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DarkLight removes Li-Fi restriction, allows visible light to transmit data in the dark

DarkLight uses light pulses imperceptible to the human eye to allow visible light to transmit data in the dark at a bandwidth that's 10,000 times greater than radio.


A night to remember: Engineering lessons from the Titanic

Heeding the lessons of the Titanic can help modern data center engineers avoid and mitigate fateful encounters with unforeseen menaces.

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Decoy networks are the secret to deflecting hackers

Decoy networks, a form of moving target defense, will prove to be the best form of hacker defense, scientists from Penn State say.

Splunk intent on extending cybersecurity leadership

The Splunk user conference (.Conf2016) highlights a balance between powerful new features and ease-of-use benefits.

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The future of security: A combination of cyber and physical defense

With more items gaining web connectivity as part of the Internet of Things movement, the need to protect physical devices from hackers will only increase.

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Always be prepared: Monitor, analyze and test your security

Critical Security Controls: Stay vigilant, plan your response and test your defenses with CIS Controls 18, 19 and 20.

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Illusive Networks seeks to slow Swift attackers through deception

Today's savvy bank robbers don't break into vaults looking for gold or diamonds: They're more likely to be hacking networks looking for access to the Swift payment system.

Keeping up with incident response

Enterprise organizations are forced to ignore security alerts, live with excess risk, and deal with data breaches reactively when they happen.

SIEM market dynamics in play

Financial churn combined with new requirements are transforming the SIEM market for enterprise organizations.

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7 ways to avoid alert fatigue

Just like when your car alarm goes off incessantly, you don’t always run for the door thinking your car was stolen. If only there was a way to hear for when actual robbers are near your car or in this case network.

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Emerging technologies are poking holes in security

Accelerated change challenges change management, security DevOps and emerging technologies that enable business innovation and opportunities demand fast, frequent change from the enterprise. The speed and regularity as well as the...

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Massive solar storm will ‘kill’ the internet, says space expert

The movement of Earth’s magnetic poles is making solar storm-driven network damage more likely. The answer is to start building shields.

Cybersecurity Goes Private: McAfee and RSA

Good opportunities but challenges ahead for both companies

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Implementing secure WANs in the cloud age

Over the past few years most organizations have significantly increased their reliance on the Internet, primarily due to the outsourcing of utility applications like email, unified communications, ERP, CRM, etc., to SaaS providers....

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VMware NSX gains traction as a security tool

VMware customers may not be keen on NSX as a networking solution, but they’re discovering it can help them align security with other data center trends.

VMworld: My Cybersecurity-Centric Impressions

NSX security is gaining traction in the VMware installed based but the story remains confusing to cybersecurity professionals. VMware needs to bolster its NSX security go-to-market initiatives to scale to the next level

Cybersecurity and VMworld

What is VMware’s role in security and how is it impacting cybersecurity professionals and the industry? This week’s VMworld will tell the tale.


IT security’s reality distortion field

IT security has a reality distortion field when it comes to perimeter security. IT needs to create a 'Secure Breach' environment to safeguard data.

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