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Netgear Nighthawk X10

Review: Netgear Nighthawk X10 packs a speed punch, has nice add-on features

If you're looking to upgrade your Wi-fi with a high-powered system, this should be on your short list.

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Apple must face claims of monopoly in iPhone app market

An appeals court has ruled that Apple must face antitrust charges in a lawsuit that alleges that the company monopolized the market for iPhone apps.

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Aruba president Dominic Orr to step down at end of the month

Dominic Orr, the president of Aruba, will retire at the end of January in order to spend more time with his family and pursue personal interests, the company announced yesterday.

dominic orr

Aruba President Dominic Orr retiring—Thanks for the memories

Aruba Networks President Dominic Orr has had a busy 10 years. As he prepares to retire, here’s a look at some of his accomplishments.


10 amazing Raspberry Pi clusters

In this round up we have 10 Raspberry Pi clusters ranging from tiny, four node systems all the way up to 250 nodes behemoths. These clusters are being used for everything from teaching through to simulating massive IoT networks to...

Virtual assistant voice apps

Why Amazon is the current king of the virtual assistants

Amazon surprised many analysts and competitors with its Alexa cloud-based voice assistant, and the company seems determined to help partners pack the tech into every product imaginable. Alexa has a clear lead in the smart home, but...

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Review: PocketCHIP—Super cheap Linux terminal that fits in your pocket

If you’re a Linux user who wants a pocket-size terminal, PocketCHIP from Next Thing Co. fits the bill and then some


A techie's guide for voting on new Monopoly game tokens

Hasbro is giving Monopoly fans a choice of going old school, very old school or new school in an online vote to determine which tokens will come standard with a new version of the game hitting shelves in August.

android privacy

How to set up your Android phone for ultimate privacy

Here's how to replace all of those data-hungry apps and services with ones that don't need to know so much about you.

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DARPA wants to create secure data-sharing tech

Proposals needed to help secure shared data in remote areas on handheld devices

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Security tops app services priority list

Organizations are increasingly deploying application services to keep their applications humming, and for the first time, they are prioritizing security services over availability services.

Predictions for the Future of Programming

What does the future hold for the IT services industry?

Even an uncertain global economy does not dampen the spirit of technology buyers. But providers that want to compete must think about their business in a new way.

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You won't have to hear about the Galaxy Note7 on flights anymore

The FAA has lifted the requirement for airlines to notify passengers of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 ban as nearly all units are returned.


Samsung boss to testify in South Korea bribery case

Jay Y. Lee, the current head of the Samsung Group, will be questioned by a special prosecutor Thursday as part of an investigation into a wide-ranging corruption scandal in South Korea that has reached all the way to the country’s...

Perdix drone swarm

Pentagon tested world's largest swarm of autonomous micro-drones

The U.S. Defense Department successfully tested a swarm of 103 Perdix micro-drones.

darpa handheld device

DARPA developing secure data sharing wireless technology

The agency’s Secure Handhelds on Assured Resilient networks at the tactical Edge (SHARE) program will “secure tactical mobile handheld devices to support distributed multilevel information sharing without the need for reaching back to...

illos computer accidents 8

9 painful ways people hurt themselves with computers/video games

A sampling of injuries reported by emergency rooms involving patients using computers or video games.

computer injuries primary

The clumsy & shocking truth about computer-related injuries!

Some of the biggest names in tech have issued warnings over the past year about how their devices can overheat and catch on fire, but an analysis of emergency room data shows that most computer-related injuries stem from far less...

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