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Google's Project Loon close to launching thosands of balloons

Google says it's Project Loon is close to being able to produce and launch thousands of balloons to provide Internet access from the sky.

FCC faces seventh net neutrality lawsuit

CenturyLink becomes the latest organization to challenge the agency's Feb. 26 rules

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How developers can profit from the Internet of Things

Developers who have the right mix of Internet of Things skills and experience will soon command big bucks, but the time to start acquiring those skill is now.

Should computers determine how our kids learn to talk? Maybe not

Questions raised about algorithm ethics deserve our urgent attention, scholars said

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, April 17

WikiLeaks publishes stolen Sony info...IBM opens up threat data...China suspends rule on foreign IT vendors

Eyes turn to Ericsson, Juniper

Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent deal could ignite merger mania in telecom

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Thursday, April 16

Europe has a hard case to make against Google... Apple buys Israeli imaging company... Twitter revamps homepage with content

Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent just as John Chambers predicted

Cisco CEO said there would be " brutal" consolidation coming

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43% of Slashdotters call ISPs liars

I know what you’re thinking: Only 43%? But we’re talking here about a single question: “How do your actual ISP speeds compare to the advertised speed?”


Transition to IP network creates cybersecurity challenges for FAA

The Internet hasn’t totally invaded the nation’s air traffic control system, but as it does the Federal Aviation Administration faces a growing challenge to make sure the network is locked down secure. The security issues arise as the...

Six net neutrality lawsuits: What are the complaints about?

The lawsuits from two ISPs and four trade groups focus on violations of administrative process, constitutional questions

Nokia to buy Alcatel-Lucent for $16.5B in deal that unites fixed, mobile broadband strengths

The combined company will be called Nokia and have its headquarters in Finland

Four new lawsuits challenge FCC's net neutrality rules

The agency is now facing six legal challenges from four trade groups and two ISPs

The future is now: You may already be using IPv6

While much of the world isn't using it yet, some big names are aggressively moving ahead

Three new lawsuits challenge FCC's net neutrality rules

The agency is now facing five legal challenges from four trade groups and one ISP

Nokia wants to buy Alcatel-Lucent, seeking growth and integration of fixed and mobile

The two companies are in advanced discussions about a deal, they confirmed on Tuesday

Indian net neutrality backers get boost from Flipkart retreat on free app access

The online retailer has abandoned a plan to pay for customers of Indian mobile operator Bharti Airtel to have free access to its mobile app

New bill would invalidate FCC's net neutrality rules

The resolution of disapproval allows expedited action in Congress

bruce schneier

Schneier on ‘really bad’ IoT security: ‘It’s going to come crashing down’

Security expert Bruce Schneier says the Internet of Things will mean insecure devices attached to networks will become attack points and there’s nothing to be done about stopping the problem.

Sprint offers home delivery and setup of smartphones, tablets

The offer is currently limited to eligible upgrade customers

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