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hdd enclosure

It's cheap and easy to make your own portable hard drive from an old PC drive

An external enclosure is all you need to give your old storage a new lease on life.

3 bit v nand

Samsung begins mass production of 3-bit 3D NAND chips

Samsung today announced the first 3-bit per cell 3D NAND chip, which it said will more than double its wafer capacity and lower costs.

Symantec reportedly in talks to split into storage and security units

The reported plans are in line with similar strategies announced by Hewlett-Packard and eBay

The Mike Brown Era – and the Associated Pressure – Begins at Symantec

Wall Street and enterprise customers demand bold actions as soon as possible.

6Gb mobile DRAM

Apple will consume 25% of all DRAM in the world next year

As it introduces new products over the next year, Apple’s consumption of mobile DRAM will jump from 16.5% of the industry’s production volume this year to 25% in 2015.

binary hard drive

Consumer drives shown to be more reliable than enterprise drives

Cloud service provider Backblaze has updated its study of hard drive failure rates from 27,000 drives to more than 38,000. The results show higher capacity drives often fail more often, and that Seagate drives fail the most.


QNAP Virtualization Station: Thoroughly and completely epically awesome

Want to run VMs securely and cheaply? QNAP's Virtualization Station add-on app does it all elegantly, efficiently, and for free

G-Technology Studio XL

G-Technology spurs 4K adoption with speedier storage drive

Storage company debuts a new 8-bay, 64TB RAID-based storage device aimed at professional photography and videography consumers.


9 nightmare sci-fi virtual realities that are closer than you think

Emerging technologies in virtual and artificial reality blur the line between science and fiction

Joe Tucci, CEO of BMC

EMC CEO defends federated business model, debunks storage myths

EMC CEO Joe Tucci talks about his company's federated business model's value for IT leaders and debunks what he views as nonsense being spewed by newcomers to the storage market.

stacked shipping containers

Container party: VMware, Microsoft, Cisco and Red Hat all get in on app hoopla

Containers: Buzzword du jour, or game-changing technology?

Microsoft begins dropping OneDrive's 2GB file size limit

Microsoft's following in the footsteps of Dropbox and Google Drive by removing OneDrive's 2GB file size limit, albeit with little fanfare.


7 cheap computing boards for scratching your maker itch

Get a head start on the next tech boom by hacking together tomorrow’s Internet of Things hit today

Seagate 6TB drive

Seagate scoffs at helium, ships world’s first 8TB hard drive

After sending out samples to some customers last month, Seagate today announced the general availability of its highest capacity 3.5-in hard drive.

082514 redhat intro 2
Clear Choice Tests

REVIEW: RHEL 7 anchors enterprise-focused ecosystem

Latest version of Red Hat focuses on containerized instances of the OS

How to survive the data explosion

IT organizations everywhere are racing to deal with the onslaught of petabytes. Here's how to meet the challenge

Should companies practice data retention or data destruction?

Many businesses focus on record retention, but here’s why one lawyer says “Destroy!”

Review: VMware VSAN turns storage inside-out

VMware's Virtual SAN 1.0 combines easy setup and management with high availability and high performance -- and freedom from traditional storage systems

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