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Millions of embedded devices use the same hard-coded SSH and TLS private keys

Thousands of routers, modems, IP cameras, VoIP phones and other embedded devices share the same hard-coded SSH host keys or HTTPS server certificates.

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Criminalize websites that refuse to delete terrorist content, say MEPs

Website operators should be held criminally liable if they fail to remove content that incites terrorism, Members of the European Parliament voted Wednesday. But they also wants these companies to voluntarily cooperate with...

Christmas holiday light show in Skyrim

Holiday light show set in Skyrim using Light-O-Rama

How not to do a holiday light, as in 30 days to build props, learn software, learn circuits, set up and launch a show is tough if you a noob, but possible if you are tech-savvy. Skyrim holiday light show set in Whiterun via...

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IoT industry will explode in 2016, Gartner says

Millions of new devices will get connected daily next year. IoT services will be a major beneficiary of this growth.

x500 story

Aiming to be the Costco of tech research and consulting

New research and consulting firm TechVision Research working with clients to sort out where identity management, security, mobility and more are headed.

Holiday light display

Using Light-O-Rama to create holiday light shows

If you want to have a holiday light show that will back up traffic and make people of all ages smile, then you might be interested in Light-O-Rama.

Raspberry Pi board

Using Raspberry Pi for holiday light shows

If you like to play with code and hardware, then you could use your upcoming long weekend to set up a Raspberry Pi to control lights, music, and even as an FM transmitter for a holiday light show.

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A deal between standards groups could help make home IoT easier

The Open Interconnect Consortium is acquiring the assets of the Universal Plug and Play Forum as they seek to foster interoperability in home IoT.

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IoT-dedicated networks beginning to rollout

Ingenu is the latest M2M and IoT-dedicated network to announce its plans.

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Many embedded devices ship without adequate security tests, analysis shows

An analysis of hundreds of publicly available firmware images for routers, DSL modems, VoIP phones, IP cameras and other embedded devices uncovered high-risk vulnerabilities in a significant number of them.

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Yahoo surrenders all search share gains from Firefox deal

A year after Yahoo struck a deal with Mozilla to make its search engine the default in Firefox in the U.S., Yahoo's share of search usage share has fallen to levels lower than before the partnership was signed.

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3D-printed cars will speed up in-car tech development

3D-printed cars are coming. The faster automotive development cycles that the new manufacturing process brings will also speed up the 'smartness of the vehicle' cycle, the first 3D-print auto maker says.


Eight more years of leap-second problems loom as governments punt decision to 2023

Leap seconds like the one that caused more than 2,000 networks to fail at the end of June will be part of the sysadmin's lot until at least 2023, as an intergovernmental conference has put off a decision on abolishing them until at...

SolarCity solar panels

Scientists developing solar panel that doubles as a Li-Fi receiver

Existing on-roof solar panels can receive data, acting as a broadband receiver for hilltop laser transmissions, says a scientist.

paris attack

How tech led to the death of France's public enemy number 1

The suspected mastermind of last week's terror attacks in Paris, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, has died in a police raid. Investigators were led to him by wiretaps and an abandoned telephone.

20151109 dojo device

Home IoT security could come from a glowing rock next year

Home IoT security startup Dojo-Labs thinks it can reduce the complexity of a home full of connected devices to three colors: red, orange, and green.

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Streetlights doubling as LTE towers in Los Angeles

LED streetlights incorporating wireless small cells are being deployed in Los Angeles.

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UK's Gigaclear launches 5 Gbps fiber broadband service

Using the Google Fiber approach to reaching local communities, Gigaclear is bringing super-high-speed broadband service to the UK.

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