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Apple rebuts DOJ's appeal in N.Y. meth dealer's iPhone case

Apple opposed the Department of Justice's renewed demand that it assist investigators in accessing a drug dealer's iPhone, arguing that the government has not proved the company's help is required

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10 whaling emails that could get by an unsuspecting CEO

Email security company Mimecast has shared a handful of real-life examples of fraud attempts targeted at the person in the corner office.

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How to create enterprise apps employees want to use

A good consumer app keeps the user in mind through every stage of development to create the best experience possible. And enterprise apps should not be an exception to this rule. Here’s why.

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5 security bad habits (and easy ways to break them)

Your end-users are often the weakest link in your organization's security strategy. Here are five solutions to help users strengthen their security posture.

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FBI takes heat for keeping iPhone hack details under wraps

Criticism is mounting as the agency is reportedly trying its iPhone cracking method on more devices.

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What is the future of mobile communications app security

We are well on our way to a world where communications traffic between mobile apps will be completely secure. Monitored traffic will be encrypted and uncrackable, even with the cooperation of the app or device developers.

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How to set up a portable, non-cloud-based password manager

Setting up a non-cloud based password manager in which the password database can be accessed from more than one device is easier than it sounds.

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One-fifth of IT pros say their companies had mobile data breach

IT pros have long been concerned about the potential for security breaches with BOYD; a new survey indicates they're right to be worried.

How to make Android a real part of your business

How to make Android a real part of your business

Android smartphone and tablets can now safely join iPhones and iPads in your mobile portfolio

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Here's how the FBI plans to crack terrorist's iPhone

An outside contractor with established ties to the FBI has most likely shown investigators how to circumvent the iPhone's security measures by copying the contents of the device's flash storage, a forensics expert said.

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FBI, Apple battle may leave lasting legacy

The FBI may have backed off from its demand that Apple build a backdoor to an iPhone security mechanism, for now at least, but experts say that a lasting legacy will remain in terms of the educational impact of the battle

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Hyper-connected cars can drive you to paranoia

Clip your car’s antenna. Or stuff a wad of chewing gum into your car’s USB port, and perhaps its ODB2 port. Enough is enough.

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Apple vs. FBI: How iOS 8 changed everything

The battle over iPhone encryption began 18 months ago, Bloomberg reports.

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Johns Hopkins team cracks iMessage photo, video encryption

A Johns Hopkins team has decrypted iMessage photos by guessing character-by-character the key used to encrypt it, and Apple plans to release a new iOS version today that will fix the flaw.

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How FBI vs. Apple could cripple corporate and government security

The implications go way beyond whether law enforcement can unlock an alleged criminal's phone.

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Apple engineers could walk away from FBI’s iPhone demands

Current and former Apple employees say they’d rather quit than build an iPhone backdoor.

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Deutsche Telekom to boost security offering for European enterprises

Deutsche Telekom is introducing new services to help prevent "bring your own device" from turning into "bring your own disaster" for corporate networks.

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Apple cites iPhone, Mac security problems in rebuttal to FBI demands

In a legal rebuttal to the U.S. government, Apple deployed an unusual defense -- that its devices are susceptible to attack -- to counter arguments it should help the FBI crack a terrorist's iPhone.

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