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IBM's new S822LC Linux Power server
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Linux kernel dev Sarah Sharp quits, citing ‘brutal’ communications style

A prominent Linux kernel developer announced today in a blog post that she would step down from her direct work in the kernel community, saying that the community values blunt honesty, often containing profane and personal attacks...

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Open-sourcing Windows: If I ran Microsoft, here's how I'd do it

A completely hypothetical explanation of how I, as the fictional CEO of Microsoft, would go about making Windows an Open Source OS.

AV-TEST tested16 Linux anti-virus against Windows and Linux malware

AV-Test Lab tests 16 Linux antivirus products against Windows and Linux malware

After testing 16 Linux antivirus products against Windows and Linux malware, AV-Test Lab released the results.

30 years a sysadmin

Looking back 30 years as a sysadmin

The profession -- and everything it involves -- has changed dramatically, but has been (and still is) a fun ride.

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A Linux botnet is launching crippling DDoS attacks at more than 150Gbps

The security response team from Akamai Technologies have observed multiple attacks originating from a Linux botnet recently that have ranged from a few gigabits per second to over 150.

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China's Linux-based replacement for Windows XP looks an awful lot like Windows XP

Instead of moving to Windows 10, China developed its own replacement in retaliation to Microsoft's end of support for Windows XP. The result is a Linux-based knockoff of Windows XP.

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The World We Leave Our Children: How I became a free software extremist

How the birth of my second child changed the way I feel about Free and Open Source software and privacy.


Forza open-source: Italian military to adopt LibreOffice

The Document Foundation’s Italian subsidiary, LibreItalia, said Wednesday that the Italian Ministry of Defense has agreed to adopt LibreOffice, the open-source productivity suite, in October, and that it will create its own online...

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Review: The ideal Linux laptop for power users

A review of System76's Serval laptop, an impressive Linux (Ubuntu) machine with a great price point and the specs that could accommodate heavy-duty work.


Linux Foundation's security checklist can help sysadmins harden workstations

The Linux Foundation published a list of security recommendations for hardening Linux workstations used by systems administrators.

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4 exciting things I learned at SHARE Orlando

The SHARE Orlando conference revealed some promising trends for mainframes in enterprise computing, including developments with Java, Linux for System Z, and cloud architecture.

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LinuxCon 2015 in Seattle: It's all about the servers

This year's event was surprisingly lacking in gadgets and discussions about consumer-focused Linux devices.

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32 killer games for Steam Machines and Linux

Linux games risingFor the first time in a long time, Linux gamers have a reason to smile. Gaming on the open-source operating system has long meant dabbling in Wine and arcane workarounds, but ever since Valve launched Steam for...

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Clear Choice Tests

Review: Canonical continues cloud push with Ubuntu 15.04

With its most recent release, Ubuntu 15.04 -- "Vivid Vervet" -- Canonical builds on this advantage with continued emphasis on cloud features.

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Former Google engineer revs up a new Linux filesystem

An ex-Googler is writing a file system, Bcachefs, to match the speed of traditional Linux file systems with the advanced scalability and reliability of newer file systems.

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Kicking Google out of my life, Part 7: Why I relapsed, and will again soon

I've completed my journey to remove Google's services from my life, but a few issues have forced me to relapse.

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LaaS (Linux as a Service) -- What you can expect when you build a Linux server in the cloud

Linux servers in the cloud -- cheaper and better than ever.

After Windows 8 debacle, OEMs wax rhapsodic over Windows 10

OEMs are hoping that advances features of Windows 10, such as Cortana, may encourage people to replace their older Windows 7 machines

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