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H-1B visa Statue of Liberty America

Maryland lawmaker seeks to unveil H-1B employers

A Maryland lawmaker wants to require businesses in Maryland to report the number of employees they have who are working on H-1B or L-1 visas.

internet of things

6 Internet of Things companies to watch

A fresh round-up of venture-backed Internet of Things startups with a focus on enterprise IT.

network room data center

ExtraHop applies machine learning to wire data monitoring

Because no product can maintain market share without a good side serving of machine learning.

automation ts

How to automate your app dev process—and improve code quality

Set the stage for smart growth by reducing manual app dev processes and championing automation on your DevOps team.

system error

Is your IT infrastructure healthy?

Businesses need a cost-effective, practical solution to monitor their IT environment so they can manage it more efficiently.

avaya logo montreal canadiens bell centre

Avaya powers the hockey Mecca: Montreal Canadiens’ Bell Centre

Not only does the Bell Centre have state-of-the art services for Montreal Canadiens fans, but just one person manages all of them—a job made possible thanks to Avaya.

020817blog solarwinds alarm clock

Geekiest alarm clock ever?

Everyone knows what to do when life gives you lemons. Well, the same can apply when technology cries wolf at four in the morning, according to a contributor to Reddit’s section devoted to systems administration.

20151005 cisco hq sign 100620823 orig

5 things to know about Cisco and AppDynamics

A closer look into Cisco's recent acquisition of AppDynamics

3 IT guys in network room with motion blur

Thinking of cutting out your database administrator? Think again

While many companies today are turning to third-party solutions to manage their secure systems, the best (and safest) option is to hire a talented database administrator.

iot security

SSL or IPsec: Which is best for IoT network security?

Network-based encryption such as SSL and IPsec can help guard against security threats to IoT gateways and devices. For this writer, IPsec is the better option.

Red wheel barrow filled with money

Prices still climbing for enterprise mobility management software

Vendors are consolidating their market power in the field of mobile device and app management software, thus putting software buyers in a tight spot. Download this free procurement report, which analyzes the vendors, pricing trends...

eyeing big data in the cloud

Arista enables visibility at cloud speed

Arista Data ANalyZer (DANZ 2017) provides scalable end-to-end network and application monitoring.

nsx application rule manager

VMware further extends SDN software to work in non-VMware environments

VMware today launched two new versions of its flagship virtual networking product named NSX. One works in VMware environments and the other, NSX-T, is designed to be used with non-VMware management software and clouds.

harley davidson livewire june 19 2014

Trump to meet with execs from Harley-Davidson, which outsourced IT

President Trump is schedule to meet Thursday with executives from Harley-Davidson, which has shifted IT jobs to Infosys, the offshore outsourcing firm based in India.

hundred dollar bills magnifying glass

Cost optimization gains ground in IT infrastructure decisions

Companies need to continually seek ways to optimize infrastructure costs. Now more than ever, they need to be nimble, efficient and smart.

Infosys campus picture

Facing visa issues, Indian outsourcers have strength in numbers

Indian outsourcing companies deliver services ranging from software coding to running business process for customers in the U.S., Europe and other countries by taking advantage of low-cost, highly-skilled staff in their home turf.

Young executive man balancing on tight rope over city buildings

Avi Networks shows you don’t need special hardware to load balance

Avi Networks debunks the myth that companies must spend lots of money on proprietary hardware load balancers to handle large transaction volumes or high throughput.

sdn control

What P4 programming is and why it’s such a big deal for Software Defined Networking

A new programming language named P4 controls processor chips in routers and switches and is gaining steam across the networking world because it is further disaggregating the networking stack. This is an explanation of what P4 is and...

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