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6 things ios to android switchers will miss 5 things ios to android switchers will miss reachabilit

Apple to unveil iOS 11 at WWDC on June 5

Apple will introduce iOS 11 at its annual developer's conference in June

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Wireless charging for iPhones & iPads might finally be coming together for Apple

Apple joining the Wireless Power Consortium in advance of the group's conference this week in London, combined with new research out of MIT designed to safeguard wireless charging, has to be encouraging news for iPhone and iPad users...


What I don't like about the iPad Pro

iOS on the iPad isn't all it could be—here are a few ideas on how to fix it.

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Apple stock: Shares of AAPL close at new all-time high

Shares of Apple on Monday closed at a new all-time high.

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5 quirky dating apps to try this Valentine’s Day

Tired of Tinder? There are new, more interesting ways to find a date this Valentine’s Day.

Grammy Awards

How to watch the Grammy Awards on your iPhone or iPad

This Sunday, Feb. 12 will be a huge night for horror on TV: AMC's The Walking Dead returns at 9PM EST after its mid-season hiatus and the 59th Grammy Awards program in all its self-congratulatory glory kicks off at 8PM EST.

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iPhone 8 to boast wireless charging, analyst says

The iPhone 8, and whatever other new smartphones Apple debuts in 2017, are all expected to come with wireless charging capabilities, according to a prominent Apple watcher.

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iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: The $1K iPhone, early birds & a brand new concept design video

The Apple iPhone could really go back to becoming a status symbol if the latest iPhone 8 rumors prove true.

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Apple's iPhone declines in China, and this year could be a struggle

Perhaps the next iPhone 8 will be Apple's next shot at achieving greatness in China.


Does Apple need to reinvent the iPhone?

Apple recently revealed that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were instant bestsellers. So, what does this mean for the future of the “boring” iPhone?

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Dozens of iOS apps fail to secure users' data, researcher says

Dozens of iOS apps that are supposed to be encrypting their users' data don't do it properly, according to a security researcher.

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You'll see right through this iPhone 8 concept design

Designers are really trying to outdo each other in early 2017, pumping out Apple iPhone 8 design concept videos at a rapid pace in advance of an expected iPhone 8 release in the fall. The latest to grab attention envisions a...

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Lawsuit claims Apple broke FaceTime to force iOS 6 users to upgrade

The plaintiff at the heart of the class-action case says iOS 7 made older iPhones hard to use.

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How IBM plans to expand MobileFirst for iOS program

IBM's MobileFirst for iOS initiative is now well into its third year. The head of the program and two of its customers talk to about progress, challenges and plans for 2017.


iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: Paying a price for cool & an Apple-of-your-eye camera design

Apple credited iPhone 7 sales for its strong Q1 results, but it's time to look ahead toward the iPhone 8.

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Apple and Samsung see smartphone declines in full year 2016

Apple iPhones beat out Samsung smartphones both globally and in the U.S. in the final quarter of 2016, even though both vendors saw declines in shipments for the entire 2016 calendar year, research firm IDC said.

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Mobile security firm offers cash to hackers for their old exploits

Mobile security firm Zimperium has launched an exploit acquisition program that aims to bring undisclosed attack code for already patched vulnerabilities out in the open.

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iPhone sales get one-time windfall from Samsung Note 7 woes

In Q1 of 2017, iPhone shipments drove Apple’s revenue up by 3% year over year thanks to Samsung Note 7 problems. But Apple expects a decline in Q2.

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