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PayPal to acquire money transfer service Xoom for $890 million

The deal comes as PayPal prepares to split itself off from parent company eBay

Want an IPv4 address? Get in line

North America's Internet registry has started a waiting list for requests it can't fulfill

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Breakthrough could make it easier to lay fiber at long distances

Scientists say they've found a way to stretch fiber further without distortion, thus eliminating expensive repeaters.


Federal wiretaps down slightly, encryption impact decreases

According to the 2014 Wiretap Report, released today by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts a total of a total of 3,554 wiretaps were reported as authorized, with 1,279 authorized by federal judges and 2,275...

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127 devices added to the Internet each second, but Congress is clueless about IoT

Every second there are 127 items added to the Internet, but how is Congress keeping up with the Internet of Things? A new investigation revealed that it's not.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Wednesday, July 1

Court says NSA can keep collecting phone records... Vandals cut cables again... Leap second largely trouble-free

Leap second causes Internet hiccup, particularly in Brazil

More than 2,000 networks crashed, but most recovered quickly, according to Dyn

Surveillance court extends NSA's phone records collection

The program was extended for five months as it winds down

Internet of Things data privacy

Americans' have a 'right to eavesdrop' on what our IoT devices say about us

Are your ears burning? They should be because your Internet of Things devices are talking ABOUT you and you have a right to 'eavesdrop' and know what they are saying.

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Cisco flexes some Internet of Things muscle

The networking giant finally starts to show how it will move the Internet of Things from concept to reality.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Tuesday, June 30

Security flaw pushes OPM web app offline... Oracle can charge Google for Java in Android... Microsoft mapping tech finds its way to Uber

Fiber broadband can drive up your home's value

A new study says the impact can be more than 3 percent

PayPal tweaks terms in wake of 'robocall' controversy

Express consent from customers will be needed for marketing related calls, PayPal said

Oracle seeks to simplify e-store creation, management with new Commerce Cloud

Pre-integrated features include payments, design templates and SEO

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Next-generation 5G speeds will be 10 to 20 Gbps

ITU, the global spectrum-allocating organization, has reportedly agreed on speed criteria for 5G.

Inside the bold plan to bring gigabit fiber to Detroit

One startup is bringing a Google Fiber-like broadband offering to Detroit. Here's why that might not be as crazy as it sounds.

Disparities in Internet access persist for poorer, non-white Americans, but gaps closing

Americans with historically lower rates of Internet access are making progress in getting online, but there are still persistent disparities between rich and poor, and between English-speaking Asians and other ethnicities, according...

FCC's Wheeler defends net neutrality rules, discounts investment fears

Several broadband providers have announced expansions since the FCC passed the regulations, Wheeler says

Juniper scales down the Internet core

PTX1000 router features 3Tbps in 2RU for distributed peering

Yahoo spruces up mobile search with related content

Changes to Yahoo search on the mobile web will give users related content ahead of traditional links

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