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13 ways the cloud has changed (since last you looked)
Michael Thornton

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SDN shifts from configuration to analytics

Two vendors, Midokura and Pluribus, offer products for visibility into operations, performance

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Forget Super Bowl 50: Let's crown the cabling Installer of the Year!

It's time to roll up your sleeves, de-fog your goggles, climb your ladder and get ready for the 9th annual BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge next week in Orlando, where the Installer of the Year will be crowned and awarded a $5K prize...

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Juniper acquires packet optical company

BTI Systems will augment end-to-end service provisioning

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Big Switch frees up its SDN

Base fabric software to be offered at no cost as inducement for commercial products

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HPE and Affirmed have lassos to herd virtualized services

Companies unveil products to manage NFV environments

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SDN pioneer Big Switch lands big round, big names

$48M in funding and Warmenhoven, Morgenthaler on board; Plexxi attracts Google


Arista Networks pops next-gen OS

EOS now supports Docker containers, network-wide state, hybrid cloud workloads

Lack of big data talent

It's no wonder analytics startups are raking in venture dollars

Consultancy Deloitte hammers home the increasingly diversified nature of analytics in its new Analytics Trends report in which it cites 6 areas to watch.

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15 big data and analytics companies to watch

Here’s a look at 15 big data and analytics companies that have raised funding over the past six or so months. Most focus on helping companies make sense of their oodles of data, sometimes for customer service, sometimes for IT...

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Seven weeks later, here's your Cisco UCS password!

Company finally tells customers that it changed default code for configuring servers

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Addressing hybrid network challenges with SD-WAN

SD-WAN doesn't just apply to simpler Internet-only deployments. The ability to address the problems posed by more complex networking is interesting, but where is the technology now? What should enterprises that operate a hybrid...

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When Novell tapped David Bowie's ch-ch-changes for an ad campaign

Networking and computing vendors have a long history of using famous songs to help market their offerings, and also have a tradition of reinventing themselves over and over. So it's no surprise that David Bowie's Changes would wind up...

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Cutting traffic delays by making cars "talk" to each other

Navigation apps that promise to re-route drivers offer some help to combat increasing traffic on the world's roads, but these often just move congestion from one spot to another. A team tries to develop a system to have cars share...

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Wi-Fl blocking issue prompts convention industry to band together

Operators of convention centers and other public assembly venues are joining forces to avoid becoming the next Marriott or Hilton in the eyes of an FCC Enforcement Bureau that’s been cracking down on Wi-Fi blockers.

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Clear Choice Tests

Review: Graylog delivers open source log management for the dedicated do-it-yourselfer

Graylog is an open-source log management tool, complete with a three-tier architecture, super-scalable storage (based on Elasticsearch), an easy-to-use web interface, and a powerful toolkit to parse messages, build ad-hoc dashboards,...

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Clear Choice Tests

Review: Stop insider attacks with these 6 powerful tools

For this review, we looked at BeyondTrust, Lieberman Software, NetIQ, CyberArk, Centrify and Viewfinity. This is still an evolving area, and companies are approach it from different perspectives. For that reason, this is not a...

Beacons in business: 8 ways to leverage location services

8 ways to leverage location services

On-campus beacon use can help IT provide local, targeted services and data to employees, temps, clients, and guests

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GE: We saved $5 million on mobile just by cutting off ex-employees

The key to getting the maximum value out of every dollar spent on IT, according to GE executive director of sourcing Sam Guertin, is a combination of in-depth knowledge and tough negotiation.

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