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The history of ransomware

See more than 20 variants of these attacks through the years.

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Getting a handle on spam emanating from generic top-level domains

Generic top-level domains are often used for spam and malware attacks. There are steps they can take, though, to reduce the amount.

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Stopping ransomware in its tracks

Monitoring PCs for files that are starting to become encrypted is enough to alert CryptoDrop that something is wrong. The software then simply shuts down the ransomware.

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Omni Hotels' new CIO shores up cybersecurity amid data breach

Following the infiltration of the hotel chain’s network with payment card-stealing malware, Omni is looking to use analytics software to detect and quarantine attacks.

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Malware infections drop in first half of 2016

Malware infections in the U.S. dropped by 47% in the first half of 2006, according to Enigma Software. However, ransomware infections rose.

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Fake Olympic tickets and Zika news apps scam users

These days not a headline goes by without some cybercriminal jumping all over it. Now, with the Olympics coming up and travelers wary of the Zika virus, scammers are creating fake websites and apps to steal money or to infect users...

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Why you shouldn't pay the ransomware fee

While most of the decision makers would likely prefer to hear a simple yes or no when asking if they should pay, nothing in security is simple. By and large, the position of many leaders in the industry is that the ideal situation is...

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Bugs & Bugs: As in, the software kind -- and insects

Bugs & Bugs: Gypsy Moth invasion, cyborg locusts, Zero Days -- the movie, bug problems for Lenovo, Symantec & others, and super interesting research from New York University & others aimed at reducing software bugs

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Stuxnet the movie: The U.S. has pwned Iran

The new documentary about Stuxnet, ‘Zero Days’, says the U.S. had a far larger cyber operation against Iran called Nitro Zeus that has compromised the country’s infrastructure and could be used as a weapon in any future war.

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Confusion over cyber insurance leads to coverage gaps

Cyber insurance may be a booming business thanks to the high-profile breaches, but the market for such policies is a complicated, say experts from SANS Institute, Advisen and PivotPoint.

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Study: More than 50% of SMBs were breached in the past year

"Negligent employees or contractors and third parties caused most data breaches," according to the report. "However, almost one-third of companies in this research could not determine the root cause."

Operationalizing threat intelligence

Four steps enterprises must take before they can integrate threat intelligence into their overall cybersecurity strategies

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The new internet domains are a wasteland

The new DNS top-level domains have been taken over by spammers and malware attackers.

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Hillary Clinton's tech agenda draws cheers from IT industry

Presumptive Democratic nominee calls for investments in STEM education, cybersecurity and job training, pledging to make an open Internet a cornerstone of her administration's diplomacy.

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Hackers are coming for your healthcare records -- here’s why

Because patient information can be so lucrative, healthcare organizations and insurance companies are being targeted by hackers and should expect to eventually suffer a security breach.

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Why CIOs should care about click fraud

Click fraud is more than just a marketing problem. It presents a real security risk to your organization, experts say. CIOs need to know their enemy.

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MEDJACK 2: Old malware used in new medical device hijacking attacks to breach hospitals

Report reveals how attackers are using old malware in new medical device hijacking attacks to create backdoors into hospital networks.

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IRS kills electronic filing PIN feature due to repeated attacks

After repeated attacks, the Internal Revenue Service has decided to retire a Web-based tool for obtaining PINs that taxpayers could use to file tax returns electronically.

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