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Legislation of privacy security keyboard law legal gavel

Celebrity hacker Guccifer's confession gives us all a lesson in security

A Romanian hacker known online as Guccifer pleaded guilty to hacking into 100 email and social media accounts belonging to American citizens, including former high-ranking government officials.

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State Department argues against ‘cyber arms’ treaty

Senior State Department official says cyber is fundamentally different than any sort of conventional military or diplomatic arena, urges ongoing and multilateral development of ‘norms’ in global Internet talks.

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Regulators: cybersecurity poses biggest risk to global financial system

Last week, the chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission called cybersecurity the biggest risk facing the global financial industry. The SEC promises to step up regulation and Swift itself is expected to launch a new cyber...

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Five arrested for impersonating the IRS, listen to a recorded scam in progress

Five people have been arrested in Miami who are said to be responsible for scamming 1,500 people out of more than $2 million by impersonating IRS agents. Their scams centered on contacting individual taxpayers out of the blue and...

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How to avoid phishing attacks

Eyal Benishti, CEO of IronScales, provides some best practices to raise employee awareness and mitigate phishing risks. Remember, cyber criminals are lazy. If your organization is a tough nut to crack, they will move on to find more...

Cloud security: A mismatch for existing security processes and technology

Enterprises use, but often abandon, traditional security controls to protect cloud-based applications and workloads.

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Cybercriminal business model vulnerable to intervention

Cybercrime may be booming but its business model is vulnerable on many fronts, according to a new report.

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Terrorists opt for consumer tools

Terrorists abuse legitimate technology for their own gain

Next-generation endpoint security market bifurcation

The new endpoint security market will remain forked between advanced prevention and endpoint detection and response (EDR) products.


Security Sessions: Unique security challenges for healthcare IT

In the latest episode of CSO's Security Sessions, CSO Editor-in-Chief Joan Goodchild sits down with Ellen Derrico from RES to discuss some of the unique security challenges that healthcare IT have to overcome. Topics include...

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The sport of threat hunting, and who should be in the game

"Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game." - According to Field and Stream magazine, this is an oft quoted hunting expression. I couldn’t resist the irony of applying this quote to the cyber...

SmartFile video interview Interop 2016

Catch up on Interop 2016 with these videos

From architecture to Wi-Fi issues, Interop interviews with networking and security experts.

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UK court declines to force alleged British hacker to decrypt his data

The U.K.'s National Crime Agency (NCA) failed in its attempt to use what critics described as a legal backdoor to force a suspected hacker to provide the decryption key for his data.

High-demand cybersecurity skill sets

Specialized cybersecurity skills around cloud computing represent the biggest gap.

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Lenovo software has a major security risk

The Lenovo Solution Center, found on every Lenovo PC, is susceptible to a malware exploit. A fix is available for download.


Why ransomware works so well

At Interop 2016, Network World chats with John Pironti, president of IP Architects, about why ransomware is on the rise, and why many consumers and businesses are paying the ransom.


Early warning signs of a DDoS attack

At Interop 2016, Avi Freedman, CEO of Kentik, chats with Network World about why Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are still popular with hackers, why they still work, and some of the signs that an attack may soon commence....


Methods hackers use to attack DNS

At 2016 Interop, Cloudmark Engineering Director Angela Knox talks with Network World about several different ways that hackers go after DNS as part of other malicious attacks. Knox explains the methods for DNS ID hacking, spoofing,...

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