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Lacking broad visibility into your network? This cloud-based tool might help

Kentik Detect is a cloud-based service that allows customers to upload their flow, SNMP and BGP data into a single system at multi-terabit scale

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5 ways to improve morale for employees managing the mainframe

According to Gallup, 70% of employees describe themselves as “disengaged” from their work. The Washington Post reports that only 13% of people actually enjoy going to work, and Forbes found that unhappy employees outnumber happy ones...

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First Look: NetBeez net management tool creates a buzz

Newcomer NetBeez is strong on network troubleshooting; needs work on long-term performance analysis, reporting.


Review: Up close with NetBeez

Network World tester Joel Snyder offers his opinion on NetBeez, which lets you track network performance via a series of small hardware agents.

How engineered infrastructure can accelerate digital transformation

A look at how engineered solutions are helping transform IT.

Xirrus takes aim at headaches of ‘guest’ Wi-Fi networks

Wireless hardware vendor Xirrus is rolling out what it’s hoping is a way to simplify Wi-Fi management and make the experience less annoying – today, the company announced a new MDM suite called EasyPass.

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Traction Watch: How Spredfast Handled A Growth Bump

After merging with Mass Relevance, Spredfast had to absorb 150 new employees in a single day. This is how it managed its growth.

Shocking study results: People actually think IT is doing a pretty OK job

Lame jokes about IT support have been around since businesses started using computers, flying in both directions. The results of a study released today by IT management firm Landesk, however, paint a much more peaceful picture of the...

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5 ways to fight mainframe malaise

An amusing analysis of employee dissatisfaction as it applies to mainframe programmers and what can be done about it. The next Jurassic Park movie and George Clooney are included as entertaining analogies.

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Planning is key to project management success

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘measure twice, cut once.’ While it might be a cliché, in the project management world it takes on a critical meaning: Choosing to rush through or ignore the project planning process can be a formula for...

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Five network trends challenging the enterprise

As cloud computing, big data and the deployment of mega-scale data centers accelerates, organizations need to continually recalibrate and evolve the network. This challenge has led to the development of new technologies and standards...

Beyond Alerts: Using orchestration to realize network self-healing

Automation allows you to perform single tasks, but orchestration allows you to initiate a workflow for an entire process

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Why businesses are turning to managed IT services

More organizations are turning over certain IT functions to managed service providers, freeing internal IT staff to focus on strategic IT projects.

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How to get started with ITIL

Of all the concepts in IT, ITIL may be the most misunderstood. Here’s a look at what ITIL is, why you might consider using it and where/how to get started.

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The skills myth: Do complex mainframe computers really make it hard to find programmers?

The devout mainframe guru, Bryan Smith, reveals the opportunity in mainframe architecture and holds nothing back in his critique of some mainframe bigots. He targets the myth that some companies should move away from mainframe...

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Top security tools in the fight against cybercrime

There’s no silver bullet, so load up with as many of these as you can.

Big Switch SDN update aids VMware integration, bare metal monitoring

Big Switch Networks bolsters SDN-based cloud fabric and monitoring applications.


Google killing PageSpeed website service

Google has alerted users of its PageSpeed Service for making websites zippier that it will be killing off the tools as of Aug. 3.

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Why major banks and financial institutions are growing their use of mainframes

Mainframe's continuing growth and dominance in mission-critical fields, such as with financial institutions and banking, is attributable to a number of factors, including their unsurpassed transaction power, analytical speed, zero...

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