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WannaCry was a Windows 7 phenomenon

The weakness of Windows 7’s Defender was partly to blame for the WannaCry ransomware outbreak.

Splunk's position on SOAPA – Part 1

Splunk's senior vice president of security markets, Haiyan Song, talks about security technology integration, Splunk’s strategy and customer benefits.

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EternalRocks network worm uses 7 NSA hacking tools

At least one person is leveraging seven Shadow Brokers-leaked NSA hacking tools for a new EternalRocks network worm.

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Microsoft to NSA: WannaCry is your fault

Microsoft’s top lawyer said government’s stockpiling of malware is the reason why the WannaCry ransomware attack happened.

Self-propagating ransomware: What the WannaCry ransomworm means for you

Many IT professionals were caught by surprise by WannaCry largely because they didn't expect ransomware to spread across their networks on its own.

WannaCry makes me want to cry!

Some random thoughts on the causes and ramifications of the WannaCry ransomware attack—the biggest cybersecurity incident in years

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Why WannaCry won’t change anything

Despite the damage and uproar over the massive WannaCry ransomware attack, it’ll take a lot more before the world take security seriously.

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Shadow Brokers announce monthly data dump service

Shadow Brokers says the dumps may include NSA-linked exploits for Windows 10, routers, compromised data from nuke programs and SWIFT providers.

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Cybercrooks fight over DDoS attack resources

As more groups get into the denial-of-service attack business they're starting to get in each other's way, according to a report released this morning. That translates into a smaller average attack size.

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8 ways to manage an internet or security crisis

IT, communications and security experts share tips on what to do when your business is hit with an IT-related disaster, such as a cyberattack, an ecommerce site crash or a software failure.

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Another IoT botnet with pieces of Mirai embedded can do DDoS from 100k devices

Bot-herding software called Persirai, which incorporates pieces of the Mirai botnet code, can commandeer significant chunks of a known 150,000 IP cameras that are vulnerable to Mirai and use them to fire off distributed...

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FCC should produce logs to prove ‘multiple DDoS attacks’ stopped net neutrality comments

Fight for the Future says the FCC should produce its logs to prove its claim that "multiple DDoS attacks" silenced net neutrality comments.

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HandBrake mirror server hacked to serve up Proton RAT for Macs

If you have a Mac and recently downloaded HandBrake from a mirror server, there is a 50/50 chance your Mac is infected with the Proton RAT.

Are next-generation firewalls legacy technology?

While network firewalls continue to anchor security, requirements are changing and next-generation firewall (NGFW) functionality is migrating elsewhere.

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Fatboy ransomware adjusts demands based on local price of a Big Mac

A new ransomware-for-hire scheme called Fatboy adjusts the ransom it charges based on international exchange rates so it’s more likely the victims get hit for the largest amount they can reasonably pay.

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Face it: Enterprise cyberattacks are going to happen

There are now so many cyberattacks that many enterprises simply accept that hackers will find ways to break into their systems. Companies are combining new and old methods to thwart the bad guys.

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Barracuda protects industrial IoT with network-based firewall

Industrial IoT systems using open communication protocols may be vulnerable to attacks through TCP Port 502. Barracuda's NextGen Firewalls can help protect against that.

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Data breaches: It’s still personal

Data breaches for the first half of 2016 shifted from stolen credit card data and financial information to the theft of something more personal—identities.

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