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Mist uses AI to improve wireless network performance

Mist Systems rolls out new AI-enhanced Wi-Fi features to help network managers monitor wireless network performance and improve network security.

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5 Wi-Fi analyzer and survey apps for Android

A review of five mobile survey apps - iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile, iMapper WiFi Pro, WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor from ManageEngine, Wi-Fi Visualizer from ITO Akihiro, and WiTuners Mobile - for enterprises to small offices.

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A C-level view of SD-WAN

How does SD-WAN look from the perspective of the C-suite?

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Making smart cities a smarter way

With all the hype around smart cities today, you would think they are ubiquitous. Even though there are a few high-profile examples, smart cities aren’t yet as widespread as you might think.

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How City Furniture built a better Wi-Fi network

Using Aerohive products, City Furniture upgraded its Wi-Fi network and digitized operations, moving POS operations to iPads and setting the stage for Bluetooth beacons.

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Bluetooth Mesh networks: Is a standards body right for IoT innovation?

The Bluetooth Mesh specification is impressive, but a specification with an open-source project could accelerate IoT adoption faster.

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Apstra lands Tokyo Electron Device as first channel partner

Apstra partners with Tokyo Electron Device (TED) to distribute Apstra’s intent-based networking solutions to the Japanese market.

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What SDN is and where it’s going

The SDN market has emerged from early adopter to early mainstream, and in doing so its use cases have expanded.

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3 ways to track people using location-based services

More businesses are using location-based services via Wi-Fi, RFID and Bluetooth beacons to track and interact with customers.

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IoT could benefit from mesh-networking capabilities in Bluetooth

Bluetooth is about to get some significant new mesh networking capabilities -- and the best bit is, you may not need new hardware to benefit from them.

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Will IoT party like 1999?

IoT semiconductors and electronic design automation (EDA) may be the most accurate predictors of IoT development.

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Software-defined networking touches every industry segment

Companies using Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure are having success, proving software-defined networking (SDN) works and is ready for prime time.

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Quantum fiber network to launch in August

A supposedly unhackable Internet network is about to be launched.

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Cisco's M5 UCS servers take intent-based approach to data center

Data centers powered by new Cisco Unified Computing System servers that feature the new Intel Xeon Scalable Processor platform will run at peak efficiency via intent-based management, Cisco says.


What is hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence aims to simplify data center operations by combining compute, storage and networking in a software-driven appliance.


Intel tightens data-center grip with Xeon Scalable Processor platform

Intel's new Xeon Processor Scalable Family, based on the company's Skylake architecture, is about much more than revving up CPU performance. The new processor line is essentially a platform for computing, memory and storage designed...


What is 5G? Wireless tecnology that could enable mobile-only networking

The next step in the evolution of wireless WAN communications will complete the evolution of cellular from wireline augmentation to wireline replacement, and strategically from mobile-first to mobile-only.

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What’s the difference between SDN and NFV?

SDN, NFV & VNF are important trends in the networking industry, but they're also among the confusing alphabet soup of terms that have emerged in recent years. So what's the difference between them?

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