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digital laggards

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Arago teaches an AI to play games, the better to manage IT systems

If an AI could rule a world, would you trust it to manage your IT systems? German software company Arago is hoping you will.

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Arista brings network flexibility to the network switch

Arista’s new 7160 series brings agility and programmability to the actual switch, giving customers the ability customize the product for specific location needs.

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Face-off: New Relic vs. AppDynamics for APM

Considering an application performance monitoring (APM) suite to make sure your systems produce a great user experience? Download this free report for side-by-side comparisons of rival APM products from Net Relic and AppDynamics,...

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How to architect the network so IoT devices are secure

New and increased traffic patterns from the Internet of Things create security challenges.

storage bottlenecks

Top 3 causes of storage bottlenecks

To solve storage bottlenecks, you need to monitor the performance of LUNs, applications and servers.

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33% off Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0

Instantly add space for more files, consolidate all of your files to a single location, or free up space on your computer's internal drive to help improve performance.

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Actionable network intelligence from DDI fuels digital transformation

Actionable network intelligence (ANI) should be an integral part of the IT infrastructure required in the ever-expanding digital economy.

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HPE sees Synergy in hybrid cloud infrastructure

HPE originally pitched its Synergy line of "composable" IT infrastructure as a way to bring the flexibility of cloud services to on-premises systems. Now it's putting those same Synergy components -- and some new ones -- into the...

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Your digitization success depends on co-creating value with customers

Companies that are winning the digitization race are those that are co-creating value with their customers. They're using networks and tech to make that happen.

20 ways to hate Windows 10 less

Windows 10 annoyances and solutions

Problems are less frequent with Windows 10 compared to earlier operating systems, but seem to be more annoying when they do occur. Here are some suggestions.


Trump to attack visas that 'undercut the American worker'

President-elect Donald Trump on Monday sent out the strongest signal yet that the H-1B visa program is going get real scrutiny.

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Network managers should be checking their list twice

With Black Friday just around the corner, here are some tips to make sure your site remains up and running.

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Clear Choice Tests

Pandora FMS wins open-source management shootout

Doing more with less remains an ongoing challenge for IT execs. Making sure everything keeps humming along to meet SLAs can be challenging for resource-stretched IT departments. For all but the smallest shops, effective monitoring...

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Best open source management tools

Open source software provides an attractive alternative to more costly commercial products, but can open source products deliver enterprise-grade results?

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How to integrate disruptive technologies with IT outsourcing contracts

And incumbent IT service provider may be a good option for implementing new technology solutions, but you should take these four steps to most effectively integrate disruptive technologies into your existing outsourcing deals.

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Top reasons for network downtime

New research paints a fairly bleak picture of network performance. Outages are frequent. Hours typically pass before an issue is reported and resolved. Protective measures are manual and error prone.

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DataStax buys DataScale, plans to launch managed cloud service

The NoSQL database software specialist, which powers companies like Netflix and eBay, has acquired DataScale, a specialist in cloud-based management services for data infrastructure. The company plans to launch DataStax Managed Cloud...

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Coping with IoT data overload? Try 3D visualization

DottyView provides interactive, 3D visual consoles to help monitor the huge amount of data generated by IoT systems.

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