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Unified communications firm Fuze hires well-traveled CEO to lead it to IPO promised land

Fuze, the Cambridge, Mass., unified communications-as-a-service company that recently scored an additional $104 million in funding, has named tech industry veteran Colin Doherty as its CEO.

customer service

Why happy developers equal happy customers

A company's greatest competitive advantage is its ability to deliver a great customer experience. And that starts with a happy software development team.

employees technology planning data [Computerworld, January-February 2017 - HR IT]

HR and IT combine efforts on workforce analytics

As more companies depend on information about their employees to make crucial decisions, HR and IT are working closer together than ever before to deliver the data. 

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9 simple ways to raise capital for your ecommerce startup

Entrepreneurs and investors share their tips on how to get cash to fund a new business.

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Secrets of successful CISOs [Infographic]

Who the CISO reports to matters more than you might think, but it isn’t the only secret to success.

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Why tech companies are uniting to fight Trump’s immigration ban

The Trump administration’s immigration ban has galvanized unparalleled opposition from tech leaders. However, many businesses that focus on the enterprise are still standing on the sidelines.

king abdullah university of science and technology kaust

Accelerating digital transformation using the Medici Effect

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) global IT summit in Saudi Arabia presents a model for digital transformation.

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Stop creating merely viable products; develop products people love

It’s no longer acceptable to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP). If you’re going to really ring the registers, think minimum lovable product (MLP).

Unusual Interview Questions

Quarter of firms can't fill open infosec positions

The information security industry hasn't made any significant strides in addressing the workforce shortage, according to a report released this morning by ISACA.

paper boat riding the crest and at risk [Computerworld, Jan-Feb 2017 - Helming IT]

10 tips for helming IT through ups and downs

Impending mergers, ultrafast growth and sharp dips all put pressure on IT leaders to make quick decisions about tech plans and priorities. Here’s how to make IT shine during times of change.

journey from cio coo ceo

Driving digital strategy with customer journey maps

Download this free Forrester Research report to learn how to optimize the customer experience by basing technology investment decisions on interactions from the customer’s point of view.

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Avaya’s Chapter 11 filing sends waves of disruption

Avaya employees, partners and customers already feel the effects of the company’s decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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As third RSA Conference without ‘booth babes’ nears, no one seems to miss them

In March 2015, RSA Conference organizers made news by contractually insisting that vendors pitch their wares without the help of “booth babes,” a first such ban for the technology industry.

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10 ways tech pros can take charge of their professional development

Innovation continues to create many amazing breakthroughs, and with them, career opportunities. Technologies will always need skilled technicians and engineers to implement them. CompTIA, the technology industry’s leading trade...

02 close gap

The IT-business gap remains

The 2017 State of the CIO reports finds that while IT generally still has control of the tech purse strings, business and IT leaders disagree about the CIO's role.

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Insurance spin-out rides API-driven strategy

Allstate’s Arity spin-out has embraced an analytics-based platform strategy similar to those used by the likes of Uber and Lyft.

state of the cio primary

State of the CIO 2017: The new reality

The CIO role is integral to today's increasingly digital businesses, but transformational IT executives aren't necessarily shedding their functional responsibilities — get used to it.

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4 tips for managing multiple teams

Managing multiple teams and personalities is no easy task, but with these four tips you can lighten the load.

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