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How social media is shaping the 2016 presidential election

Social media brings out the darker side of digital introverts and often amplifies slanted views or political biases. With the 2016 presidential election less than six weeks away, social could not be more powerful or dangerous.

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Federal court backs ballot selfies

Just in time for the biggest election in the history of democracy, a three-judge federal appeals court has told the state of New Hampshire that it cannot prevent voters from taking a selfie with their completed ballot.

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Oracle denied new trial in copyright dispute with Google over Java

A federal court in California has denied Oracle another trial in its long-standing copyright infringement dispute with Google over the use of Java code in Android.

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Google rolls out more low-bandwidth versions of its products

Google has rolled out versions of its popular products like YouTube and Chrome, which are specially designed for people who do not have access to high-bandwidth internet.

Election 2016

The U.S. presidential candidates on technology, privacy issues

Where the 2016 U.S. presidential candidates stand on U.S. citizens’ privacy, open source software usage and Edward Snowden.

Verizon-Yahoo! merger/acquisition

Verizon’s shift into digital media is much bigger than Yahoo’s data breach

With Yahoo, Verizon bought a large user base and popular web content. The challenge now is to integrate it into a digital media brand.

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KrebsOnSecurity moves to Project Shield for protection against DDoS attack censorship

After being hit with the largest DDoS attack the internet has seen, security journalist Brian Krebs turned to Project Shield for free protection against DDoS attacks that are being used as a form of censorship.

Raj Reddy Heidelberg Laureate Forum Turing

5 tech trends that have Turing Award winners worried

Technology has considerable potential to make the world better, but those benefits are far from guaranteed. Plenty of downsides can pop up along the way, and some of them have Turing Award winners especially worried.

Vinton Cerf Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Vint Cerf's dream do-over: 2 ways he'd make the internet different

Vint Cerf is considered a father of the internet, but that doesn't mean there aren't things he would do differently if given a fresh chance to create it all over again.


There are just 28 internet domains on North Korea’s DNS

The internet in North Korea is an unsurprisingly small and circumscribed place – there are just 28 TLDs on the entirety of the country’s .kp domain, compared to almost 335 million globally.

Net Neutrality

Stanford researchers invent tech workaround to net neutrality fights

Engineers at Stanford University have invented a new technology that would give broadband customers more control over their pipes and, they say, possibly put an end to a stale net neutrality debate in the U.S.

tom wheeler fcc

FCC Chair's update on 5G wireless, robocalls, business data services & more

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's update on 5G wireless, robocalls, business data services & more to U.S. Senate committee


Gmail outage for business users lasted over 12 hours

Gmail service for users of the Google for Work cloud-based productivity suite was down for over 12 hours on Wednesday, apparently affecting users in a number of countries including the U.S.

Big data

IoT is not about radios; it’s all about data

The real challenge for the Internet of Things (IoT) is data organization, sharing and search on an unprecedented scale. oneM2M and other web services will help with this.

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Internet naming system not US property, says congressional watchdog

The U.S. Government Accountability Office has said that the internet domain name system is unlikely to be government property, ahead of the planned transfer by month end of the oversight of key technical functions supporting the...


Meetup brings people together IRL

After 9/11 Meetup founder Scott Heiferman saw an opportunity to use the internet to get people off the internet and connecting and sharing interests in real life.

Tech companies want ICANN transition to happen as planned

The U.S. government's plan to end its oversight of the internet's domain name system should move forward as promised, despite last-minute efforts by some Republican lawmakers to derail the process, a coalition of tech companies and...

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How Dyn is rising to the cloud challenge

Trying to capture an end-to-end picture of application performance across an enterprise is challenging enough. Providing that level of visibility for hybrid- and public-cloud-enabled applications presents a whole new level of...

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