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Why the Internet is often to blame for performance issues

There's a lot more going on behind your Internet connection than you think—and even more that stands to interrupt that connection.

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Managing Apple Macs and Windows Systems with the Same SCCM Tool

Parallels releases latest in add-ons to Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager to better manage Apple Macs in an integrated Windows environment.

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EHR vendors slammed for interoperability struggles

Healthcare providers cite vendors for failing to deliver promised data portability in electronic health records.

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4 ways to cut application development and maintenance costs

Adopting a managed services or fixed-fee approach for application work can yield significant savings. But IT organizations that rely on staff augmentation can also cut costs through proactive management.

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Gigabit Internet access grows out of its niche

Google proved gigabit Internet feasible at a price that appealed to consumers and small businesses. Now, with a critical mass of customers and ISPs, the gigabit Internet community seeks the killer app.

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Getting serious about portfolio and program management

It's been 10 years since Johanna Rothman co-authored 'Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management.’ She was just getting started.

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Top 10 new features in ASP.Net 5

ASP.Net vNext makes it easier to build leaner, faster, cloud-optimized Web applications, and it lets you do so on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X

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CIOs say AppleCare for Enterprise is lacking

Apple is slowly wading into enterprise waters, but the company gives preferential treatment to organizations that have relationships with its partner, IBM. CIOs and other IT leaders also say the initial fruit of that partnership,...

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Will the White House disappoint on H-1B displacements?

Signals are mixed on whether the Obama administration will take action or wait for Congress to change the law.

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Why the IT outsourcing model is moving away from manic multisourcing

The prevailing IT outsourcing model has shifted from a single provider approach to managing a host of best-of-breed vendors. But the pendulum may have shifted too far in the direction of multisourcing as IT leaders now try to get a...

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Why healthcare depends on mainframe computers

A look at some of the reasons that mainframe computers are relied upon for critical parts of the healthcare industry.

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Container startup Sysdig lands Series A funding, aims to resolve container visibility issues

As containers in general, and Docker, in particular, gains widespread enterprise interest and adoption, the ecosystem is awash with companies aiming to bite off part of the Docker opportunity for themselves. Into the "container...


Zinstall: Making Windows migrations and upgrades painless (even for Windows 10!)

Zinstall has found a way to offer a Windows10 upgrade and migration service for those unlucky users priced at the same $199 that Windows 10 itself costs. Yep, Zinstall WinWin 10 includes a Windows 10 Pro license as well as performing...

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Managing global WANs in multinational enterprises

This article discusses the challenges that multinational organizations face when trying to manage globally distributed WAN architectures..

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Top 5 factors driving domestic IT outsourcing growth

Despite insourcing efforts, the expansion of nearshore centers is not necessarily taking work away from offshore locations. Eric Simonson of the Everest Group discusses the five main drivers responsible for the rise in domestic...

Lacking broad visibility into your network? This cloud-based tool might help

Kentik Detect is a cloud-based service that allows customers to upload their flow, SNMP and BGP data into a single system at multi-terabit scale

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IT departments may be losing their bad reputation

Respondents to a new survey see security, virtualization and cloud architecture as vital to the business.

H1-B Visa Abuse

5 shocking examples of H-1B visa program abuse

The H-1B visa program was designed to encourage highly skilled foreign workers to put down roots in the U.S. and spur innovation. However, many IT firms are twisting the intent of the program, and using it to hire inexperienced...

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