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Red Hat builds on its open source storage portfolio

Red Hat has updated both its Ceph and Gluster file systems for enterprise usage

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The rise of SSDs over hard drives, debunked

Despite reports that SSDs will soon be on par with hard drives in price, experts say that won't be happening anytime soon.

cohesity ceo Mohit Aron

Happy Father's Day, from the Father of Hyperconvergence

How fitting that leading into Father's Day I'd speak this week with the Father of Hyperconvergence

cohesity ceo Mohit Aron

Google-infused storage startup Cohesity reveals itself

Startup Cohesity emerges from stealth mode with $70 million in funding and an army of ex-Google engineers who are taking aim at the secondary storage mess.


Self-driving cars? Get ready for self-driving data

Once the dreams of science-fiction, self-driving cars will soon allow passengers to specify a destination and let the car pick the best route based on factors such as time, traffic, freeways and fuel consumption. This kind of...

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10 hot enterprise storage companies to watch

These 10 enterprise storage startups -- Hedvig, Infinidat, Infinite io, Kaminario, Nantero, Rubrik, SimpliVity, Springpath, Tachyon Nexus and Tegile Systems -- have pulled in $500 million plus in funding so far in 2015.

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5 reasons you should move your video to specialty storage

Segregating video storage can deliver a host of benefits, from increasing performance to decreasing costs

Docker inspection screen

How to check your Docker container - video

Once you've set up a Docker container, you'll probably want to see how it's configured. Here's how.

HP, Arista team to take on Cisco, IBM, EMC in converged infrastructure

HP has entered into an arrangement with Arista Networks to market Arista’s data center switches along with HP converged IT infrastructure products.

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SanDisk enters portable drive market with high-speed SSDs

SanDisk has announced its first lineup of four portable SSDs -- two high-capacity thumb drives and two pocket sized drives -- one of which is using the new USB Type-C connector offering up to 850MB/s throughput.

052815blog floppy disk coaster

Don’t be sloppy, use a floppy

These relics apparently make great drink coasters. Who knew?

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Debunked: Your SSD won't lose data if left unplugged after all

Internet: Your SSD likely won't lose data when unplugged. So says the man at the heart of the confusion over SSD life.

Cisco, Chambers looking for one last shot at VMware?

Nutanix acquisition would be Chambers last official aggression, analyst writes.

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How much you really need to worry about SSD reliability

Unless you live in Death Valley with no AC, your data will not disappear from your SSD in a few days. And likely not even then.

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For containers, security is problem #1

It may take a disaster or two for the lessons of needing to do security right sink in. Only then will containers be ready for prime time.

Google launches a service for storing big data

Google finally opens up its speedy BigTable technology for third-party use

Do you need a container-specific Linux distribution?

It's not enough to use containers, vendors argue that you need a specialized Linux distribution to back it.

primary storage

Go-to storage and disaster recovery products

IT pros find peace of mind through hybrid cloud storage and enterprise backup and disaster recovery technologies.

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Tech pros' favorite tools increase IT efficiency

Each year we ask IT pros what they love, and this year several management tools ranked among the favorites.

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