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10 cool makerspaces to explore now

Got an itch to get your hands on a welding machine, laser cutter or 3D printer? We highlight intriguing public spaces around the country where you can tinker to your heart's content.

Celebrating SysAdmin Day on Instagram

The world celebrates the 15th Annual SysAdmin Day on a social network that wasn't around at the start of this last Friday of July event.

The Internet's not broken...It's SysAdmin Day!

I'm not entirely sure I want to encourage this sort of YouTube behavior, but in honor of the 15th annual SysAdmin Day, here's the new karaoke version of Spiceworks' SysAdmin Day Song for you to sing along with.

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Friday is SysAdmin Appreciation Day: Here’s one way to make sure you’re appreciated

Friday is the 15th annual SysAdmin Appreciation Day. Last year the IT department of the Launch Federal Credit Union, which serves Florida’s Cape Canaveral region, did not feel as though they were sufficiently appreciated. This year...

The Evolution of Cognitive Radio Systems: Part 1

This 10-part series will discuss the notion of “cognitive” radio, the combination of a radio transceiver with computerized intelligence to automate coordination of devices, networks and services for improved functionality,...

Avoid a tech catastrophe and step away from the button

It's only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose when fiddling with switches and power cords

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Hacking PingPlotter, Part 2

So, how can we get PingPlotter to track only the active node on our network? Let’s create a Bash script!

'Nadella Effect' makes Ballmer $2.8B richer

And since Thursday's downsizing, CEO Satya Nadella has an extra $1.3M in his portfolio

The Cisco ASA 1000V

Many have heard about Cisco's virtual switch for VMware environments - the 1000V - fewer have heard about the virtual firewall possible with the ASA 1000V. This article provides a nice overview of this exciting technology.

11 offbeat battery chargers: Portable power with a twist

There's no need for a portable phone charger to be boring -- here are 11 chargers for your smartphone (or tablet) that are both useful and creative.

Ayehu extends IT automation into security automation

Ayehu is pushing its customers into the realm of security automation through integration with security systems that generate alerts that can be automatically acted upon. This reduces time-to-mitigation for numerous types of events.

Vulnerability exposes some Cisco home wireless devices to hacking

Specially crafted HTTP requests could trigger remote code execution on the affected devices, Cisco said

Pennsylvania, a 'Fortune 20' state, consolidates IT

It has signed 7-year contract with Unisys worth $681M

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You better not shout, you better not cry, 'cause you can't leave Comcast without telling 'em why

Comcast’s customer service is apparently unusually aggressive if you want to cancel your service and don’t want to tell them why.

10 Web Services That Make Your Life Easier

There are thousands of apps and Web services out there. New ones are hitting the Internet as you read this. Here are 10 bona fide tools that can actually improve your life.

The benefits of converged network and application performance management

A converged Application Performance Management (APM) and Network Performance Management (NPM) solution gives organizations actionable information to resolve the most challenging performance concerns in minutes.

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PingPlotter and AT&T's flaky DNS servers

PingPlotter is one of my favorite diagnostic tools because it can track connectivity to multiple hosts over time. So when my Internet connection started acting up I turned to PingPlotter and discovered that AT&T's DNS servers appear...

Google, Dropbox band together to fight patent trolls

A new group seeks to provide its members insulation against attacks by patent trolls

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