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Network Performance Monitoring is dead

IT organizations who cling to the old models of monitoring and managing will be at a significant disadvantage to their counterparts who adapt by embracing new technologies.

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Extreme Networks switches

Dell partners up to address the networking needs of the digital enterprise

Dell works with Aerohive to deliver unified network management and collaborates with others to develop integrated solutions around OS10.

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Riverbed looks to redefine networking in a cloud-first world

New SteelConnect solution gives organizations the ability to manage the network as a single entity—from the LAN to the cloud.

Geek-themed Meme of the Week: Blame Game

Our next installment of “Geek-themed Meme of the Week” comes courtesy of the Twitter account of INE, Inc., and will be familiar to all network professionals.

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Zscaler provides secure remote access without the need for a VPN

Zscaler Private Access promises to provide access to organizations' internal applications and services while ensuring the security of their networks.

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Brocade VNF Manager can prevent virtual network services sprawl

Tool provides automated NFV orchestration and VNF management using standards-based architectures.

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Demystifying the Information Centric Network

Evolving to an ICN will deliver much-needed efficiencies and performance improvements. Learn why it is important and its role in next-generation 5G networks.

In the Software Defined Data Center, application response time trumps infrastructure capacity management

With applications consisting of a plethora of services delivered from a range of resources, End User Experience (EUE) is key

How DCIM tools improve PUE, reduce costs and help mitigate your carbon footprint

Data Center Infrastructure Management provides increased levels of automated control to simplify capacity planning and allocation

How to use intelligent automation to drive better cloud resource management

New tools allow enterprises to manage and coordinate virtually every aspect of IT, especially cloud resouces

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One of GNU/Linux’s most important networking components just got an update

The software framework that powers the network connections on many GNU/Linux systems just got its second major update in less than a year and a half, with the version 1.2 release of NetworkManager.

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Making the case for in-house data centers

With seemingly everything moving to the cloud these days, it’s important to know when setting up your own data management center can still be the right decision.

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IDC’s guide to avoiding vendor lock-in

Download a free IDC report that’s full of advice to help enterprise IT customers recognize “vendor control points,” gain leverage in negotiations, and retain the option to switch vendors if necessary.

Get insight into the user experience by correlating wired and wireless data

Technology advances take IT Operations Analytics to the next level

Nyansa founders

Network analytics startup provides insight into wireline and wireless traffic

SaaS service shows “the correlation between all the moving parts,” says satisfied early user

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The impact of globalization on networks

As network traffic to and from Asia Pacific increases, enterprises need better better and faster connectivity models. One option to consider: performance hubs.

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Women in Computing group taps Princeton routing, SDN researcher as Athena Lecturer

Jennifer Rexford, a professor of engineering and Computer Science Department chair at Princeton University, has been named the 2016-17 Athena Lecturer by the Association for Computing Machinery’s Council on Women in Computing in honor...

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5 must-have network tools

IT pros are bullish on these five products


Fave Raves: 29 tech pros share their favorite IT products

IT pros' favorite tech products keep people productive and enterprise assets safe.

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