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Martha Heller

CIO Career Coach: Rethink Shadow IT

How CIOs can shift their approach to shadow IT.

overcoming obstacles / minding gaps / new territory / risk and reward

4 Tips for a successful virtual network deployment

As new technologies like software defined networking, SD-WAN, cloud computing and the Internet of Things continue to grow in maturity and adoption, organizations are faced with transforming their network to keep up with the changes....

google machine learning photos

Are we living in an AI golden age?

Jeff Bezos believes we're in the golden age of artificial intelligence, with Amazon at the forefront of development. The rapid growth of this sector could prove him correct.

generation gap

5 steps to ending generational stereotypes

Stereotypes of any kind are harmful to an organization, and that includes generational stereotypes. Here's how to get rid of them.

innovation idea

3 ways your culture may be sabotaging innovation

If your business is struggling to adapt to the digital age due to a lack of innovation, it might be time to reconsider your company culture.

internet security risk public domain web

8 ways to manage an internet or security crisis

IT, communications and security experts share tips on what to do when your business is hit with an IT-related disaster, such as a cyberattack, an ecommerce site crash or a software failure.

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CIO Career Coach: Bringing a product management mindset to IT

In a world where software drives revenue for many organizations, blogger Martha Heller demonstrates the importance of bringing a product management mindset to IT.

bi modal cio digital disruption primary

Why digital disruption leaves no room for bimodal IT

Digital disruption is forcing CIOs and other IT leaders to choose holistic operating models over two-speed technology deployment.

big data cloud

Why management is key to leveraging the power of big data

For many companies that deal with big data, good management practices are the key to success.


The need to automate routine work has never been higher

In a new ServiceNow study, business leaders say they are overloaded with data and that manual processes squelch creativity, productivity and revenue generation.

security architect

What it takes to be a security architect

While the path to security architect varies, anyone considering the role should have a passion for IT infrastructure and protecting data.

confused stress confusion angst anger

CIOs are totally stressed out: Here’s how to help

Caught between trying to maintain legacy systems and be agile enough to foresee trends in the market, CIOs feel pulled in two different directions.

2016 digital transformation

The first step in a digital transformation strategy

Before a business can begin a digital transformation, you must determine the requirements. These four processes will ensure IT gets the right requirements at the start.

on call burnout

Burnout isn't budging in the U.S. workforce

Burnout is the new normal in the American workplace. But there is a path to burnout recovery and technology can help. But first you need to admit there’s a problem.


Top tips for finding the right cybersecurity products

Having trouble finding the right security products for your business? You’re not the only one. We asked experienced buyers for their tips.

big data skills

Big data, algorithms and the future of advertising

Big data has and will change how advertisers work and businesses market.


Intel's new data center chief, a former PC exec, will be hands-on

A top executive responsible for shaping Intel's PC roadmap will now run the company's data center business.

diverse group of people seated in a circle collaborating with social media icons floating above them

Why online etiquette matters -- and why IT leaders should care

High-tech analyst Scott Steinberg, author of the book Netiquette Essentials, offers ideas for navigating social media networks with grace and discusses the crucial role CIOs play in promoting -- and enforcing -- good behavior online.

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