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password theft

Opera warns 1.7 million Opera Sync users of breach, forces password reset

Opera warned 1.7 million Opera Sync users of a possible breach and issued a forced password reset.


Building a Raspberry Pi-powered Barkometer, Part 1

My dog stands (sits) accused of barking too much so I'm using a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to monitor his behavior.

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Bluetooth rising

In a few years, we will see enterprise-grade Bluetooth infrastructure solutions along the lines of today’s Wi-Fi WLANs.

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Best Deals of the Week, August 22-26 - Deal Alert

Check out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week, the week of August 22nd. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted!

privacy shield microsoft

Privacy Shield data transfer agreement now shelters 200 companies

There are now 200 companies standing behind Privacy Shield, the framework agreement allowing businesses to process the personal information of European Union citizens on servers in the U.S.

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Dropbox prompts certain users to change their passwords

Dropbox is asking users who signed up before mid-2012 to change their passwords if they haven’t done so since then.

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Survey: Kids now online at age 3

16% of children are on the Internet by age three, a study by Agechecked finds

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Cisco: US Trade Rep. backing Arista product import ban

Cisco says: “For Arista’s customers and partners, the cease and desist order blocks the marketing, sale or distribution of all inventory of imported infringing products.”

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Cisco starts patching firewall devices against NSA-linked exploit

Cisco Systems has started releasing security patches for a critical flaw in Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewalls targeted by an exploit linked to the U.S. National Security Agency.

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Web search engines for IoT: The new frontier

A fundamentally new method for searching the web is needed to allow IoT devices to independently and securely discover other “things” in the connected world of the future.

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Proposed ‘social media ID, please' law draws outrage

A plan by the U.S. government to require some foreign travelers to provide their social media IDs on key travel documents is drawing outrage from group who call it un-American.

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New collision attacks against triple-DES, Blowfish break HTTPS sessions

Legacy ciphers such as triple-DES and Blowfish are vulnerable to Sweet32 attacks, which let attackers decrypt HTTPS sessions even without the encryption key

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Facebook, Google, Twitter lax on terrorists’ misuse of their sites, say UK MPs

A panel of U.K. lawmakers has described as “alarming” that social networking companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube have teams of only a few hundred employees to monitor billions of accounts for extremist content.

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Why are SD-WANs taking off? Because they are secure, affordable and easy to use

The top five reasons you need to consider the tech

wifi plug

55% off Akface Smart Wifi Power Plug - Deal Alert

Remotely turn appliances and electronics on or off from anywhere. Perfect for Household Appliances Lamps, Lighting & Electrical Equipment. Currently discounted 55%.


IoT early warning system helps save people from mudslides

Villagers escape mudslides and floods in rural El Salvador thanks to an early warning system built with IoT devices and wireless RF mesh networks.

google brain

Internet use is replacing human memory

People don't bother using their memory to remember things anymore. They instead rely on the internet.

mit building 10 great dome cambridge massachusetts

MIT is dragging hard-wired network chips into the agile era

Cloud computing is changing the demands on networks more quickly than ever. Now researchers say it’s possible to program routers all the way down to their packet-forwarding chips in the quest to keep up.

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