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Down the rabbit hole, part 2: To ensure security and privacy, open source is required

As Bryan Lunduke embarks on the quest to make his digital life as private and secure as possible, he’s decided open source software is the only way.

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Wyoming's open source enterprise code library a secret no more

Wyoming’s 250-person Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) group knew it had a good thing in its Enterprise Extensible Code Library, but it chose to keep things under wraps outside of the state until last week when members of that team...

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Microsoft’s the top open-source contributor on GitHub

The organization with the largest number of contributors to open-source projects over the past year on GitHub is, surprisingly, Microsoft, GitHub announced today.

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In an attempt to disrupt Splunk, Elastic makes another acquisition

Elastic, the vendor behind the Elasticsearch open source project, acquires behavioral analytics vendor Prelert to provide data analysis and intelligence.

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What the rise of permissive open source licenses means

Why restrictive licenses such as the GNU GPL are steadily falling out of favor.

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The scourge of LEDs everywhere: Readers speak out

An overabundance of blinking, beaming LEDs on network and other gear is driving sysadmins and others crazy, and some are doing something about it.

7 Signs You're Doing Devops Wrong

GitLab fills need for enterprise developer tools, picks up funding round

GitLab's $20 million Series B funding helps it expand its enterprise developer products.


Debian Stable 8.5: Like Ubuntu's early days

Debian Stable 8.5 is a stable and fast Linux distribution, but it’s a bit stale.

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Open source routers deliver low cost, flexibility

We reviewed 5 open source software products that offers an economical and flexible option for deploying basic home, SMB or even enterprise networking.

open source alternatives routing firewall 1
Clear Choice Tests

Review: 5 open source alternatives for routers/firewalls

Open source software offers an economical and flexible option for deploying basic home, SMB or even enterprise networking. These open source products deliver simple routing and networking features, like DHCP and DNS. Plus, they are...

future of .NET apps

What should you do with your .NET apps?

'The .NET Core has brought a renaissance in .NET,' says Scott Hunter, a member of the .NET engineering team. But that doesn’t mean you should port your existing apps.

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HashiCorp slurps up cash to deliver DevOps goodness

DevOps vendor HashiCorp announces $24 million in Series B funding and general availability of its enterprise version of Vault.


OpenOffice may be fading into the sunset

Lack of volunteers and effort is killing OpenOffice, the open source alternative to Microsoft Office.

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Cloud Native Ambassadors and Docker Captains navigate users through the container ecosystem

Cloud Native Ambassadors and Docker Captains can help developers understand the container and microservices world

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Clear Choice Tests

Ubuntu 16.04 kisses the cloud, disses the desktop

Latest version of popular OS offers long-term support, beefed up features for OpenStack deployments.

OpenOffice coders debate retiring the project

Concerns at the Apache Software Foundation that the Apache OpenOffice project it hosts might be failing have prompted a debate about retiring the project, and triggered the resignation of at least one member of the project's...

rasberry pi roundup

Raspberry Pi roundup: Now with additional cucumbers!

The latest in Raspberry Pi news includes a creative cucumber farmer tapping Google AI software, Docker integration and Pi competitors.

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3 new programming languages: What their creators say

Developers of emerging programming languages shed light on the urge to create new tools

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