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How to drive digital transformation in IT and throughout the organization (with podcast)

Listen and learn as VP of business technology Paul Friedman explains how Humana transformed itself into a digital-first, customer-centric organization. This free knowledge bundle includes an article, audio transcript and slide deck.

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My two cents about my two cents

Here’s a tiny personal tale about pennies that has me puzzled.

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EFF: Urge your alma mater to not feed the patent trolls

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is calling on the public to urge their universities to pledge that they will not sell patents generated by campus researchers to patent trolls.

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GE CIO Jim Fowler talks collaboration and IT transformation

GE’s Jim Fowler this week spoke with CIO.com to discuss collaboration tools, shifting IT priorities and why the traditional CIO role is going away.

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H-1B visas and IT workers: Watch this 5-minute video to understand the outrage

Life in a capitalist society means good people will lose their jobs, most often through no fault of their own. Rarely, however, is that outcome more unfair – unconscionably so – than when IT professionals are displaced by foreign...

Shine a spotlight on shadow IT and prosper

Why a security team embraces shadow IT

A group within Western Union information security team relies on cloud software, including content management, social collaboration and single sign-on tools to let employees to get their work done while protecting corporate data.

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$39 for 54 Hours of Training with the Linux Essentials Bundle - Deal Alert

These 5 courses will take you from newbie to Linux pro. Complete with two classes designed for Linux beginners, the Linux Essentials Bundle is the first step to a system administrator career, or to making a lateral move to your IT...

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Where Clinton and Trump stand on tech issues

Their views are far apart on nearly every issue related to technology and the tech industry.

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Got skills? Volunteer your IoT expertise to make a difference

If you have technical IoT skills, non-profit organizations such as Year Up, International Executive Service Corps and Field Innovation Team could use your help.

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How the Affordable Care Act contributed the rise of the blended workforce

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), along with increased freelancing and uncoupling of benefits from traditional employment, has played a key role in creating the blended workforce

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How to prevent millennials from burning out at work

A lot can be said about millennials at work, but one thing seems certain: This generation is stressed-out and anxious. Here’s how you can help.

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How underemployment contributes to the STEM skills gap

Underemployment is a severely underrated problem in today's economy, according to a new report from compensation and benchmarking services provider PayScale.

Computerworld - Bridging IT's Growing Generation Gap - Illustration by James Yang [SINGLE USE]

Bridging IT’s growing generation gap

Deft management skills and a lot of empathy are required to balance the priorities and expectations of millennials, baby boomers and the Gen X-ers stuck between them.

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Nicholas Carr says tech 'utopia is creepy'

The controversial author of 'IT Doesn’t Matter' is back with a new book in which he picks apart the optimism propagated by Silicon Valley.

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The stereotypical IT guy is now a psycho loner. Progress?

Trailer for new "IT" movie pits techie vs. CEO.

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10 tips to master the art of the career humblebrag

Modesty is the best policy, right? Not when it comes to describing your professional accomplishments. Here's how to master the art of the self-promotion to advance your career.

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Global IT challenges: Privacy, standardization, transformation top the list

In days gone by, global tech rollouts used to give IT practitioners the jitters because of scale and complexity. These days, new challenges are keeping IT leaders up at night.

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5 types of toxic team members and how to handle them

You know who they are -- that one team member whose behavior ruins projects and the concept of teamwork for everyone else. Here's how to handle the five worst offenders.

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