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Resin.IO puts Linux and containers to work for IoT

Resin.IO is working to make the use of containers and microservices useful tools to developers of Linux-based Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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Internet of Things Messaging, Part 2: The Mosquitto MQTT broker

Getting the free, open source, efficient, and robust Mosquitto MQTT broker up and running

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How to choose an IoT radio network

If you’ve been tasked with developing an IoT project, here’s a look at the latest communications technologies currently available and on their way.

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Cisco's all-in-one Spark Board puts the cloud on a wall

On Tuesday, Cisco introduced the Spark Board, a wall-mounted screen that can be a screen-sharing presentation tool, a digital whiteboard, a videoconferencing display.

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Trump names net neutrality foe Ajit Pai to lead the FCC

President Donald Trump has named Commissioner Ajit Pai, an outspoken opponent of the FCC’s net neutrality rules, as the next head of the agency.

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Yahoo pushes back timing of Verizon deal after breaches

Verizon’s planned acquisition of Yahoo will take longer than expected and won’t close until this year’s second quarter, the internet company said on Monday.

Raspberry Pi 3 and Android Things

Google wants to bring smart tools to Raspberry Pi-like boards

Google is interested in bringing "smart tools" to board computers like Raspberry Pi 3 and Intel's Edison.

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China goes after unauthorized VPN access from local ISPs

China is patching a hole in its online censorship apparatus. The country’s regulators are going after unauthorized internet connections, including tools known as VPNs (virtual private networks) that can bypass China’s efforts to...

Sprint takes a 33 percent stake in Tidal

The music-streaming service will make exclusive content available to the mobile phone service’s customers.

About half of those responding to an online survey say their passwords are over five years old.

Top 25 worst-of-the-worst, most common passwords used in 2016

Here are the top 25 worst passwords used in 2016, according to SplashData and Keeper.

Computerworld's Smart Cities video tour - Singapore [December 2016]

Dublin, New York officials cite smart-tech challenges and successes

An entrepreneurial mindset is key, smart-city managers said at last week's conference.

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Admin of anonymous, Tor-friendly email service has electronics seized at U.S. border

Should running an anonymous email service mostly used by 4chan or attending hacker conferences mean you should be detained by customs and have your electronic devices seized?

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34% off SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 200GB - Deal Alert

A flash drive, reinvented. With the SanDisk Connect Stick in your pocket, in your bag or across the room, you can wirelessly access your media or transfer large files, stream HD videos and music, and save and share photos and videos...


Apple sues Qualcomm over patent licensing and $1B in payments

A nasty spat between Apple and Qualcomm broke into public view on Friday when the smartphone maker accused the chip supplier of charging "exorbitant" licensing fees for its cellular technology.

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Augmented reality is more than just holograms

The AR in Action conference redefines augmented reality to include many diverse technologies.

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Users greet Avaya bankruptcy with shrugs

The news that sprawling networking company Avaya has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is being treated with nonchalance by at least some of its customers, for whom the saga of the firm’s financial troubles has been ongoing.

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Open letter to Avaya management: Don’t sell the networking business

I believe the odds are 75/25 that Avaya sells the networking division, but I urge management to look at networking as its best catalyst for growth.

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How to wake the enterprise from IoT security nightmares

Solutions present and future for IoT security scares that keep you up at night.

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