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p_salesforce wave analytics dashboard

How Salesforce.com's Wave Analytics helps publisher track leads

Sales teams for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are using cloud software to track existing client accounts and identify new leads.

cisco global problem solver wall

Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility gets some long-deserved recognition

The work Cisco does to help communities around the world was on display and earned accolades at Cisco Live 2016.

nick carter studiogallant.com

Cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest link—your employees

Stay on top of account management and assess staff cybersecurity skills with CIS Controls 16 and 17.

outsourcing international workers

The rise of captive centers: Is it the death knell for outsourcing?

Technology, automation and big data are changing the way companies think about their outsourcing and insourcing decisions.

security padlock on keyboard locked computer stock

How to train new grads on corporate security

If you plan on hiring new grads this summer, you'll want to make sure you get them up to speed on the importance of corporate security as soon as possible -- because they aren’t as savvy as they think.

digital transformation 2

How to drive business with digital transformation

CIO Lidia Fonseca is helping lead Quest Diagnostics into lucrative new businesses, all while streamlining IT and improving the customer experience.

gop candidates

OS X code names for US election candidates

Apple marketing made OS X code names a 'thing' so why aren't they making point versions for the election candidates?

071116blog zika olympics

Athletes worried about Zika can skip Olympics, but what about tech workers?

Golfer Jordan Spieth announced this morning that he will not play in the Olympic Games because of concerns over the Zika virus, meaning the world’s top four players in his sport have now opted out of going to Brazil. Savannah...


How to marry content, business process management

Alfresco Software’s CEO Doug Dennerline discusses his company’s open source strategy, the evolution of private clouds for content management and the changing competitive landscape.

cyber insurance

Confusion over cyber insurance leads to coverage gaps

Cyber insurance may be a booming business thanks to the high-profile breaches, but the market for such policies is a complicated, say experts from SANS Institute, Advisen and PivotPoint.

looking for a new job

4 signs it's time to look for a new job

Don't wait until it's too late. Here's how to determine if it's time to polish up your résumé and start your job search.

kevin turner

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner leaves to head a financial trading company

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner is leaving after 11 years in the role. His role will be divided among five senior executives.

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3 ways to fast-track your journey to the cloud (with podcast and video)

Listen, watch and learn as FCC CIO David Bray explains how to leverage change agents when pivoting to an all-cloud environment. This free knowledge bundle features an article, video and audio.


How the FCC fast-tracked its journey to the cloud

CIO David Bray explains how he was able to move the FCC fully to the cloud a very short timeframe.

build vs buy

How to decide when to buy software and when to build it

Every company may be a software company now, but that doesn’t mean you have to build it all yourself. When can you buy the same standard apps your competitors use? Why should you invest in building your own? And when you do build, how...

network conflict 1

What security pros can learn from the networking team

In truth, your security team has a lot to learn from the networking team about how to keep the whole organization running smoothly. We spoke to networking experts to find out what they most wanted security pros to know.

consulting contract

How to contract for outsourcing agile development

The buttoned-up contracting approaches used for traditional software won’t work for outsourced agile projects. Here’s how to implement different protections for agile development agreements.

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins

Chuck Robbins sets Cisco up to take off

A look back at what Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins accomplished during his first year leading the company

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