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32 killer games for Steam Machines and Linux

It's taken a long time and the promise of SteamOS, but more and more big-name games are finally becoming Linux natives. Here's a sampling.

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Review: Canonical continues cloud push with Ubuntu 15.04

With its most recent release, Ubuntu 15.04 -- "Vivid Vervet" -- Canonical builds on this advantage with continued emphasis on cloud features.

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Former Google engineer revs up a new Linux filesystem

An ex-Googler is writing a file system, Bcachefs, to match the speed of traditional Linux file systems with the advanced scalability and reliability of newer file systems.

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Kicking Google out of my life, Part 7: Why I relapsed, and will again soon

I've completed my journey to remove Google's services from my life, but a few issues have forced me to relapse.

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LaaS (Linux as a Service) -- What you can expect when you build a Linux server in the cloud

Linux servers in the cloud -- cheaper and better than ever.

After Windows 8 debacle, OEMs wax rhapsodic over Windows 10

OEMs are hoping that advances features of Windows 10, such as Cortana, may encourage people to replace their older Windows 7 machines


Ultimate guide to Raspberry Pi operating systems, part 1

Since we published a roundup of 10 Raspberry Pi operating systems the number of choices has exploded.

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Linux Foundation gathers heavy hitters for containerization orchestration body

Another day, another foundation. In this instance, it's a new body that is being formed to drive standards in the way organizations use containers for their cloud applications. So what's going on here?

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Open source experts sound off on Canonical's IP policy reaching GPL compliance

I spoke with several experts on free and open source software about the implications of the latest developments with Canonical's IP policy, its impact on Ubuntu licensing, and how the open source world in general is going to react.

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Kicking Google out of my life, Part 6: Why I prefer DuckDuckGo for search

In my ongoing quest to eradicate Google from my digital life, I turn to replacing the world's leading search engine with DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused alternative that supports Open Source software.

Red Hat pushing hard beyond Linux in the data center

Red Hat is looking to expand its open source products across the infrastructure hardware stack.

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Kicking Google out of my life, Part 5: Replacing Google Docs and Drive

The next step in my mission to remove Google services from my digital life turns to Google Drive and Docs.

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Ouster of Kubuntu founder leaves its future in doubt

A disagreement between the founder of Kubuntu and the Ubuntu Community Council has roiled the Linux community and left the project rudderless, as Jonathan Riddell left Kubuntu’s governing body late last month.

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Turning Windows users into Linux users with MakuluLinux Aero

The problem for many users is that most Linux distros pose a steep learning curve simply because they’re habituated to the way Windows looks and feels and most distros don’t look or feel anything like Windows. If this is the kind of...

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Kicking Google out of my life, Part 4: Goodbye, Gmail

Here are some alternative email services to Gmail, and the one that I picked while trying to kick Google services out of my digital life.

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Kicking Google out of my life: Day 1

Just to see if I can do it, I'm removing every trace of Google in my digital life. Easier said than done.

Samsung teams with Red Hat to build enterprise apps

The apps will run on Red Hat's new mobile application platform

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Scenes from Red Hat Summit 2015

Here’s what Boston’s Hynes Convention Center looks like as we count down to kickoff for Red Hat Summit 2015.

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