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3D printers hackable via smartphone

Hackers can use a smartphone to capture electromagnetic energy and sound emanating from a 3D printer nozzle, allowing them to steal intellectual property.

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Mobile IoT provider applies military techniques to improve IoT resiliency

LILEE Systems is applying military techniques to improve the resiliency of IoT technology, which in turn help first responders provide better care.

The era of identity-based applications

Enterprise organizations must elevate identity management beyond IT operations and make it an essential component of business processes and security.


The best messaging apps with end-to-end encryption

If you want to keep prying eyes away from your conversations, then these are the apps that you need to get.

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Apple Pay coming to 200,000-plus websites, not just in-store or in-app

Apple Pay on websites launched on Tuesday with the release of iOS 10 and will hit Mac desktops when macOS Sierra launches next week.

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Enterprises hope their mobile users pay attention to security

Most companies worry about communicating and enforcing their internal mobile security policies, says a new survey.


Apple’s new Bluetooth security hole

iPhone 7 users’ increased use of Bluetooth for headphones could create a security problem

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Smartphones to get best encryption possible

Impossible-to-crack encryption for smartphones is coming. Random number generators will soon function without repeating the random number.

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Emerging technologies are poking holes in security

Accelerated change challenges change management, security DevOps and emerging technologies that enable business innovation and opportunities demand fast, frequent change from the enterprise. The speed and regularity as well as the...

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20% off Kuna Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & Camera - Deal Alert

Night or day, Kuna’s smart outdoor security camera system detects movement at your door and sends actionable alerts to your mobile device, allowing you to safely take action using Kuna’s lights, HD live video feed, two-way intercom,...

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How iris scanning improves smartphone security

Samsung and other vendors are beginning to incorporate iris scanning into their mobile devices. We examine how this security technology works, its advantages and its drawbacks.

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Smartphone infections double, hotspots are also a trouble area

One out of every 120 smartphones had a malware infection during an April test period, a lab reveals. Android devices were hit the hardest.


What this expensive ‘secure’ phone tells us about mobile hacking

Mobile security is a bit of a misnomer. Few of us can say we’ve been attacked by a piece of malware or have quarantined an actual virus. Yet, there’s a sneaking suspicion that mobile security is a bigger concern.

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Fraud follows mobile banking adoption

Fraud prevention in increasingly popular mobile banking apps is of paramount importance in maintaining the trust and safety of users.

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Experts challenge Skyhigh's patent for cloud-based encryption gateway

Skyhigh Networks, Inc., announced today that it has received a patent for using a hosted gateway to encrypt and decrypt data moving between users and cloud services such as Office 365, but some experts say that the technology new...


Where the monsters live

Tech monsters—threats to the security of our networks, computers, devices and privacy—live seemingly everywhere.

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How IT can limit the risk of popular messaging apps

CIOs have battled shadow IT for years, long before the advent of messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Here's how a set of IT pros makes the most of the latest challenge.


Samsung Galaxy Note7 iris scanner review's Al Sacco goes hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone and its new biometric iris scanner.

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