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Mobility is on the precipice of radically changing enterprise IT as we know it

Mobility is up-ending everything we know about enterprise IT. If your organization isn't already on this bandwagon, you are falling behind the curve of increased productivity and innovation.

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Hotel group asks FCC for permission to block some outside Wi-Fi

Marriott and its allies say this capability is necessary to protect the security of their own networks

How to prevent theft, loss and snooping on the road

All your pricey electronics are juicy targets for hackers and sticky-fingered thieves. Here's how to reduce your risks while traveling.

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Chinese Android phone maker hides secret backdoor on its devices

Chinese smartphone maker Coolpad has built an extensive "backdoor" into its Android devices that can track users, serve them unwanted advertisements and install unauthorized apps, a U.S. security firm alleged today

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7 devices that make your data vulnerable

There’s a new threat landscape to consider: the Internet of Things (IoT). And the endpoints in this landscape are vulnerable to attack.

Cisco buying Neohapsis to boost security services

Cisco said Wednesday it is planning to buy Neohapsis, a security consulting firm that evaluates corporate security, risk and compliance, as part of its push into security as a service.

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The latest mobile trend? Flip phones

Advocates cite ease of use, but the celebrity nude hack may have also played a part.

IBM fixes serious flaw in Endpoint Manager for mobile device management

The flaw can be exploited to execute arbitrary code on the management server

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4 surprising tech trends we should be thankful for

Some things IT professionals think are problems actually bring significant benefits that we should learn to appreciate.

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How to create seamless mobile security for employees

If your organization’s security procedures are disruptive and clunky, frustrated employees will figure out how to get around them. Here’s how three companies created a secure and seamless experience for end users.

Long-running Android botnet evolves, could pose threat to corporate networks

The 'NotCompatible' Android Trojan now uses peer-to-peer encrypted communication, researchers from Lookout said

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Mobile payments to tally just 1% of all U.S. consumer spending in 2019

The emergence of Apple Pay has led some technology early adopters to predict that mobile payments will dominate U.S. consumer spending in the next decade. Yet to others, the idea that most Americans will use a mobile wallet in 2025,...

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5 steps to more mobile-security-savvy employees

It takes more than policies and penalties to make your workers smart about mobile security. Here’s how to identify and correct problem behaviors in your organization that can leave your corporate data vulnerable.

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Mobile Pwn2Own: Windows Phone does well, iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, Fire Phone fall

Windows Phone security sandbox survived Mobile Pwn2Own, but researchers popped iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5, Nexus 5 and Amazon's Fire Phone. Exploits targeting NFC capabilities were the most successful attacks.

Apple: Masque hasnt attacked any iPhone, iPad users yet

Following a U.S. government warning about an iPhone and iPad security threat dubbed Masque Attack, Apple has issued a statement assuring customers that they're probably okay.

U.S. government issues alert about Apple iOS "Masque Attack" threat

Three days after security company FireEye warned of an iPhone/iPad threat dubbed "Masque Attack", the U.S. government has issued a warning of its own about the the risk to Apple iOS devices.

Vulnerability leaves iPhones open to fake app attack

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in iPhones and iPads that allows attackers to install fake apps that take the place of legitimate ones. FireEye, a mobile security company based in California, said the problem,...

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Just another Wacky Week in WiFi

AT&T, Darkhotel, Mr. Coffee and litter boxes make for a colorful Week in WiFi

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WireLurker malware threatens to destroy a key Apple advantage

The mere perception that WireLurker poses a credible threat to Macintosh and iOS systems would be a huge blow to Apple.

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