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The Microsoft logo on the outside of a building.

Microsoft employees say monitoring disturbing content traumatized them

In a lawsuit against Microsoft, two employees say they were traumatized and suffer PTSD after being forced to monitor sites for disturbing photos and videos.


FCC chief accuses AT&T and Verizon of violating net neutrality—but it probably doesn't matter

The FCC believes that AT&T and Verizon are probably engaging in unfair practices, but don't expect the government to do anything about it.


A techie's guide for voting on new Monopoly game tokens

Hasbro is giving Monopoly fans a choice of going old school, very old school or new school in an online vote to determine which tokens will come standard with a new version of the game hitting shelves in August.


EdgeConneX expands the edge of the internet with subsea connections

EdgeConneX’s Edge Landing Stations push the internet edge across the Pacific, giving businesses access to five major submarine cables.

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Mayer: not so much leaving Yahoo, as taking it with her?

Yahoo's board is getting ready to say goodbye to Marissa Mayer, the company announced Monday -- but at the same time, it is also about to lose almost everything that makes it Yahoo, including its name.

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Yahoo will become Altaba, lose Mayer after Verizon buyout

Yahoo intends to change its name to Altaba once the sale of its internet portal to Verizon is completed. CEO Marissa Mayer and co-founder David Filo also will leave the company then, Yahoo said in a regulatory filing on Monday.

010917blog geekiest primary

This year's 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries

This is the eleventh year I’ve compiled this particular collection of trivia, which will come in handy someday if I’m ever on Jeopardy and the category is 1980s/1990s technology and related stuff.


Witcher 3 on a MacBook Air? Yep, with Nvidia GeForce Now

Believe it! Mac users are no longer limited to shovelware or aged games, thanks to Nvidia's GeForce Now streaming service.

010617blog legere tweet

T-Mobile’s Legere ‘rescues’ volunteer fire department, sticks finger in Verizon’s eye

Ever a social-media showman and tormenter of his competitors, T-Mobile CEO John Legere last night took to Twitter to lambaste Verizon’s decision to ding a volunteer fire company for $73,000 and offered to pick up that tab himself if...

eye perceiving data

Using artificial intelligence to teach computers to see

While artificial intelligence is getting the attention, computer vision is the enabling big breakthrough. Teaching computers to see will unlock a new world of computer-assisted possibilities.

010517blog chincoteague fire department

Verizon’s $73K bill to volunteer fire company has community burning mad

A small island community is up in arms over Verizon billing its volunteer fire company $73,000 to have equipment moved off land on which the department is building a new firehouse. And then there are the ponies.


Get 72% off NordVPN Virtual Private Network Service For a Limited Time - Deal Alert

NordVPN has discounted their popular VPN software 72% for the holidays. Use our link and see the discount applied when you click "buy now".

Google's Mountain View, California headquarters

Department of Labor sues Google over wage data

The U.S. Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit against Google, with the company's ability to win government contracts at risk.

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DDoS-for-hire services thrive despite closure of major marketplace

The closure of a major online marketplace for paid distributed denial-of-service attacks may have done little to slowdown the illegal activities from taking place.

ransomware man pointing gun out of computer security

Hacker wiping unprotected MongoDB installs and holding data for ransom

Unprotected MongoDB installations are being erased and replaced with a ransom demand.


Microsoft’s browsers may have hit rock bottom

Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Edge browsers may be near the bottom of their unprecedented crash in user share.

net neutrality now

The loss of net neutrality: Say goodbye to a free and open internet

The end of net neutrality looks imminent. If it goes away, you can expect these long-lasting problems to surface.


Security Without Borders: Free security help for dissidents

Security Without Borders offers free cybersecurity help to journalists, activists and human rights defenders.

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