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Extreme swallows Brocade's data center networking business for $55M

Extreme Networks continued to amass a nice nest of data center technology saying today it would buy Brocade's data center networking business for $55 million in cash from its current owner Broadcom

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Cord cutting

Cord cutting is happening. No it's not. Yes it is. No it's not...

I practically kick myself every time our Verizon FiOS cable bill arrives because I still haven't acted on my intention to cut the cord in some way that won't drive my family nuts and will allow me to watch local sports.

first look galaxy s8 1

FIRST LOOK: The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Samsung just released its new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S8 – have a look.

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How to test SD-WANs

When determining the best SD-WAN solution, there are some basic things you should test, such as scalability, failover, application performance and usability.

amazon prime air private trial drone flying

Amazon’s successful drone delivery test doesn’t really prove anything

Last week, Amazon successfully tested a drone delivery in the U.S. for the first time. But drones still won’t be delivering stuff to your house any time soon.

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Privacy advocates plan to fight Congress' repeal of ISP privacy rules

Privacy advocates haven't given up the fight after the U.S. Congress has voted to allow ISPs to sell customers' browsing histories and other personal information without their permission.

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Experts: Online trolls are here to stay, unless we do something

A report issued this morning by the Pew Research Center and Elon University said that online interactions will continue to be shaped by trolling and mistrust, according to a survey of digital scholars and futurists.

F5 to buy Brocade’s virtual ADC business?

The latest piece of the Brocade IP product suite hanging in the balance

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How to bring true interoperability to the Internet of Things

Multimode radios, software flexibility and hardware-based security allow IoT devices to work in concert in the home.

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People may have been wrongly imprisoned due to faulty ankle bracelet tracking devices

People may be been sent to prison for tampering with ankle bracelet tracking devices that were faulty and registered false tampering alerts.

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Turning everyday objects into radio stations

Radio backscattering can be used to broadcast data and turn everyday things into radio stations, say University of Washington researchers.

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Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner did not just delete his tweets, says Wayback Machine

The alleged recent mass deletion of tweets did not happen, at least according to the indispensable Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Netgear Orbi family of Wi-Fi routers satellites

Netgear doubles down on Orbi wireless gear

Smaller devices and additional 'satellite' options available for those with smaller homes.

hidden door

How to respond to device and software backdoors inserted or left by vendors

CSO looks at vendor backdoors, how they get into products, the challenges to finding these, mitigating the easily infected openings, and responding to this hardware, software, and IoT-based dilemma.

Working out with Iot enabled Delta Glove

IoT-enabled Delta Gloves help you keep your workout resolutions

PureCarbon’s IoT-enabled Delta Gloves use piezoresistive sensors, Bluetooth and advanced data analytics to track weights lifted and exercises performed.


Automation rolls on. What are you doing about it?

Automation technology is driving a new wave of change, making many rote operations tasks that we’ve performed manually for decades a thing of the past.


FAQ: What is 802.11ay wireless technology?

Products based on the IEEE 802.11ad (WiGig) standard have really only begun rolling out over the past year, but an effort to deliver an enhancement dubbed 802.11ay in the unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum band that promises to deliver faster...

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802.11ay Wi-Fi: “It’s going to be a very scalable spec”

The lowdown on the emerging IEEE 802.11ay gigabit wireless technology standard, an enhancement to 802.11ad that promises higher speed and longer range to support a slew of new applications.

032717blog jared kushner twitter

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner tweets nothing like Trump

Jared Kushner has had a twitter account for eight years but uses it nothing like his famous father-in-law, President Trump.

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