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Twilio rolls out mobile communications platform and add-on marketplace

Twilio, one of the poster children for modular application development, ups the mobile ante; partners with T-Mobile to offer Twilio Programmable Wireless.


Instagram's redesign: Why do we hate it?

From Uber to Instagram, the surprising reason why we freak out every time an app gets a new redesign.

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6 ways to add a second line to your smartphone

Whether you're running a small business or just looking to improve your BYOD situation, there's an app that can help.


Stale beer no more: This app can tell you when it's past its prime

There's a good chance your tastebuds would tell you when you're drinking stale beer, but now science has come to the rescue to spare them that pain.

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6 Google I/O announcements Apple fans should care about

This week, Google revealed two upcoming apps for iOS, a clever home appliance, plus a VR platform and machine-learning hardware that could give us a hint at what Apple might be working on.

Google I/O 2016: Every Android app – really – is coming to Chrome

Google’s bringing its entire Android mobile app library to Chromebooks – the company announced today at its annual I/O developer conference, thanks to an innovative system of containerization.

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Google is bringing Android apps to Chromebooks

Google announced Thursday morning that its Play Store will be coming to Chrome OS, the lightweight operating system that powers Chromebook laptops.

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Google doubles down on the enterprise at I/O

Google says the enterprise represents a largely untapped opportunity for the company, and at this week's Google I/O conference it shared its strategy to corner the business market.

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Google dives into the future with a focus on A.I.

With much of what Google announced during the first day of its I/O developer conference focused on helping users answer questions before they even think of them, artificial intelligence is proving critical for the company's strategy.

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85% off Foundations of Front-End Development Course - Deal Alert

This course covers the basic programming concepts and languages required for creating engaging websites from scratch. It's $199 list price has been dramatically discounted to just $29.

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Kinvey mobilizes SAP apps

Kinvey has an answer for IT organizations running on SAP but need some mobile love—Mobile Data Connect.

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A new app from SAP helps line managers keep track of their budgets

It's not always easy for line-of-business managers to get a real-time view into budget and spending, but a new mobile app from SAP aims to change all that.

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Nearly all App Store sales come from a handful of vendors

Approximately 94% of all revenue on the store came from only the top 1% of U.S. publishers on the iOS App Store.


How to watch Google I/O 2016

Plenty of options for staying up-to-the-minute with Google’s annual, developer soiree.

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Geek-themed Meme: a gamer’s lament

Not being much of a gamer, I consulted with a few teenagers regarding this installment of our Geek-Themed Meme of the Week series, and, yes, it would seem that this is a common complaint.

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WhatsApp finally comes to PC and Mac

The instant messenger tool now allows communication between desktops and smartphones.

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Popular messaging apps present real enterprise threat

CIOs and other IT professionals need to strategically manage the use of today's popular consumer messaging apps in the enterprise. While that process can be a challenge, it's possible to protect your business without blocking all...


Android users can now quickly translate text in any app

Google has now made it possible for a wide variety of Android users to get text translated in any app on their phone.

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