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Microsoft CEO takes a collaborative approach to cybersecurity

Microsoft CEO Nadella talks of company's role in an ‘ecosystem,’ saying partnerships and top-to-bottom protection and detection critical to battle emerging security threats.

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Holiday scams that will be donning your inbox soon

Every year someone falls for something that is just too good to be true. Make sure your users are up to date on the latest social engineering scams this holiday season.

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CISO proposes cybersecurity co-op to fend off hackers

The CISO of Rockwell Automation thinks a cybersecurity co-operative, comprised of top information security engineers from several companies, could serve as a salve to the talent shortage and also offer and an improvement over managed...

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What security leaders need to know about breach communication

Leigh Nakanishi shares the approach security leaders need to prepare for their turn to communicate and coordinate during a breach

Cybersecurity Lessons Learned from the 9/11 Commission Report

Organizations must move beyond misaligned goals, poor collaboration, and organizational intransigence that hamper cybersecurity efforts at enterprise organizations.


How GhostSec takes on ISIS

In September, Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes interviewd WauchulaGhost, spokesperson for, about the group's efforts in taking down ISIS accounts and websites. The full 30-minute interview is presented here.

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Closing the cybersecurity talent gap, one woman at a time

The severe shortage of cybersecurity talent is leaving the U.S. vulnerable to attacks. Women, in particular, are key to closing both the security skills gap.

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Anonymous just might make all the difference in attacking ISIS

The hacking group’s activities have always seemed dubious, but in this case, success will be quite welcome.

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Three indicted in JPMorgan hacking case

On Tuesday, Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara's office unsealed an indictment against three individuals charged with hacking several financial institutions, financial news publishers, and other companies.

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Need for cyber-insurance heats up, but the market remains immature

CIOs are scrambling to purchase cyber-insurance, but the need may be outpacing a market that continues to evolve in the face of significant cyberattacks.

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Comcast resets nearly 200,000 passwords after customer list goes on sale

Over the weekend, a reader directed Salted Hash to a post on a Dark Web marketplace selling a number of questionable, if not outright illegal goods. The post in question offered a list of 590,000 Comcast email addresses and...

The Return of AV Leaders?

Intel Security, Sophos, Symantec, Trend Micro, and Webroot have extended endpoint security products for advanced malware prevention, detection, and response.


Irari Report: ISIS using U.S. hosting services to avoid intelligence agencies

In the first segment of The Irari Report interview with WauchulaGhost, leader of the hacktivist group GhostSec, which has been taking down ISIS operations and actually credited with stopping terrorist attacks, Ira Winkler and Araceli...

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Good news for hackers: People still plug found USB sticks into their computers

Of 200 USB sticks distributed at public places in Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., earlier this year, 17% wound up plugged into computers – some of them by IT pros - where they could have done all sorts of...

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UK police arrest second teenager over TalkTalk hacking

An investigation into the leaking of the personal information of 4 million customers of UK telecommunications operator TalkTalk has prompted the arrest of a second teenager.

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Users fail to identify phishing attacks, study says

Computer users are good at detecting malware, but not phishing, research has found. So scientists want to completely revolutionize how phishing is detected. They have a unique idea.

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How CSC can help build your InfoSec framework

Critical Security Controls is a set of best practices devised by the Center for Internet Security, a nonprofit dedicated to improving cybersecurity in the public and private sectors.

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Sony BMG Rootkit Scandal: 10 Years Later

Hackers really have had their way with Sony over the past year, taking down its Playstation Network last Christmas Day and creating an international incident by exposing confidential data from Sony Pictures Entertainment in response...

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