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Google puts integration at the center of Chrome for Work

Chrome OS devices play nicely with other enterprise technologies, the company says

1 drone linux


Solo drone has Linux smarts, GoPro mount

The Solo drone from 3D Robotics has preset flight features like the "orbit shot" which will fly around a central point or the "selfie shot" which will fly away from the pilot while keeping him in the frame.

VMware just created its first Linux OS, and it’s container-friendly

VMware releases Project Photon as way to dispel fears that container technology could threaten virtualization giant


Meet the new leader of Debian open source project

Neil McGovern is the new leader of the Debian open source/free software project after defeating two rival contenders in a vote held among developers that closed on Wednesday. He takes over from Lucas Nussbaum, who did not seek...

the new linux

Who’s behind Linux now, and should you be afraid?

Most Linux kernel code isn’t developed by who you might think. Here’s a closer look at why this matters.

elementary OS team releases 'Freya,' a Linux distro you'll want to see

With Freya, elementary introduces a seriously impressive consumer-focused Linux distribution.

Windows 10 sign WIDE version

A Linux user tries out Windows 10

I did the unthinkable – left Linux behind and lived in the Windows 10 technical preview as my primary computing environment. Here's what I learned.

032715 gnome screenshot

GNOME 3.16 release brings great new apps, notifications

The most noteworthy new updates in GNOME 3.16.

Microsoft prepares Windows 10 for panoply of sensors

A unified sensor interface will allow Windows 10 devices to support a slew of new environmental, biometric, proximity and motion sensors

angry linux

Linux users alarmed over Windows 10 lockout

Windows 10 will come with an optional – instead of mandatory – off switch for safe boot, and that has Linux users concerned.

linux intro

Seven killer Linux apps that will change how you work

Here are seven killer Linux office productivity apps you may not know about.

031615 dell m3800 laptop ubuntu

Review: Dell's Ubuntu-powered M3800 Mobile Workstation is a desktop destroyer

I finally got my hands on Dell's M3800 Mobile Workstation and found an impressive machine.

Linux ‘code of conflict’ takes aim at developers’ bad-tempered reputation

The world of Linux kernel development can be a contentious place. But a “patch” authored by senior developer Greg Kroah-Hartman is looking to raise the tone a bit.

open source 3

How 2 Legal Cases May Decide the Future of Open Source Software

The open source universe may soon be less collaborative and more litigious. Two cases now in the courts could open the legal floodgates.

tux business

Demand for Linux jobs shooting up fast

The Linux Foundation released a report this week that says employees with Linux skills are in high demand, with hiring managers working hard to bring them in.

Red Hat strips down for Docker

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host contains only the tools needed for developing and running Docker containers

Docker buys SDN start-up for container networking

Linux container company Docker this week said it would acquire SDN start-up SocketPlane, a developer of a native networking stack for Docker software.

software releases

The contradictions of software releases and updates

Keeping up with the new features of software releases and upgrades is becoming more and more difficult.

Ubuntu Xfce and Chrome OS running simultaneously

How to run Linux and Chrome OS on your Chromebook

Love your Chromebook, but want to run Linux programs too? Here’s how to run Linux and Chrome OS on your Chromebook simultaneously.

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