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Trump cybersecurity dos and don’ts

President-elect Trump could make strong progress on cybersecurity while adhering to his campaign promises.

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How we got our tattered IoT insecurity blanket

Security problems are pervasive on the Internet, and they are being made more acute because of the Internet of Things.

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How to architect the network so IoT devices are secure

New and increased traffic patterns from the Internet of Things create security challenges.

TopSpin Security deploys realistic deceptions to lure and trap attackers

Deception technology can be effective in detecting an attacker as soon as they begin making moves on the network.

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SIEMs-as-a-service addresses needs of small, midsize enterprises

Traditional security information and event management systems are expensive, require dedicated security staff, and are difficult to set up and manage -- but managed security service providers are stepping in to make SIEMs practical...

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HPE rolls out products to enable IoT adoption

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced several software and hardware products to more securely manage the exploding universe of Internet of Things devices.

Goodbye SIEM, hello SOAPA

SIEM systems are becoming part of a dynamic and evolving security analytics and operations architecture.

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‘Complexity’ will halt network upgrades in 2017

Enterprises are foregoing network upgrades because of the cost and complexity of those upgrades, putting security at risk, a Cato Networks study finds.

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Japanese government denies report that its defense forces were hacked

Japanese government officials have denied reports that a secure network used by the country's defense forces was attacked earlier this year.

Trump remains frighteningly behind in cybersecurity

Limited vision statement, lack of knowledge and bureaucratic intransigence could increase cyber risk after Trump is inaugurated.


Cybersecurity fabric vs. a security platform: Fabric wins

With Security Fabric, Fortinet delivers the required security features to any point, from the endpoint to the cloud, in real time.

Goodbye, NAC. Hello, software-defined perimeter

Like NAC, software-defined perimeter (SDP) is a bit of a niche today. But cloud, IoT and mobility will likely drive massive SDP proliferation over the next few years.

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What is the General Data Protection Regulation and why should you care?

Find out how to prepare for new EU legislation on data collection and data protection.

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AI makes security systems more flexible

Advances in machine learning are making security systems easier to train and more flexible in dealing with changing conditions, but not all use cases are benefitting at the same rate.

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Ixia’s Flex Tap Secure+ protects against injection breaches

Ixia’s Flex Tap Secure+ can help prevent the accidental or malicious injection of data into the company network.

Trend Micro’s Enterprise Play

Long known for endpoint security, Trend now offers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for enterprise organizations

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How much does a data breach actually cost?

When it comes to measuring the cost of a data breach, size matters. The more records lost, the higher the cost.

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Does Southwest’s new ‘password’ commercial need to get away?

If you watched any football yesterday, chances are you saw the latest in Southwest Airlines’ “Wanna get away?” commercial series, this one featuring a military general and his comical willingness to surrender his network access...

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7 steps to proactive security

The key to securing against data breaches lies in a common metaphor—if a ship has a hole, it is better to patch the breach than bail the water.

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