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Dutch authorities fine Uber €10,000 a pop

So far, the Dutch government doesn't seem very vigilant in cracking down on Uber

Dropbox for Windows Phone hints at Microsoft's cross-platform future

The two companies are competing and collaborating on PC, tablet and smartphone integration

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Next up for Microsoft: Close the app gap

While eyes will be on Microsoft today as it touts Windows 10 for consumers, the company's Build developer conference in three months will be just as important to the upgrade's future.

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10 mobile startups to watch

Here are the soft, developing new themes in the thunderous mobile symphony.

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Leading app stores see dramatic increase in business apps

Business apps were among the most popular apps in 2014 in both Google Play and the Apple App Store, according to a new report on app store growth. And 2015 promises even more apps aimed at business users.

Twitter to tour the world teaching developers how to build apps

The events are focused on learning how to use Twitter's Fabric mobile app kit

Say ‘Queso:’ Next version of Google Translate app adds instant visual translation

The mobile version of Google Translate is about to get two impressive new features.

UK prime minister suggests banning encrypted apps like WhatsApp, iMessage

Having access to people's communications is vital for combating terrorism, David Cameron says

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Can't wait for Apple iOS 9?

If the latest incremental version of Apple iOS 8 hitting the beta stage this week has you hankering for even more, check out one designer's vision for what iOS 9 could bring to iPhone and iPad users.

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iPhone separation anxiety is really a thing, researchers say

Some claim clutching your iPhone at all times can be a distraction, but new research shows that being without your precious smartphone can also make you lose focus.

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App Store in January sets new records for downloads and revenue

Apple's App Store in 2015 is already off to a record-breaking start.


What's Next: 2015 Big Tech News Calendar

I'll attempt to keep this calendar updated on a rolling basis by listing events of interest to enterprise IT pros

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10 popular iPhone apps you should delete

Screen after screen, folder after folder, app after app, the iPhone has become the new enabler for the mobile hoarder. For the New Year, though, many iPhone addicts have vowed to break or at least temper this fixation. If you’re...


Why software vendors should disclose their apps' bandwidth consumption

Bandwidth is power, and it should be treated as such.

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Startup Reddo Mobility gets $4.25M to give Windows apps a second wind

Windows desktop applications aren’t going to disappear from enterprises overnight, but if Reddo Mobility has its way, many of them will morph into mobilized ones sooner than later.

Amsterdam traffic controllers offer commuters personalized route advice

Dutch traffic control will use a mobile app to control traffic flows and keep things moving on Amsterdam's busy roads

Apple Watch: A billboard for ads on the wrist?

TapSense, a mobile ad exchange, launches a platform for Apple's new device

Apple declined Sony offer to host "The Interview" on iTunes

Apple recently turned down an offer to host the controversial film "The Interview" on iTunes

Microsoft helps boost Android, iOS app performance with offline access

The company is offering a new developer tool to make offline access easier to implement

Uber temporarily suspends service in Portland

The move comes following a lawsuit from the city against Uber

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