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20161013 avaya stadium
20161013 avaya stadium

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'Best-kept secret in SD-WAN' publicly rolls out managed service

A Maryland-based EchoStar subsidiary best known as a provider of network management services announced today that it will offer a managed SD-WAN product as part of its HughesON lineup.

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Big Switch brings agility, scale to network packet brokers

The scalability and agility enabled with Big Switch Network’s next-generation NPB—Big Monitoring Fabric—lets IT departments operate and innovate faster.

20161013 avaya stadium

Top 10 questions about Avaya’s networking business

Avaya Networking is strong and can stand on its own, but ongoing financial struggles have hurt the Avaya brand and led to talk of it being sold.

dominic orr

Aruba President Dominic Orr retiring—Thanks for the memories

Aruba Networks President Dominic Orr has had a busy 10 years. As he prepares to retire, here’s a look at some of his accomplishments.

2017: The year of cybersecurity scale

Cloud, IoT, mobile and digital transformation will place new demands on usability, scalability and enterprise-class features of cybersecurity analytics and operations products.

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3 steps to increase the business value of your network

Raise both the strategic and business value of your infrastructure by making the network work for you with these three steps.

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#WirelessSucks: Where do we go from here?

Is Wi-Fi really the problem, or is it getting a bad rap? As wireless becomes more predominant and business critical, it's more important than ever to get to the root of this issue.

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Network predictions for 2017

Zeus Kerravala dons his Carnac the Magnificent hat and offers five predictions for what will happen in the network world in 2017.

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Network managers should be checking their list twice

With Black Friday just around the corner, here are some tips to make sure your site remains up and running.

Stanford researchers attempt vodka-based Internet messaging

Chemical-based texting, using pulses of liquid solutions shooting down a pipe could be an alternative to traditional wireless and cables for Internet of Things, think researchers

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Get on the same page for network asset management

Asset management has a major impact on critical capex and opex decisions, which is why you need end-to-end visibility of all network assets.

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What to expect from Cisco in 2017

In 2017, Cisco will have a great opportunity to flex its enormous networking muscles and move into the next wave of growth.

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Ixia’s GUI faster, more accurate than Gigamon’s command line or Flowmap

Ixia’s GUI provides an excellent alternative for organizations looking to take full advantage of NPBs, while reducing the overhead required to manage them.

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The silver lining on a ransomware attack

Ransomware is bad news, but it can also be a powerful motivator for companies to up their game when it comes to defending against cyber threats.

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Arista brings network flexibility to the network switch

Arista’s new 7160 series brings agility and programmability to the actual switch, giving customers the ability customize the product for specific location needs.

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How to architect the network so IoT devices are secure

New and increased traffic patterns from the Internet of Things create security challenges.

digital transformation

Actionable network intelligence from DDI fuels digital transformation

Actionable network intelligence (ANI) should be an integral part of the IT infrastructure required in the ever-expanding digital economy.

ipv6 internet connections

Your digitization success depends on co-creating value with customers

Companies that are winning the digitization race are those that are co-creating value with their customers. They're using networks and tech to make that happen.

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