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The inextricable link between IoT and machine learning

Steven Max Patterson met with a team of Microsoft AI researchers recently...
island lg

IoT devices or humans?

Let's just cut to the chase and use IoT to track actual people.
fog visibility island

Fog computing may be IoT’s computational model

Fog computing and fog networking could fill a the latency and range gap in...
red bull formula 1 race car

How Red Bull Racing uses IoT to win

Red Bull Racing CIO Matt Cadieux details the complex IoT implementation...
gears machinery industrial
Customers are interested in the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),...
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Network engineering is key to meeting IoT expectations

Connecting the billions of IoT devices will take a lot of application...
07 vote
Hackers who targeted four Florida school districts also allegedly wanted...
basil alwan nokia routers
With internet traffic set to triple over the next five years, Nokia says...
amazon books at u village seattle

Amazon transforms data into bricks

Amazon is opening physical stores, but it is using data to change the...
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