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How to architect the network so IoT devices are secure

New and increased traffic patterns from the Internet of Things create security challenges.

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Actionable network intelligence from DDI fuels digital transformation

Actionable network intelligence (ANI) should be an integral part of the IT infrastructure required in the ever-expanding digital economy.

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Your digitization success depends on co-creating value with customers

Companies that are winning the digitization race are those that are co-creating value with their customers. They're using networks and tech to make that happen.

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Network managers should be checking their list twice

With Black Friday just around the corner, here are some tips to make sure your site remains up and running.

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Creating a new network value equation

There are many shades of gray in OEM upgrade proclamations—as well as innumerable ways for CIOs to extract greater value from existing networks.

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How a distributed databus enhances industrial IoT systems

Mission-critical IoT systems depend on distributed databus frameworks for low-latency, fault-tolerant connectivity.

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Review: Four ways to manage Macs in a Microsoft world

In our labs we found that Parallels, Centrify and Thursby go beyond what’s offered by Microsoft/Apple.

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Nyansa gets really, really detailed about user application experience

Network analytics services vendor Nyansa has upgraded its offering to enable more granular and actionable user application performance, including across unified communications, software-as-a-service and customer business programs.

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Ixia’s Flex Tap Secure+ protects against injection breaches

Ixia’s Flex Tap Secure+ can help prevent the accidental or malicious injection of data into the company network.


Adapting the network for the rise of containers

Container use is still relatively new, but it’s poised to have a big impact on the network. Big Switch Networks’ Prashant Gandhi explains.

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Accelerating business innovation: Don't let networks get in the way

To get the network out of the way of your business, put it at the heart of your business model. Make it automated, programmable and able to respond to needs in real time.

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Who is most likely to buy Avaya’s networking business?

Speculation is starting about what company Silver Lake will sell Avaya to. Here’s a look at companies most likely to buy Avaya’s networking business.

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Performance analysis: Bursting the myth of MPLS performance

Private MPLS services are supposed to outperform SD-WANs, but as one enterprise recently learned, the internet can outperform even private MPLS services.

Loggly aims to reveal what matters in log data  

Log files are a common thread across a company's entire technology stack, but the trick is being able to quickly mind that data for insights

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Riverbed searches for the IT Holy Grail

Riverbed strives to create the IT Holy Grail with SteelCentral 11, combining end user experience, infrastructure, application and network performance management in one platform.

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The network effect on wealth creation

Networks are at the heart of the transition to digital business. Companies that harness their power will transform business models and create exponential value.

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Pradeep’s Principle: Give up on Moore’s Law and embrace automation

Whether or not Moore’s Law holds true, businesses should pay attention to Pradeep’s Principle and embrace automation.

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What IT admins love/hate about 8 top network monitoring tools

IT administrators discuss the most valuable features of eight network monitoring products – from vendors such as CA, Microsoft, NetScout, Opsview and Nagios -- and the features that need improvement.

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