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How to use GNU's aspell to fix spelling errors in files

The GNU aspell tool is a very clever utility for not only checking your spelling, but also fixing it.

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Unix: Dealing with signals

Signals on Unix systems are critical to the way processes live and die. This article looks at how they're generated, how they work, and how processes receive or block them.

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True random numbers are here — what that means for data centers

The Entropy Engine can deliver 350 Mbps of true random numbers—enough to give a data center enough random data to dramatically improve all cryptographic processes.

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Unix: How random is random?

On Unix systems, there are many ways to generate random numbers and many important roles that random data plays.

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39% off Exploring Raspberry Pi: Interfacing to the Real World with Embedded Linux, Paperback - Deal Alert

The innovators guide to bringing Raspberry Pi to life. This book favors engineering principles over a 'recipe' approach to give you the skills you need to design and build your own projects. You'll understand the fundamental...

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Unix’s mysterious && and ||

The Unix shell's && and || operators have some interesting and not-so-obvious behaviors.

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10 Most important open source networking projects

Increasing demands on the network to scale to unprecedented levels and at the same time become more customized to specific use cases has led to the emergence of new networking technology. As new ways of applying software to control...

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Viewing Linux output in columns

The column command can reformat the output from various commands to make it more useful or appealing

Lenovo P320 Tiny workstation

Lenovo's new workstation is indeed 'Tiny' but packs a punch

Windows users working in tight spaces who are looking for a small form factor workstation with multiple display ports and solid processing power have a new contender in the market to check out: the new ThinkStation P320 Tiny.

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How to keep Linux from hanging up on you

Want a process to keep running even after you log off? No problem. Use nohup. It's easy.

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Improving on history—the Linux history command, that is

Ready to make the Linux history command work harder to serve your needs? Let's look at some new tricks you might want to shove up your sleeve.

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What the jot command can do for you

The jot command is very handy for generating lists of numbers or characters in almost any way you might imagine

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Dealing with NIST's about-face on password complexity

NIST's new guidelines for password complexity have reversed many of rules on what defines a good password

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SQL Server 2017 on Linux boosts efficiency for analytics firm

Financial analyticis firm dvo1 gains SQL Server benefits while continuing its use of Linux servers with its early use of SQL Server 2017 in its network.

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The problem with Linux packaging in large organizations

Until the Linux world standardizes on a single package format across all distributions, we have AppImage, FlatPak and Open Build Service to make our lives a little easier.


The complexity of password complexity

Password complexity settings on Linux systems is a lot more interesting -- and complex -- than it might appear.

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The ultimate Linux Trojan horse: Windows Subsystem for Linux

With Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), organizations can now run Linux distributions such as Fedora, openSUSE and Ubuntu on Windows.

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Building Linux-powered devices, part 1: Making my Linux-only world a reality

To live in a Linux-only world, you have to build the devices yourself. In step one of his journey, Bryan Lunduke prepares to build a Linux-powered handheld game console.

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