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mis 047 whatcanhappentocompanies

What happens to companies that depend on the iPhone?

What the iPhone giveth, the iPhone taketh away.

Samsung Dex dock in use

Review: Samsung Dex nearly nails smartphone-as-desktop

Difficult setup and hardware issues mar an otherwise successful marriage of a smartphone to the traditional desktop experience

Bharat Interface for Money

In India, people can now use their thumbs to pay at stores

In its bid to boost digital payments, India introduced Bhim, a smartphone app that lets users make cashless payments and transfer funds.

Apple Clips First Look

Hands-on with Apple's new video-editing app, Clips

How does Clips compare to Snapchat when it comes to making fun videos? We put Apple's new app to the test.

Android and Windows logos

7 ways Android and Windows 10 can work well together

You can sync reminders between an Android device and a Windows 10 PC, share files and more – if you have the right apps. We’ll tell you how to make it work.

boost productivity overworked

8 great small business productivity and collaboration apps

Entrepreneurs and project managers share their favorite apps for staying organized and productive.

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DevOps—The path to sustainable competitive advantages

DevOps strategies can help companies deliver digital experiences quickly. This speed brings organizations closer to their customer and more in tune with their needs.

Mobile marketing apps

5 strategies to create meaningful mobile engagement with customers

For a mobile engagement plan to be effective, interactions with customers must be meaningful. Here are five best practices to ensure your mobile strategy works.

App dev trends going hot -- and cold

21 hot programming trends—and 21 going cold

Hot or not? From the web to the motherboard to the training ground, get the scoop on what's in and what's out in app dev

trucking and mobile app development

How a trucking company sped up mobile app development

As it moves away from mainframe software, Paccar has embraced a software platform that lets business workers build mobile workflows for their corporate applications.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones

Android now the world's most popular operating system

StatCounter reports Android has overtaken Windows as the world's most popular OS, but some Android apps secretly steal personal information from other apps.


50 weirdest things left behind in Ubers (including rubber mallets and Harry Potter glasses)

Yes, you can save quite a bit of money taking an Uber instead of a cab in most cases, but not if you leave your smartphone, purse, guitar or engagement ring behind. Uber Lost & Found Index revealed.

8 great testing tools for mobile app developers

8 great testing tools for mobile app developers

Emerging tools and cloud-based services help you get your apps right across devices

Windows 10 tips & tricks Knowledge Pack

What you need to know about Windows 10, UWP and desktop apps

With the Creators Update, Microsoft is making it easier to wrap existing desktop apps in the new Universal Windows Platform format. Is that a stepping stone to more modern Windows 10 apps or recognition that traditional PC...

google apps primary

Google apps you didn't know you needed

All Android phones come with a bunch of pre-loaded Google apps, but these you'll have to download from Google Play.

Google Play

Google Play faces cat and mouse game with sneaky Android malware

What’s the best way to avoid Android malware? Downloading all your apps from the Google Play store -- where software is vetted – is perhaps the best advice. But that doesn’t mean Google Play is perfect.


Peelytics turns peeing into a way to promote products

Not many companies would want you to pee on their product, but one at Cebit positively encourages it.

Samsung Bixby - Artificial Intelligence

Samsung announces competitor to Siri, Cortana

Samsung’s digital assistant, Bixby, adapts to humans and has three new elements not found in Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.

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