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man leaning on box of office belongings after being fired or laid off

How to get fired in 2017: Have a security breach

There are many reasons why IT professionals can be fired, but six out of the top nine are related to security. Fireable offenses included failing to modernize a security program, data breaches with unknown causes, data breaches that...

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5 ways to recruit more women in 2017

Recruiting and retaining women in your organization starts with asking what's really important to them and then following through to make sure they get it.

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How core values shape these 5 tech giants

Every company has a vision and a mission -- and these five major tech companies are no different. The difference is their core values have helped drive their business success.

Businessman selecting a group of people.

3 things you need to know to effectively scale your team

Building out a technology team is as important as it is challenging. By simplifying your way of thinking and focusing on key areas, you can help yourself through the process.

dominic orr

Aruba President Dominic Orr retiring—Thanks for the memories

Aruba Networks President Dominic Orr has had a busy 10 years. As he prepares to retire, here’s a look at some of his accomplishments.

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Trump’s DHS pick urges more coordination on cyberthreats

As the Trump transition team – including the president-elect himself -- warms to the intelligence community's assessment on Russian election hacking, Homeland Security nominee looks to build bridge with IT industry to fight...

In-vehicle-infotainment tesla

Tesla just poached one of Apple's top engineers

Swift creator Chris Lattner will be leaving Apple to take on a new position at Tesla.

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Highest paying jobs in the U.S. -- techies take backseat to medical pros

LinkedIn Tuesday published its list of the top 20 highest paying jobs (median base salary as reported to LinkedIn Salary) in the United States, and the medical/healthcare field dominates.

gender equality scale

How workplace equality perceptions are shaped by gender

New research shows just how differently men and women perceive issues of workplace equality -- and how those perceptions shift (or don't) over time.

Tom Ridge

Former DHS head urges Trump to see economic dangers from cyberattacks

Last week's U.S. intelligence report tracing Russia's cyber-meddling with the 2016 presidential election is a timely reminder of the cybersecurity risks that the government and private companies face, said Tom Ridge, the nation's...

future city

The futility of fighting future technologies

The real face of digital disruption is the fundamental transformation of societal structures. You need to prepare for your disrupted future—and it begins with a choice.

010917blog geekiest primary

This year's 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries

This is the eleventh year I’ve compiled this particular collection of trivia, which will come in handy someday if I’m ever on Jeopardy and the category is 1980s/1990s technology and related stuff.


Smart Cities: New York

New York's smart city strategy centers around multiple small pilot projects. Computerworld pounded the Manhattan pavement to see how citizens are taking to the tech changes around them.

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Apple’s profit slump means a pay cut for Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook's total compensation took a dive for 2016, as the company missed its financial targets for the year.

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Why France’s new ‘right to disconnect’ law matters

France recently implemented a law giving workers "a right to disconnect" from email, messaging and calls after work. Here's why it's important.

010617blog legere tweet

T-Mobile’s Legere ‘rescues’ volunteer fire department, sticks finger in Verizon’s eye

Ever a social-media showman and tormenter of his competitors, T-Mobile CEO John Legere last night took to Twitter to lambaste Verizon’s decision to ding a volunteer fire company for $73,000 and offered to pick up that tab himself if...

credit report

How Hadoop helps Experian crunch credit reports

Experian is quickly crunching massive amounts of data and making it available to customers thanks to the open source software as well as microservices and API technologies.

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Outgoing presidential IT advisors offer Trump 10 tips to succeed

There'll be a to-do list from the IT department in the president's 'in' tray when Donald Trump enters the White House later this month.

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