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Factory reset in Android phones leaves sensitive user data behind

Researchers recovered access credentials, emails, text messages and other sensitive information from wiped Android phones

Android stock browser vulnerable to URL spoofing

It's recommended that users install Chrome or another browser

android security danger

Experts bust Android security myths

A set of mobile security experts provides insight on the current state of Android security.

Android tips for contacts and communication

8 Android security tips for IT, corporate users

A set of security experts shares actionable tips for IT departments and users to help reduce the risk associated with the popular mobile OS.

First software update for Apple Watch includes security fixes

The update patches 13 vulnerabilities and updates the trusted root SSL certificates

security tools 1

Top security tools in the fight against cybercrime

There’s no silver bullet, so load up with as many of these as you can.


Penn State yanks engineering network from Internet after China-based attack

Penn State’s College of Engineering has disconnected its network from the Internet in response to two sophisticated cyberattacks – one from a what the university called a “threat actor based in China” – in an attempt to recover all...

Google Network Security Sans Perimeter

Leading-edge network architecture called BeyondCorp is a sign of things to come

Software detects fake mobile, Wi-Fi networks

CoroNet aims to address growing concerns around mobile phone spying

Valuable Federal Cybersecurity Training for Critical Infrastructure Organizations

Little known ICS-CERT program provides free cybersecurity training for infosec professionals and gets rave reviews

android malware

Why Microsoft is battling Android malware

Microsoft is opening up the Windows Store to Android apps, but first it had to assemble a team to make sure the malware found in the Google Play store doesn't come with them.

Second HTTPS snooping flaw breaks security for thousands of iOS apps

Hackers can exploit the vulnerability to launch man-in-the-middle attacks and decrypt traffic from the affected apps

HTTPS snooping flaw in third-party library affected 1,000 iOS apps with millions of users

The flaw in the AFNetworking library broke HTTPS certificate validation, enabling man-in-the-middle attacks

byod mobile smartphones tablets devices

BYOD leading to increasingly risky behavior among employees

With more employees at more organizations using their own mobile devices in the workplace, security is fast approaching Threat Level Midnight. A new Aruba Networks study shows just how risky this behavior really is.

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Google running late to the enterprise mobility party

Traditionally, the mobile device market for the enterprise has been dominated by BlackBerry, but in the last couple of years Apple has made major gains by offering a good range of security capabilities. Google is relatively late to...

apple watch calls time on apple retail

Five security questions you should be asking about the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch isn't due to hit the market until April 24, but many security professionals are already thinking about the security implications of the new generation of wearables that it promises to usher in.

ancient phone

Second-hand devices – cheaper but risky

Second-hand smartphones and tablets can be a great financial deal for those who don't mind last year's technology that still functions perfectly well. The problem - to both individuals and the enterprise - is that it can be very...

Amazon offers network file storage in the cloud

Watch out NetApp! Amazon is coming after the NAS storage market

mobile menu

How TGI Fridays put mobile efficiency on the menu

Wait staff at the popular restaurant chain will soon be using tablets to zap orders to the kitchen while still interacting with diners.

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