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Get a handle on repetitive tasks with Febooti Automation Workshop for Windows

Repetitive systems tasks can suck away your time if done by hand and your patience if you try to perform task automation with scripting or (yech) batch files. On Windows, Febooti's Automation Workshop is a great answer.

Sprint plans price cuts and eventual layoffs, new CEO tells workers

Sprint confirms it will offer 'best value in the market,' while T-Mobile CEO revs up the attack tweets

3D printing makes its move into production

IT needs to get ready

Splunk digs deeper with Stream app for network monitoring

App for Stream expands on data collection and analytics

Riverbed bolsters net mgmt. software for greater automation

Riverbed targets configuration, security and design with new release.

Netscout sues Gartner over Magic Quadrant rating

NPM company accuses Gartner of pay-to-play.

IBM's 'click to buy' consulting services look beyond just IT

The services also give IBM a low-cost way to expand the reach of its sales arm, according to one analyst

F5 CTO: We're working hard on the transition to software

SDN, cloud prompt major shift in technology directions for ADC manufacturer.

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IT Outsourcing Customers Mad as Hell, Ready to Walk

IT outsourcing customers are demanding more from their providers and consider showing the door to those who can't move up the value chain of IT services, according to recent survey.

F5 CEO sees opportunity in myriad challenges facing IT

F5 Networks CEO John McAdam says future of IT is complicated, confusing and riddled with security threats - and that's a good thing.

Cisco patches traffic snooping flaw in operating systems used by its networking gear

The vulnerability affects the OSPF routing protocol implementation on Cisco networking equipment


Why TCP/IP is on the way out

The now-aging TCP/IP protocol might not be around for much longer. That’s if a bunch of researchers promoting network coding have their way.

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RoboBees to save US agriculture ... in about 20 years

It looks like we're doing a great job killing off the bees with the toxic environmental mess that agricultural pesticides have created. So, how do we fix the problem? With robots, of course!

Celebrating SysAdmin Day on Instagram

The world celebrates the 15th Annual SysAdmin Day on a social network that wasn't around at the start of this last Friday of July event.


10 cool makerspaces to explore now

Got an itch to get your hands on a welding machine, laser cutter or 3D printer? We highlight intriguing public spaces around the country where you can tinker to your heart's content.

The Internet's not broken...It's SysAdmin Day!

I'm not entirely sure I want to encourage this sort of YouTube behavior, but in honor of the 15th annual SysAdmin Day, here's the new karaoke version of Spiceworks' SysAdmin Day Song for you to sing along with.

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Hacking PingPlotter, Part 2

So, how can we get PingPlotter to track only the active node on our network? Let’s create a Bash script!

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Friday is SysAdmin Appreciation Day: Here’s one way to make sure you’re appreciated

Friday is the 15th annual SysAdmin Appreciation Day. Last year the IT department of the Launch Federal Credit Union, which serves Florida’s Cape Canaveral region, did not feel as though they were sufficiently appreciated. This year...

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