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Researchers' new app outs iPhone and Android phone energy hogs

Researchers from the United States and Sweden have launched free iOS and Android smartphone/tablet software that singles out which apps take the biggest toll on your device batteries and also visualizes fragmentation of Apple and...

Back to the future: 13 year old video outlines Citrix's plan for the next 10 years

Video that Citrix created in 2001 to depict the future is a must-watch

Orange offers 'smart app' dev tool and global M2M location service

The company has created a new entity, Orange Applications for Business, to bring together its network and application integration services

Bug infects Apple's iOS 8 HealthKit, delaying app launches

The iOS 8 feature plays a key role in Apple's health tracking ambitions

Box has high hopes for iOS 8 doc picker extension

The cloud storage provider expects the new iOS feature will boost usage of its iPhone and iPad app

Lyft car-pooling opens in LA despite regulatory challenge

California regulators last week called the service illegal

California regulators say Uber, Lyft and Sidecar's car-pool services are illegal

Drivers can't carry multiple passengers while charging individual fares, the Public Utilities Commission said

Kenya takes lead in booming African mobile money market

A 'digital transaction culture,' a creative renaissance in software development, and increasing mobile sales fuel money service.

German court denies Uber's request for suspension of nationwide ban

The court also banned an UberPop driver from taking fares

5 things the Apple Watch can and can't do

There's fitness tracking and shopping tools, but no built-in GPS or Wi-Fi

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Alleged iWatch schematics show round watchface, 4 colors and 2 sizes

A day before Apple's iWatch unveiling comes photos which purport to show schematics of Apple's long-rumored iPhone


Sleek new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus feature big displays, NFC payments and new chips inside

Both phones run Apple's new A8 processor and are due to be made available Sept. 19

PayPal subsidiary Braintree to process Bitcoin payments

The move represents PayPal's first foray into the digital currency

Uber CEO cites 'scrappy,' 'fierce' methods in fighting taxis, Lyft

Travis Kalanick speaks out on the firm's aggressive business strategies

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iWatch battery life may be 'disappointing'

With the iWatch unveiling a few days away, some are saying the battery life may disappoint

Google adding GPS, offline music playback to Android Wear smartwatches

The software update will hit a range of devices in the coming months, Google said

Google to pay $19 million to refund kids' in-app purchases

Some children were able to run up hundreds of dollars in in-app purchases, the FTC alleges

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FAQ: Containers

You know a technology is going mainstream when Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, VMware and Red Hat all make big announcements about embracing it. Such is the case with containers. But as containers have grown in popularity among developers...

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Ahead of iWatch unveiling, Jony Ive says Switzerland is in trouble

With the iWatch looming, Apple design guru Jony Ive reportedly said that traditional Swiss watchmakers are in trouble

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