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elementary os loki

elementary OS 0.4: Review and interview with the founder

Brian Lunduke reviews elementary OS 0.4 (Loki) and talks with its founder, Daniel Foré, about the best features of the open source operating system.

6 reasons to try Linux today

There's never been a better time to give Linux a try on your PC. Here's why.

google graveyard 2016 1

Google Graveyard: What Google has killed in 2016

Google+ lives on, but many other Google offerings will no longer be able to say that by the end of 2016. Pay your respects at the Google Graveyard 2016.

linux command line tools 1

7 Linux command line tools you didn’t know you need

The Linux world offers an incredible range of free and open source tools to do everything you can think of and lots of things you probably haven’t ever thought of. In this roundup we highlight seven command line utilities you probably...

linus torvalds

Why Linux pioneer Linus Torvalds prefers x86 over ARM

At last week's Linaro Connect conference, Linus Torvalds preferred x86 because of the supporting ecosystem and infrastructure, something ARM lacks.

Linux Tux

Happy 25th once again to Linux, 'the little OS that definitely could'

Aug. 25 may be Linux's official birthday, but Oct. 5 is in many ways the day it began to make a real mark on the world.


Down the rabbit hole, part 3: Linux and Tor are key to ensuring privacy, security

In his quest for online privacy and security, Bryan Lunduke chooses Linux operating system openSUSE and Tor for connecting to the internet.


Unix tips: Saving time by repeating history

Clever use of history commands to help you move faster on the Unix command line.


LXLE: A Linux distro to give new life to old hardware

LXLE: A fast, stripped down Linux distro designed to give new life to old hardware.

open source 2

Down the rabbit hole, part 2: To ensure security and privacy, open source is required

As Bryan Lunduke embarks on the quest to make his digital life as private and secure as possible, he’s decided open source software is the only way.

eye on computer monitor showing privacy security or breach

Down the rabbit hole, part 1: Making my life private and secure

Bryan Lunduke embarks on a new ‘experiment in computering’: to make life as private and secure as possible while remaining digitally connected.

angry linux

Lenovo laptops refuse to run Linux due to storage woes, not Microsoft evildoing

Lenovo's Windows 10 PCs can't run Linux due to RAID storage conflicts, not Microsoft intervention.

Omega2 computer

Start-up sells a stamp-sized Linux server for $5

A wildly popular Indiegogo campaign is offering early birds the world's smallest Linux server, with Wi-Fi built in for IoT applications, for $5.

dell xps13

Windows 10 haters: Try Linux on Kaby Lake chips with Dell's new XPS 13

Rejoice Linux fans; the OS will work on laptops with Intel's Kaby Lake chips.

linux pride 7

Linux's lack of software is a myth

If you think Linux lacks software, Bryan Lunduke is here to tell you you’re wrong. There’s nothing you can’t do on a Linux-powered computer.

wirelss led lights

The scourge of LEDs everywhere: Readers speak out

An overabundance of blinking, beaming LEDs on network and other gear is driving sysadmins and others crazy, and some are doing something about it.

Satya Nadella Microsoft Linux

Azure Service Fabric enters public beta for Linux workloads

Developers who want help running Linux- and Java-based microservice applications will have a new Microsoft service to take for a spin, starting later this month.


Debian Stable 8.5: Like Ubuntu's early days

Debian Stable 8.5 is a stable and fast Linux distribution, but it’s a bit stale.

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