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controlling privacy

EFF: Congress considers making it illegal to protect consumer privacy online

Congress may use an obscure law from 1996 to kill off the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) broadband consumer privacy rules.

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Verizon knocks off $350M from Yahoo deal after breaches

Verizon Communications will pay US$350 million less for Yahoo after two major data breaches reported by the struggling internet pioneer.

Travis Kalanick

Facing sexism charges, Uber says Eric Holder will investigate

Uber Technologies scrambled on Monday to counter the sexism charges raised by a former employee, and said it would appoint former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to the panel that would investigate allegations by the engineer that...

defacement of trump site2

Iraqi hacker takes credit for hijacking subdomain, defacing Trump site

A hacker, purportedly from Iraq, defaced a site previously used by President Donald Trump for campaign fundraising.

Kim Dotcom

New Zealand High Court clears Kim Dotcom extradition to the US

Megaupload website founder Kim Dotcom and three associates were on Monday cleared by a court in New Zealand to be extradited to the U.S. where he faces a variety of charges including copyright infringement and racketeering.


Uber orders investigation into employee's charge of sexual harassment

Uber said Sunday it had ordered an urgent investigation after a former engineer triggered an uproar on social media, alleging sexual harassment, politics and discrimination at the ride-hailing company.


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yahoo mail

Yahoo warns users of account breaches related to recent attacks

Yahoo has begun warning individual users that their accounts with the service may have been compromised in a massive data breach it reported late last year.

ecommerce woes2

9 simple ways to raise capital for your ecommerce startup

Entrepreneurs and investors share their tips on how to get cash to fund a new business.

peace sign

Microsoft says tech companies need to protect and not to help attack customers

During an RSA keynote, Microsoft said the world needs a Digital Geneva Convention and tech companies need to operate like a neutral Digital Switzerland, playing 100% defense and 0% offense.

021317blog software

Many still want their software packaged

Motherboard has an interesting look at the somewhat surprising survival of physical software in shrink-wrapped boxes, which continues to account for roughly a third of software sales.

tim cook apple ceo

Tim Cook: Augmented reality is the future, and fake news is ruining everything

Apple's CEO speaks out about the biggest issues facing the tech industry and the world.

hacker, hackers, hacking

Most Americans with knowledge of employer's cybersecurity wouldn't want to be a customer

Insights from a new survey, Hacking America: Cybersecurity Perception.

Legislation of privacy security keyboard law legal gavel court ruling

Privacy groups claim FBI hacking operation went too far

Privacy advocates are claiming in court that an FBI hacking operation to take down a child pornography site was unconstitutional and violated international law.

lewis black 1

The 5 things I hate about CRM systems

If CRM systems are ever to work, the responsibility for a great user experience has to be given to product managers and web/mobile designers.

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What the FCC chair’s actions tell us about net neutrality

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s first seven actions rolled back much of the former chairman’s work and give an indication of where he stands on net neutrality.

Net neutrality graphic

Democratic senators push to save net neutrality rules under Trump

Democratic senators have promised to fight any move by President Donald Trump's administration to gut the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules.

penny pritzker vera jourova privacy shield

Irish court hears case challenging transatlantic data transfers

Max Schrems' 2013 complaint to the Irish data protection commissioner over Facebook's handling of his personal information put him in an unusual position on Tuesday: He's a co-defendant, alongside Facebook, in a case before the High...

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