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Humans are (still) the weakest cybersecurity link

Companies are regularly compromised by social engineering schemes, such as phishing and ransomware. Here’s what they can do prevent attacks and, if that’s too late, mitigate the damage.

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We're all responsible for combating fake news

In the darkness of fake news and phishing, it’s our job to shed a little light and equip employees with the skills to navigate treacherous waters.

Cybersecurity remains an elusive business priority

Most organizations are increasing cybersecurity spending and elevating cybersecurity issues to the board level but still struggle with the cybersecurity skills shortage.

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Cybercrime—from inside an Ohio prison

Ohio prison inmates turned e-waste into working PCs and connected them to the prison network—then went on a cybercrime spree.

SOAPA services opportunities abound

Similar to the rise of ERP in the 1990s, we are about to see a cybersecurity services boom around Security Operations and Analytics (SOAPA).

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Major zero-day flaw found in Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word vulnerability is exploited via attached .rtf files. If you click on it, malware is installed without you knowing. A fix is in the latest Patch Tuesday release.

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Hacked Dallas sirens get extra encryption to fend off future attacks

Dallas city officials have added extra encryption to bolster the security of outdoor warning sirens hacked early Saturday.

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7 steps to avoid getting hooked by phishing scams

Here are seven simple steps that will safeguard you and your business from phishing attacks.

People, process and technology challenges with security operations

Large organizations need to focus on formalizing processes, implementing intelligent security technologies, training staff and modifying the organization.

internet of things

The IoT of bricks: Someone is bricking insecure IoT devices

BrickerBot takes IoT security into its own hands. It finds vulnerable IoT devices and disables them, creating potentially dangerous situations.

8 code driven security

Startup founded by FireEye alum goes after FireEye

SlashNext, a startup formed by a former FireEye engineer, uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and prevent threats from causing harm.

The 'new' McAfee

Security veteran McAfee has ample opportunity to prosper again with the right investment and focus.

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McAfee: Trend indicates 2017 will be bumper year for new malware

A cycle of increasing new malware is well underway and could last the rest of this year if a trend established over the past two years continues.

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IT leaders share how they quell cybersecurity attacks

Three IT executives discuss their greatest cybersecurity fears and some of their favorite tools they use to quell them.

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Knowing when a trusted insider becomes a threat

The time has come to pay serious attention to new ways of identifying and preventing such insider threats early on.


Here's where to buy the Bitcoins to pay a ransom

Ransomware grew into a $1 billion industry last year, and ransom payments now account for nearly 10 percent of the entire Bitcoin economy. Avoiding becoming part of that statistic requires good endpoint security and effective backups....

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5 biggest cybersecurity questions answered

The five most important cybersecurity tactics everyone should know to keep their personal information safe and secure while online

kaboom election hacking

Russian hacking goes far beyond 2016 pro-Trump effort

As the Senate Intelligence Committee begins the public phase of its investigation, experts warn of the sweeping scope of Russian hacking and disinformation efforts to advance foreign policy objectives. Cites prominent lawmakers Rubio...

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