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Netgear Nighthawk X6 802.11ac Wi-Fi router
FreeWavz wireless earbuds fitness

Cisco ready to ship ACI controller

APIC slated to ship later this week; new switches, bundles here too.

Is your network blind to video traffic?

5 tools to monitor and manage video in the enterprise

data speed apps

How Aryaka’s global private network speeds access to Internet apps

Managed cloud service offers alternative to DIY or WAN optimization appliances.


Is your network blind to video traffic?

Here’s a look at 5 products that manage video in the enterprise.

How to effectively manage the integration of IT/OT in the hyper-connected enterprise

Connected endpoints can help revolutionize the way businesses collect and process information from Operational Technology (OT) systems, but there are huge challenges


10 cool makerspaces to explore now

Got an itch to get your hands on a welding machine, laser cutter or 3D printer? We highlight intriguing public spaces around the country where you can tinker to your heart's content.

IEEE forms 25G Ethernet study group

The standards organization has formed an 802.3 25G Ethernet study group to consider market opportunities and requirements for a single-lane 25G Ethernet speed for server interconnects. The formation of the study group follows...

Defending Facebook, OkCupid says it also runs user-behavior tests

Studies like Facebook's are necessary for product testing, the dating site said

25G Ethernet moving fast

Could be No. 2 data center server access port in next 5 years

satellites lead image

A new breed of broadband satellites could have you living on a desert island

New broadband-friendly satellites could change where we live.

Phone unlocking bill clears US House, next step is president's signature

The bill reverses a 2013 decision that phone unlocking by consumers ran afoul of copyright laws

IoT inspires new components for energy, wireless

A vibration-harvesting power supply and a chip architecture for low-power communications are the latest entries

13 Android Tools for Web Developers

Android mobile devices, while not typically thought of as places where development work gets done, can offer surprisingly useful apps to help developers get the job done, anywhere.

More AT&T customers switch to paying for their phones

Most new postpaid smartphone users are choosing monthly payments over subsidized prices

Facebook reports a big sales jump, helped by mobile ads

Revenue was $2.91 billion for the second quarter, with more than half derived from mobile ads

072214blog iot headlines

Internet of Things spawns horde of imitators

This was inevitable: Endless hype about the Internet of Things has produced an endless string of imitators; the Internets of This, That and Whatever. Here are a few examples.

Internet of Things

A guide to the confusing Internet of Things standards world

Google's recently announced Thread standard for communication between devices connected to the Internet of Things joins several similar efforts.

Cisco enterprise controller going through paces

APIC Enterprise Module being banged on by DevNet community as it lingers in betas, field trials.

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