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How to see the world more clearly through interconnection

Global Interconnection Index offers critical new insights into a changing digital economy, data center design and tips on how to manage a hybrid or multi cloud deployment.

large public cloud

7 reasons mid-size tech companies should reconsider going all-in on public cloud

From security to staffing, a hybrid model provides more flexibility for companies in growth mode.

What makes application delivery in China so hard?

The truth of the matter is that entering the Chinese internet market is hard. There are the obvious culture and regulatory barriers, but there are also a number of technical barriers, specifically, when it comes to delivering...

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Despite new silicon, 802.11ax isn't coming to the enterprise for a while

The release of 802.11ax chipsets by Broadcom, Qualcomm and others doesn't mean that standardized gear will be ready for everyday use soon, experts say.

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The new Extreme Networks is off and rolling

Extreme Networks announced its Q4 FY17 results, and its plan to become a bigger, stronger networking vendor that can go up against the big guys is working.

Neon world networking

SDN and a life beyond the death of the internet

For enterprises concerned about secure and consistent network performance, the public internet cannot be the default solution anymore. Enterprises need to look beyond the public internet to their own private WANs, and specifically, to...

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WANs, tunnels and tags are things of the past

A look at WAN deployments through the ages. The future of WANs is no-WAN.

Future Wi-Fi

Why 802.11ax is the next big thing in Wi-Fi

The 802.11ax specification finally brings a Wi-Fi standard to the network that supports everything we want to do with our wireless LANs.

Is WAN Optimization Dead?

Is there a use for WAN Optimizers in the cloud era?

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What is Linux? A powerful component of modern data centers

Linux has long been the basis of commercial networking devices, but is becoming more prevalent on its own in enterprise infrastructure.

lightbulbs in a row [by EyeMix / CC0 via Pixabay]

How Wi-Fi could get a boost from Li-Fi

Li-Fi could turn LED light bulbs into network access points

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Are you and your network ready for change?

Essential things to consider today to ensure you and your company are ready for digital transformation.

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4 steps to planning a migration from IPv4 to IPv6

Waiting to address IPv6 carries a risk of lost communication, revenue and customers.

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The new branch office SD-WAN model

How enterprises are combining SD-WAN with next-generation security and connectivity solutions for a better outcome.

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I see dead zones

Exploring the state of dead zones in the age of Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Wi-Fi tools

Guest Wi-Fi access should always be ‘easy, peasy’

Guest Wi-Fi is a critical component of the digital experience for many companies. Follow these tips to ensure access to yours is a simple and secure—and doesn’t frustrate users.

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Face-off: CA Spectrum vs. SolarWinds NPM for network monitoring

Feedback on two network monitoring platforms from IT Central Station, the IT pro knowledge-sharing community.

10 most powerful network companies muscle flex

The 10 most powerful companies in enterprise networking

Here's our ranking of the top 10 network-gear vendors that serve corporate needs.

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