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US lawmaker wants to rebrand net neutrality

Anna Eshoo asks Reddit users to come up with a new description as a way to limit confusion of the issue

Sprint drops second shoe: $60 unlimited voice, text, data plan

New plan atop Family Share Pack aims to beat backs competitors with designs on new Sprint subscribers

Silver Peak looks to the clouds and redefines WAN Optimization

Last week, Silver Peak announced a new product called Unity that can be thought of as an intelligent WAN optimization "fabric" that enables network managers to track the location of cloud services and have a real-time “weather map” of

IT outages are an ongoing problem for the U.S government

The inability to access data 24/7 hurts federal workforce, survey shows

Sprint's cut in data prices won't help its network woes

'Sprint is hobbled by its network,' one analyst says

Sprint slashes shared data plan prices

It offers four lines and 20GB of data for about $160 a month, beats other carriers

Verizon is tops in network performance, reliability, speed in 2014 tests

RootMetrics finds AT&T close behind, with T-Mobile making big gains over Sprint

soap lead image

Powerful Soap router surpasses funding goal, headed for production

Fed up with poking around cornball router settings on a laptop? Here’s a router with an evolutionary UI—a full touchscreen—plus it has all the radios and connections you could possibly want.


Industry Standards for Secure Network Access

As someone who is passionate not only about innovation in security but also about the standardization of those innovations, I thought I'd point out a few of the recent efforts that I've either been involved in, or am just very...

17 ways to hate Microsoft Outlook 2013 less

Few software products draw such universal -- and deserved -- scorn as Outlook 2013. Here’s how to tame the beast

Amazon strikes deal in China to offer more imported goods

Amazon had signed an agreement with a free trade zone in Shanghai


How can the Internet have too many routes and not enough addresses?

As IPv4 runs out of space, attempts to get around the problem could make things even more complicated

FCC allowed to question AT&T, Verizon on business broadband pricing

The OMB gives the agency permission to collect data on the special-access business broadband market

Baidu partners with U.N. to tackle e-waste in China

Baidu and the United Nations Development Programme have opened a joint lab

Startup builds intrusion prevention system for home networks

Attacks against routers and IoT devices will generate consumer demand for intrusion prevention systems, the company believes

Adtran lays groundwork for superfast broadband over copper

The first commercial networks are expected next year

FCC extends net neutrality comment period to Sept. 15

The public will now have five additional days to weigh in

Tablo HDTV set-top-box OTT

Review: Can Tablo help you cut the cable TV cord?

A review of Tablo, a set-top box that grabs HDTV signals from the airspace and adds DVR functionality

Samsung buys SmartThings in ambitious push to connect your home

SmartThings makes a mobile app and a software platform for controlling household objects

Google broadens its malware sleuthing to sniff out deceptive downloads

More types of malicious software will be identified by Google's safe browsing service

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