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Review: SaltStack shifts devops into high gear

SaltStack Enterprise 5.0 draws on high-speed messaging for superior scalability and control, but the web UI is still catching up

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Slow growth ahead for IT outsourcing

Political uncertainty, digital disruption, and continued competition could significantly slow IT services growth over the next three years.

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SREcon17: Brave new world of site reliability engineering

Site reliability engineers run some of the largest websites on the planet—and are inventing a new field of expertise while they do it.

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How to use data analytics to improve project outcomes

Worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics is expected to grow to more than $187 billion by 2019 and the project management industry is projected to hit $5.81 trillion by 2020. Here is how some organizations are leveraging...

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The future of networking: It’s in a white box

Thanks to the work of the Open Comute Project, white box switching has become a viable option over OEM networking equipment.

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Ultimate guide to strategic tech partners

In today’s fast-changing vendor landscape, market leaders are facing new challengers in security, data center, cloud, networking and wireless.

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Review: Manage desktops remotely with these 5 tools

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) can be a great way to keep tabs on workstations, servers, and other IT infrastructure and also automate some maintenance and remediation tasks. This can help save time and resources in the IT...

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Datadog reduces the alert noise for IT support workers

Datadog’s composite alerts reduce alert noise for DevOps and operations teams, notifying them of only major application performance issues.

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Pennsylvania sues IBM over troubled $110M IT upgrade

Pennsylvania is suing IBM over a never-finished $110 million IT upgrade to its unemployment compensation system. Such large-scale projects often run into trouble.

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NGINX ups the web app performance ante

NGINX Plus R12 has an upgraded load balancer, content cache and web server offerings to increase web app reliability, security and scale.

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Fears arise that Trump has dropped ball on H-1B reform

Some say that even if President Trump doesn't fulfill his campaign promises with changes in the law, some companies will outsource less just to avoid getting on his bad side.

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Review: Slow Internet? Firebind can sniff out the problem

We found Firebind to be an effective tool for reaching into branch office networks to diagnose Internet-based performance problems. Firebind has a simple agent installation procedure and uses email-based alerting, so network managers...

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IMF moving IT jobs to offshore firm

The International Monetary Fund's IT work is being taken over by India-based IT managed services provider L&T Infotech; the change was announced to the staff last year.

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Q&A site Stack Overflow has answer to nagging question … about Stack Overflow

A systems administrator was showering the other day (maybe not literally) when he had this thought: “I’ve never actually seen Stack Overflow’s front page. I wonder what percentage of their traffic requests are to simply...

Mixpanel Dashboards

An enterprise IT pro's guide to Mixpanel analytics

Here's what enterprise IT professionals should know about Mixpanel and its product analysis cloud software


Cloud war collateral: What the rise of AWS, Azure has meant for data centers

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T in the fall of 1908, he likely didn’t comprehend the full scope of events he would set in motion. Come 1914, and Ford’s production line had reduced assembly times from 12 hours to less than two...

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It pays to be a technology architect

You seriously might want to consider negotiating to get the word "architect" in your title if you're a technology professional. The latest Glassdoor report on the highest paying jobs in America finds 6 tech architect job titles among...

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Extreme Networks buying Avaya networking good for customers of both companies

Combining Avaya’s networking business with Extreme Networks creates a company with best-inclass products that span the entire enterprise network.

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