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linux terminal tricks

10 more pointless (but awesome) Linux terminal tricks

Building on his original list of pointless but awesome Linux terminal tricks, Bryan Lunduke offers 10 more cool things you can do.

open source keyboard

The shift in open source: A new kind of platform war

Open source software has shifted to become a critical piece of any software company’s business strategy. But why?

easing fear

Open Data Platform Initiative looks to ease fears

In an effort to address concerns that the ODPi is a vendor organization designed to exert undue influence on Apache Hadoop ecosystem projects, the Linux Foundation organization announced a gold sponsorship of the ASF.

open source keyboard

What does the future of the Apache Software Foundation hold?

At Apache: Big Data North America in Vancouver next week -- alongside a huge array of keynotes, panels and tutorials -- the ASF and ODPi will host a Q&A session about their collaboration and address concerns about project independence....

stock photo

Open-source really could help get you a job, study finds

Experience in the open-source world is a valuable asset for technology job-seekers, and it’s getting more so over time, according to the latest Open-Source Jobs Report, which was published today by Dice and the Linux Foundation.

linux conference 2013 opening

Where have all the MacBooks gone at Linux conferences?

The days of open source people using MacBooks and running Mac OS seem to be ending.

linux social media 1b

Highly social Linux nerds worth following

If you're a Linux geek, you need to follow these 12 people. These are not companies or projects, but actual people, speaking for themselves, who are uniquely relevant in the Linux world.


LinuxFest Northwest 2016: Enterprises and hobbyists have a picnic

Linux and open source enthusiasts gathered to learn about DevOps, Postgres, Free Software legal issues and a host of enterprise and cloud topics.

ubuntu mate

Meet the man behind Ubuntu MATE

Bryan Lunduke talks with Martin Wimpress—the man behind Ubuntu MATE—about why he decided to make his own Linux distribution and the benefits of it compared with other desktop distros.

ubuntu wood planks

Ubuntu 16.04: A desktop for Linux diehards

Striking a balance between LTS stability and nice features, Ubuntu's Xenial Xerus is special

prince raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi beret: An ode to Prince

If only Raspberry Pi Foundation and Prince had joined forces...

ubuntu 14.04 search applications

Popular desktop Linux distro Ubuntu has potentially serious privacy flaw

A feature in the just-released 16.04 version of Ubuntu could pose a serious threat to the privacy of desktop Linux users, according to a well-known open-source software expert.

Screenshot of older version of NetworkManager

One of GNU/Linux’s most important networking components just got an update

The software framework that powers the network connections on many GNU/Linux systems just got its second major update in less than a year and a half, with the version 1.2 release of NetworkManager.

ubuntu 16.04 canonical

Meet the new Ubuntu: A Linux release tailor-made for enterprises

Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS is now out, and its extended support makes it particularly suitable for businesses. Here's an overview of what you can expect to find.

mark shuttleworth ubuntu

Mark Shuttleworth: ‘Ubuntu keeps GNU/Linux relevant’

Bryan Lunduke talks with Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder, South African entrepreneur and space tourist, about the importance of Ubuntu and why he’s dedicated much of his life toward it.

bash windows 10

How to get Bash running on Windows

Microsoft released a beta build of Windows 10 with support for running the popular Bash shell. Here's how to get it set up.


How to Set Up Bash in Windows 10

On Wednesday, Microsoft released a version of its operating system that lets users try out Linux on Windows 10. Here's how to get it set up.

first look vivaldi 1

FIRST LOOK: Vivaldi 1.0, the new web browser for the old school

The team behind Vivaldi, including Opera browser co-creator Jon von Tetzchner, is hoping that their new browser’s blend of throwback functionality and modern tech will catch on. You can download Vivaldi here on Macs, Windows or Linux,...

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