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At Google I/O, no huge surprises but a honing of critical products

Highlights included new developments for mobile payments and the Internet of Things

New NSA phone dragnet proposals blasted as flawed

Proposals to renew portions of the Patriot Act wouldn't end bulk phone records collection, critics say

Cisco sees Internet half full

51% of world's population connected by 2019

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, May 29

Google I/O updates mobile, payments, IoT, and more... Apple buys augmented reality startup... Uber wants access to even more user data

This smart fabric from Google can change the music and turn off the lights

Google showed off futuristic smart fabric at its I/O conference in San Francisco

Google to widen Maps' offline features

Turn-by-turn navigation and local business reviews will be available without an Internet connection

brillo weave

At Google I/O, the Internet of Things gets a new OS

Google is moving deeper into the world of the Internet of Things, announcing a new operating system -- Brillo -- as well as a communications layer at its Google I/O developer conference.

Google takes another swing at payments with Android Pay

The revamped service will let users make purchases at physical stores

FCC proposal would extend Lifeline voice subsidy to broadband

The so-called Obamaphone program would give poor people more options under a new proposal

close up of a dogs face 57443540

New 'Internet of Animals' actually seems useful for pet owners

The first social network for pets uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to find your lost dog and monitor its stress levels.


Create connected devices by dragging and dropping

Little to no coding skills are required with this do-it-yourself hardware kit from Sony-backed Mesh Project.


Japanese show off latest drones

The International Drone Expo in Japan drew thousands of visitors. It featured a number of unusual UAVs, from glider-shaped machines that can take off vertically to drones with flashing lights to palm-sized flyers.

Monnit IoT temperature sensors

How now IoT cow? Sensors can track Elsie's temperature

The Internet of Things just got a little weirder.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Thursday, May 28

Lenovo smartphone lets users interact with projected images...Google tipped to overhaul payments scheme...FCC will clamp down on spam texts

German gov't proposes telecom data retention law

Critics say this revamped version is probably still illegal


How now IoT cow? Sensors can take Elsie's temperature

Internet of Things company Monnit shows Network World some unique new sensors, including one that measure's a cow's temperature and one that can detect whether your employees are sitting too long in their seats.

400g lead image

Successful 400 Gbps trials open the door for faster fiber

Speeds of 400 gigabits per second, or 50 gigabytes of data sent in one second over existing infrastructure, promises higher new commercial fiber speeds.

052715blog sanders 404 page

Candidate Sanders has a funny 404 page

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, newly announced Democratic candidate for president, has always seemed a grumpy sort when being interviewed on television. And that makes his campaign site’s 404 page video all the funnier.

ipv6 internet connections

An insider’s guide to the private IPv4 market

What you can do to ensure a supply of IPv4 addresses while you're readying your IPv6 network.

Senate to return early to debate phone dragnet

Senators will return to Washington Sunday, just hours before a portion of the Patriot Act expires

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