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Anticipating Black Hat

Back to Vegas next week, big interest in anti-ransomware, endpoint security, security analytics, cloud and IoT security

Cybersecurity: A vertical industry application?

New threats, risk management and IoT may make transform cybersecurity from being a set of horizontal technologies into a vertical business application.

Cybersecurity highlights from Cisco Live

Cisco describes its cybersecurity progress and makes several announcements.

threat intelligence

Cisco flexes its security muscle at Cisco Live

Cisco’s new automated security products help organizations find more threats—and remediate them—faster.

microsoft headquarters

Microsoft fixes critical vulnerabilities in IE, Edge, Office, and Windows print services

Microsoft's new batch of security patches fixes 47 vulnerabilities across its products, including in Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, Windows and the .NET Framework.

swift security breaches

SWIFT brings in external support as it fights wave of bank hacks

SWIFT is bringing in additional security support after a series of high-profile bank heists and attempted bank heists conducted via its financial transaction network.


4 tools for managing firewall rules

Poorly managed firewall rules can lead to security disasters. Here, security managers in the IT Central Station community review the top firewall management suites: Tufin, AlgoSec, FireMon and RedSeal.

networking earth

Veriflow raises cash to develop network security toolkit

Veriflow's $8.2 million in Series A funding will help it bring a new approach to network breach and outage detection via mathematical network verification.

Operationalizing threat intelligence

Four steps enterprises must take before they can integrate threat intelligence into their overall cybersecurity strategies

Cato Networks offers a new model for network security as a service  

With the traditional network perimeter all but gone, Cato Networks has built a new perimeter in the cloud, offering network security as a service across all entities

identity management

Report: Security teams plagued by poorly managed identity data

Security teams handling Identity and access management (IAM) are hampered by dirty data and need data-cleansing help from a chief data officer, according to TechVision Research. To learn more, download the free report “Getting Your...

bad security habits

Tempered Networks simplifies network security

Tempered Networks’ Marc Kaplan explains how micro-segmentation simplifies the network, makes firewalls easier to manage and improves network security

A FireEye chat with Kevin Mandia

FireEye focused on engineering innovation, threat intelligence utilization and security as a service rather than Wall Street capriciousness.

hiding hacker

Five signs an attacker is already in your network

And what you can do about it

Quick take: Symantec buys Blue Coat

Blue Coat has a great management team and plenty of opportunity, but this deal comes with question marks.

Web attack silently modifies DNS configurations in routers

When you isolate your industrial control systems don't forget about DNS

Many organizations that run industrial control systems, whether they're manufacturers or public utilities, strive to isolate them from the Internet, but sometimes forget to disallow Domain Name System (DNS) traffic, which provides a...

Endpoint detection and response: What’s important?

Enterprise organizations demand that EDR products offer scalability, strong data management, flexible analytics and open integration.

01 checklist

SIEM: 14 questions to ask before you buy

Today's SIEM technology boasts more brain power than ever, but many organizations fail to realize its full promise. Here are the key questions you need to ask to ensure the solution you choose will deliver.

data center analysis troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Cisco's ISE without TAC

Aaron Woland examines the top troubleshooting and serviceability features in Cisco's Identity Services Engine (ISE).

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