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IT Outsourcing Market Far From Stable

IT services deal activity was steady in the second quarter, but the IT and business process outsourcing industry is undergoing significant shifts as customers fire existing providers, ink shorter deals and embrace emerging...

A dozen real desks of a dozen real techies

How does your desk compare?

VMware gives desktop admins more control with Mirage update

A new feature in Mirage 5.1 lets adminstrators control bandwidth use at branch offices

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Why chip-enabled bank cards won't stop theft

The skimming of our new chip-and-signature bank cards will be the next security issue to plague card issuers.

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How to Ensure a Smooth IT Reorganization

If you spend enough time in the upper tiers of technology leadership, you will eventually reach a point where you need an IT department reorganization. Here are the key things to consider before you set the wheels of change in motion....

Red Hat Satellite orbits the Amazon cloud

Red Hat Satellite 6 now uses Puppet as a configuration manager

cancelling an it project

6 Strategies for Cancelling a Major IT Project

Sometimes it's better to walk away from an IT project, even a big one, than to fall further down the rabbit hole. These tips will help you cancel a project and keep your dignity (and reputation) intact.

Chef muscles up with Microsoft, Amazon

Chef 12 now interfaces with Amazon's block storage and Microsoft's configuration management software

Report: CenturyLink interested in buying Rackspace

Rackspace is rumored to be available for purchase

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Why you shouldn't change your passwords regularly

Here’s some surprising advice: Stop changing your passwords. But just how wacky is that idea?

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How to lure tech talent with employee benefits, perks

Flexibility is key as employers try to beef up their benefits packages and attract in-demand workers.


Virtual Engineers Could Transform IT Outsourcing

European oil company Rompetrol fled a disastrous outsourcing deal with the help of new autonomic IT infrastructure services from IPsoft.

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The Apple customer-support site that's built just for you

Apple's Support Profile page lists all the Apple devices you've bought and gives you quick access to all sorts of support services for them. Here's how to take advantage.

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Department of Labor Doing IT Consolidation, Centralization Amid Tight Budget

The Department of Labor has a history of semi-autonomous agencies running their own IT shops. That's beginning to change thanks to a push toward consolidating and standardizing infrastructure and applications.

Manage infrastructure convergence without losing your grip

Admins will wear many hats as they tackle the infrastructure convergence brought on by rampant data and application growth


Annoying cubicle behavior

Similar to the passenger sitting in front of you on an airplane, there are annoying behaviors to endure around your own cube.

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Available spectrum could double with self-interference canceling algorithms

Transmitting and receiving on the same frequency, at the same time, is something previously unattainable. However, if one company’s new self-interference cancellation algorithm works as intended, full duplex may be just around the...

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New BYOD trouble ahead via Android for Work

The future should be looking more favorable for workplace Bring-Your-Own-Device, or BYOD, with Android’s upcoming embrace. But is it really? Someone’s forgotten something.

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