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onenote april roundup 1

OneNote gets easy video embedding and many more new features

Microsoft announced a veritable bonanza of new features for its OneNote note taking software across multiple platforms on Thursday. Here's the breakdown.

gcal find a time

Google Calendar takes the headache out of scheduling work meetings

Google Calendar's Android app has a new feature aimed at taking the headache out of scheduling meetings.

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The bot backlash begins

Some people are starting to question the unrelenting hype around bots in chat programs and platforms.

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Companies must stop designing proprietary locked-down services

It’s possible to have convenient, powerful online services without worrying that one day we could lose everything.

Apple logo from inside Apple Store in Boston

Apple’s iBooks Store and iTunes Movies shut down by Chinese government

A Chinese regulator is said to have ordered Apple to shut down its iBooks Store and iTunes Movies only six months after the services were launched in the country.

twitter air pollution data

Indians can now tweet for air pollution data

Indians love to discuss the weather and more recently the pollution that is on the increase in some of its cities. A new tool from Twitter could help people stay updated on pollution levels.

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Why enterprise developers could save Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft continues to bleed mobile market share with Windows 10 Mobile, so why are some enterprise developers betting big on the platform's eventual success in the corporate world.

smart plug

Save 40% on the TP-LINK Wi-Fi Smart Plug - Deal Alert

Turn On/Off Your Electronics From Anywhere. Works with Alexa as well. 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from 250 reviewers.

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EU charges Google with foisting its search and browser on smartphone makers

The European Commission on Wednesday made new antitrust charges against Google, alleging that the company foisted its search application and the Chrome browser on Android smartphones makers as a condition to license its other apps and...

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Facebook tells B2C businesses: I feel your mobile pain

Messenger chat-bots and React Native could help many businesses build apps that encourage mobile customer interactions.

mobile apps smartphone tablet users business

4 IT leaders share the mobile apps they use every day

If you’re anything like the typical smartphone user, you have a ton of apps that you barely even notice, let alone use. IT execs are no different, of course. But these apps are different, rising above the typical app clutter to become...

margrethe vestager

EU investigating Google’s contracts with phone makers, operators

The European Commission is still investigating whether Google’s Android operating system and Amazon’s contracts with e-book publishers have broken antitrust rules, its Competition Commissioner said Monday in Amsterdam.

041516blog amc theater

AMC drops ‘texting friendly’ theaters idea faster than a box-office flop

Mere days after the head of AMC movie theaters was quoted as saying he'd like to see his facilities become more "texting friendly," a backlash has forced the company to drop the idea.

margrethe vestager

Google could face EU antitrust charges over Android next week

After a year-long investigation, the European Commission is about to accuse Google of abusing its dominant position in the smartphone OS market.

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Facebook’s React Native could succeed where other cross-platform frameworks have failed

Familiar JavaScript, 85 percent code reuse and an interface that users will accept make Facebook's React Native a strong cross-platform alternative.

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Facebook open-sources developer tools for iOS

Parse may be gone for good, but Facebook still wants to help developers build apps quickly and easily.

facebook messenger platform announcement

Zuckerberg wants the Facebook Messenger platform to replace iOS and Android platforms

Facebook’s Messenger platform could help enterprises engage with their customers on mobile devices in app-like interactions that most are under-resourced to deliver.

build repair

10 simple tools for building mobile apps fast

No-code and low-code mobile programming tools give business users and developers a fast track to mobile app success

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