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Apple’s profit slump means a pay cut for Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook's total compensation took a dive for 2016, as the company missed its financial targets for the year.


Mac’s share falls to five-year low

Apple's Mac share of personal computers worldwide fell to a five-year low in last month.

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The downside of buying used gear via Glyde

Glyde and other computer equipment resellers are convenient, but they have their risks.

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Apple's 10 biggest wins, fails, and WTF moments of 2016

New iPhones, new MacBooks, and new Apple Watches were bright spots in an otherwise gloomy year of sliding iPhone sales and a legal battle with the FBI.

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The products Apple discontinued in 2016

We fondly remember the products and technologies that Apple decided to end this past year.

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Save on Steam Gaming Gear With These Active Discounts - Deal Alert

If you're into Steam Gaming, or know somebody who is, you should consider these deals currently active on Steam gear.

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Apple is dedicated to the Mac desktop. And it's not.

Conflicting reports paint a contrasting picture of Apple’s support for the Mac desktop.

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Apple shortens annual iTunes Connect holiday shutdown

Apple has alerted app developers that it will not be accepting new app or app update submissions from Dec. 23-27, so the clock is ticking...


IDG Editors predict tech trends for 2017

Top editors from IDG Enterprise brands Computerworld, Network World, CIO and CSO chime in with their thoughts and predictions for enterprise technology trends in the upcoming year. From Apple to VR, we've got thoughts on what will be...

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Tim Cook reaffirms Apple's commitment to the Mac, in response to growing doubt

No major upgrades are planned for 2017.


No porn for you, South Carolina, if newly proposed bill becomes law

The newly proposed Human Trafficking Prevent Act would block porn on newly purchased computers, tablets and phones capable of accessing the internet.

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15% off Zeceen Metal USB Lightning Cable, Virtually Indestructible and Weather Resistant - Deal Alert

This cable comes with a sturdy Zinc alloy Connector and a high-strength yet fully flexible stainless steel jacket spring wire – a design that promises not to disintegrate even under extreme conditions like bad weather or rough...

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There's Still Time! Go Here For Last Minute Deals That Will Ship Fast - Deal Alert

Amazon ships fast, so head to their "last minute deals" page and pick yourself some winners right now, before the 2-day shipping window closes for good.

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Top Apple stories of 2016

The top 15 Apple news stories from 2016 include the release of iPhone 7, Apple’s battle with the FBI and a first-time-ever drop in iPhone sales.

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Apple's macOS file encryption easily bypassed without the latest fixes

Without the macOS update released this week, Apple's disk encryption can be easily bypassed by connecting a specially crafted device to a locked Macbook.

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2016: The year of tech products nobody wanted

According to Bryan Lunduke, the worst tech products released in 2016 include the new MacBook Pro, a cell phone face harness, the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel XL.

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Surface Book i7 vs. MacBook Pro: Fight!

We pit the newest and best PC laptops against Apple's latest models in a knock-down, drag-out benchmark brawl.

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Firefox recovers from near-death experience

Mozilla's Firefox backed further from the brink last month, and Mac owners continued to abandon Apple's Safari, new data showed.

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