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Handicapping Enterprise Security Vendors

Huge opportunity for enterprise security leaders to become multi-billion dollar businesses over the next few years

risk management

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How to deal with the blind spots in your security created by SSL encrypted traffic

With attackers preying on the security gaps created by encrypted traffic, let’s examine the five most common network traffic inspection errors made today

NIST publishes guidelines for SSH key management: What happens next?

The guidelines provide guidance for enterprises, government agencies and auditors for implementing Secure Shell key management practices and polices


When it comes to enterprise network security, less is more

Diminishing returns in network security.

Cloud Computing And Network Security Challenges

ESG research points to problems with automation, visibility, skills, and staffing.

Sophos synchronizes endpoint, network security

Sophos Security Heartbeat endpoint software and the firm’s new XG Firewall detect threats, remediate problems.

Cisco Acquires Lancope: Great Fit, Great Deal

Security analytics firm fits hand-in-glove with Cisco products, services, and cybersecurity strategy

10 cool things about ISE 2.0

Now that Cisco has Finally Released the Identity Service Engine 2.0 (ISE) it seems only appropriate to call out some of the BEST things about it.

The Return of AV Leaders?

Intel Security, Sophos, Symantec, Trend Micro, and Webroot have extended endpoint security products for advanced malware prevention, detection, and response.

false alarm

Security tools' effectiveness hampered by false positives

False positives are a problem not only because they take up manpower and time to address, but also because they can distract companies from dealing with legitimate security alerts.

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How CSC can help build your InfoSec framework

Critical Security Controls is a set of best practices devised by the Center for Internet Security, a nonprofit dedicated to improving cybersecurity in the public and private sectors.

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EU will fund car, hospital and airport IT security research

The EU Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) is now studying the security vulnerabilities of smart cars, smart airports and smart hospitals.


Researchers warn computer clocks can be easily scrambled

Researchers from Boston University said on Wednesday they've found several flaws in NTP that could undermine encrypted communications and even jam up bitcoin transactions.

Digital Key

Mozilla mulls early cutoff for SHA-1 digital certificates

Mozilla is considering banning digital certificates signed with the SHA-1 algorithm in July 2016.

What Happens to RSA?

No details from Dell/EMC deal so speculations ensues

FireEye Myth and Reality

New products, services, and partners unveiled in Washington D.C. position FireEye as an enterprise cybersecurity vendor

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Top 5 security threats from 3rd parties

From Target to Ashley Madison we’ve witnessed how interconnections with third-party vendors can leave backdoors open to hackers. Here are the top threats

A Call for Open Cybersecurity Middleware

Swisscom proposing a standard abstraction layer for integration and more rapid incident detection and response.

dark corners of network

A viral vigilante may be keeping an eye on your home router

Researchers at Symantec have shed new light on an old virus affecting routers and other devices running Linux: it appears to be protecting them from other malware infections

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