Internet of Things

Intel True Fit technology

Intel booth at NRF 2016

Shopping goes high tech and hassle-free with new Intel technology

Poking into your shopping habits and recognizing your face may sound too invasive, but retailers are trying to make the shopping experience better. It starts with products like Intel's Responsive Retail Platform, which can track store...

Raspberry Pi Compute Module

Raspberry Pi's new computer for industrial applications goes on sale

The new Raspberry Pi single-board computer is smaller and cheaper than the last, but its makers aren't expecting the same rush of buyers that previous models have seen.

20160511 iotworld buddy lego city

Is this the year IoT standards will finally make sense?

A few brave souls predict IoT standards will start to gel this year, but making all those connected things work together still looks like a long shot.

160623 spot mini 2

European legislators debate robot rights for autonomous vehicles

Robots should one day have rights as "electronic persons," Members of the European Parliament recommended Thursday -- but not until the machines are all fitted with "kill" switches to shut them down in an emergency.

iiot lab 4627

National Instruments industrial IoT lab unites rivals

The NI Industrial IoT Lab opened on Wednesday and will house testbeds for applications like predictive maintenance, industrial networking, “microgrids” for renewable energy, and heavy-equipment asset management.

ElliQ intuition robotics

Intuition Robotics debuts a robotic companion for the aged

Intuition Robotics emerged from stealth and debuted ElliQ, a robotic companion for the aged. Whether it succeeds depends on a few factors.

Adafruit 1782 Temperature Sensor breakout board

Vintage data-transfer tech gets upgrade after 35 years

Tech artifacts like old Mac computers are finding their way to museums, but some still hang on, serving requirements important to computing.

amazon echo dot slate

Amazon Alexa ‘wins’ CES, but how well does the virtual assistant really perform?

As Amazon’s Alexa finds a home on multiple new devices, can the voice-activiated virtual assistant live up to mainstream consumer expectations? Fredric Paul gives it a try.

20170110 sf transit user with smartphone

Old networks can hobble IoT, even in tech paradise

IoT isn’t all brand-new, cutting-edge technology. In fact, some of it’s already suffering through painful upgrade cycles. A case in point is the transit prediction system in San Francisco, which had relied on AT&T's shuttered 2G...

bmw 5 series connected mobility 021

Road Test: Taking a self-driving BMW for a spin—at 60 mph in rush hour traffic

What it's like to pilot a fully automated BMW, with hands off the steering wheel and feet away from the pedals, along a Las Vegas freeway at 60 mph during rush hour.

new york video cover image

New York gets smarter, one tech trial at a time

Wi-Fi kiosks, smart park benches and sensors that detect gunshots are just a few of the technologies the Big Apple has on tap.

iot saving money

8 tips for building a cost-effective IoT sensor network

Here are some tips for deploying an IoT sensor network, culled from interviews with Coombs and others who have gone down this road.

Echo Dot with Echo

TV news anchor triggers Alexa to attempt ordering dollhouses

Amazon's Alexa attempts to order dollhouses, while elsewhere a battle of the Google Home chat bots takes place.

screen shot 2017 01 05 at 12.39.19 pm

The FTC's IoT security case against D-Link will test its power

A Federal Trade Commission attempt to rein in a poorly secured IoT device is raising questions over whether the U.S. regulator has the power to crack down on vendors suspected of shoddy practices.

amazon echo ces

Hey Alexa, what are your competitors doing?

Internet-connected intelligent gizmos had a big showing at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and there is one common thread between them: Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant.

capitol dome congress

Can government really fix the IoT mess?

The Internet of Things is an ever-expanding attack surface. And a growing number of experts note that the market has failed to address that problem. They are now saying it will take government intervention.

eye perceiving data

Using artificial intelligence to teach computers to see

While artificial intelligence is getting the attention, computer vision is the enabling big breakthrough. Teaching computers to see will unlock a new world of computer-assisted possibilities.


A new Wi-Fi spec will help smart homes run like clockwork

On Thursday at CES, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced Wi-Fi Certified TimeSync, a specification for precise time synchronization among Wi-Fi devices. It’s expected to be available in the middle of this year.

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