPs for confusing consumers about bandwidth usage

Why put the onus on ISPs when application providers should be providing data on bandwidth usage?

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4 ways for IT to connect better with customers

A look at how top IT shops model their workflow and business processes to incorporate communication and interaction between IT and its customers, and how the setup benefits the business, and IT workers' careers

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Clear Choice Tests

Uptime simplifies system and server monitoring

Server and systems management tools have long been too expensive and too complex to actually use without spending thousands of dollars on consultants. Uptime Software has been trying to change that with a product that can be installed...

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3 warning signs to watch for when evaluating vendors

Sometimes vendors are not what they seem to be on the surface. Columnist Rob Enderle writes that these three red flags indicate hidden problems.

Project Management Skills

8 skills to look for in IT project managers

Good IT project management can make or break key business initiatives, but finding top talent means identifying a unique mix of technical know-how and soft skills. Here are eight skills to look for when hiring project management...

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10 outsourcing trends to watch in 2015

IT outsourcing experts tell what to expect in the year ahead. If they're correct, 2015 could bring better business outcomes, billions in renegotiation, the end of the RFP, and -- wait for it -- cloud robots.

"Weight" of the average webpage continues to increase

In 2014, the weight of the average webpage increased to nearly 2MB

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2014 IT outsourcing in review: Grading our predictions

Last year, we predicted that smart machines would radically alter outsourcing, insourcing would increase and cloud computing would come down to earth. Now it's time to grade those and the rest of our predictions.

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