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The Evolution of Cognitive Radio Systems: Part 1

This 10-part series will discuss the notion of “cognitive” radio, the combination of a radio transceiver with computerized intelligence to automate coordination of devices, networks and services for improved functionality,...

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PingPlotter and AT&T's flaky DNS servers

PingPlotter is one of my favorite diagnostic tools because it can track connectivity to multiple hosts over time. So when my Internet connection started acting up I turned to PingPlotter and discovered that AT&T's DNS servers appear...

Google gets into the weeds of Android Work

Approach offers a hierarchy of management controls for BYOD or company-owned devices (see video below)

Smooth like btrfs: Inside Facebook’s Linux-powered infrastructure

Btrfs creator showcases Facebook’s open-source storage.

OS X Snow Leopard desertion rate accelerates after patches stop

Mac price cuts may have also spurred users to ditch the 5-year-old OS

SevOne puts RapidEngines to work with new log analysis product

Network performance management hopeful trying to differentiate.

Comcast data usage meter accuracy measurement results

NetForecast just completed a report on the accuracy of Comcast’s Internet data usage meter.

How to get a handle on capacity management when workloads fluctuate wildly

Capacity management was relatively easy when workloads grew incrementally, but those days are gone.  Customer-facing Web and mobility services can spike unpredictably, and Big Data workloads can quickly overwhelm existing capacity....

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