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Pure pixie dust from Teridion. It's like Waze, but for the internet

With its cloud-optimized routing platform, the company promises to make the internet move faster.

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Zuckerberg sees 'better than human' AI in next 10 years

Mark Zuckerberg expects artificial intelligence will progress to make computers better than humans at basic sensory perception within the next 10 years and Facebook will end up knowing a lot more about you.

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How to protect digital identity in an IoT world

Everyone and everything has a unique digital identity -- from employees to customers, connected cars to drones – that leaves plenty of data floating around the Internet. Here are four scenarios on how to keep that data safe.


PCWorld Show Episode 14: Web Pages Are Doomed

What the heck? The average web page is larger than the original Doom installer?

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Comcast shouldn’t buy any companies until it fixes its core competencies

It’s false to believe the company can become greater than it is by acquiring other companies.

Intel's Edison computer for wearable devices

Intel's Edison board now links up to IBM's Bluemix cloud service

Intel is making it easier to create smarter gadgets, robots, drones and wearables using its Edison developer board.

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Samsung's Artik 10, a challenger to Raspberry Pi 3, will ship next month

Samsung will start shipping from next month the eight-core Artik 10 board computer, a challenger to Raspberry Pi 3.

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Samsung's smart robot can answer questions and be a security guard

Samsung's more than a smartphone company, with many cool devices developed in the company's labs.

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Samsung's Artik Cloud to challenge Microsoft's Azure in IoT

Microsoft's Azure has a rival in Samsung's new Artik Cloud service.

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Man who hijacked HBO’s satellite signal 30 years ago would face far different fate today

On April 27, 1986, a Florida man with workplace access to a satellite transmission dish – and a financial beef with HBO -- pulled off the kind of audacious stunt that were it to happen today would likely land him in prison for a long,...

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ISPs see big ingress by mobile operators for internet, study finds

A U.S. government survey finds consumers prefer mobile over fixed-line internet and fewer use desktop PCs.

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Intel declares independence from the PC

Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich published what could only be called a manifesto describing how Intel is now a company that powers the cloud and billions of connected computing devices. And the PC? It's just another 'connected...

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Has public Wi-Fi outlived its usefulness?

Good experiences are increasingly rare and LTE is a better option for many. So why bother with Wi-Fi?

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Dell partners up to address the networking needs of the digital enterprise

Dell works with Aerohive to deliver unified network management and collaborates with others to develop integrated solutions around OS10.

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Skype for Business finally makes its way to the Mac

Microsoft has launched a new beta of Skype for Business that runs on Mac, following its launch of a revamped work communication product last year.

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The bot backlash begins

Some people are starting to question the unrelenting hype around bots in chat programs and platforms.

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Android Wear smartwatches get fashion boost

Google wants its smartwatches to compete with wrist watch fashions. Company unveils MODE strap that comes with an open source license.

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Riverbed looks to redefine networking in a cloud-first world

New SteelConnect solution gives organizations the ability to manage the network as a single entity—from the LAN to the cloud.

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