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rasberry pi roundup

dell xps 13 laptop

Review: Dell’s new Kaby Lake XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop amazes

With a 10% price drop, powerful performance and the ability to run any Linux distribution, you can’t help but love Dell’s Kaby Lake XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop.

2017 resolutions

5 New Year's resolutions for the telecom industry

Here's a look at five New Year's resolutions telecom service providers can make for a healthy, happy and adventurous 2017.

Must-seee TED Talks for Techies [slideshow cover]

6 must-see techie TED talks

TED ended its year by picking its top 10 TED Talks for the year, and we'll start 2017 off by selecting a handful of techie ones we figure might be of particular interest to Network World readers.

retaining millennials

Millennials push for public cloud, innovation

Millennials are moving into IT decision-maker roles in their organizations. A study by Microsoft and Wakefield Research suggests they are more likely than their non-millennial peers to push their organizations to embrace the public...

microsoft stock campus building

See this year's top 5 underrated Microsoft announcements

2016 was a big year for splashy Microsoft announcements. But there was some news that flew under the radar. While they may not have the splash factor of a Surface Studio or HoloLens, these changes have the potential to alter...

chatbot builders intro

10 hot chatbot builders

Chatbots are taking over! These platforms are where your ‘bot gets started.

facebook open source

Facebook delivers its state of the open source union

The top 5 Facebook projects offer a unique look at how Facebook creates software and operates, both at scale.

kaboom rackspace

How Rackspace will stay alive in cloud: Stop competing with Amazon, start partnering

Rackspace ended months of speculation in August by announcing it had been acquired by a private equity firm. With a new corporate structure, the company has pivoted from being one of Amazon Web Service’s earliest competitors in the...

security code attack hack

Google open-sources test suite to find crypto bugs

Developers can use Project Wycheproof to test cryptographic algorithms against a library of known attacks to uncover potential weaknesses

sorriest tech companies 1

Sorriest technology companies of 2016

You won’t be sorry for spinning through our review of public apologies issued by tech organizations, from Microsoft to Apple to Facebook to Samsung, in 2016.

Shipping containers

Docker open-sources key tools for running containers

Docker announced Wednesday that it is releasing a set of basic components for running containers as an open source project. Containerd, (pronounced container-dee) is the core container runtime that underpins the company’s Docker...

scales of justice

MXNet review: Amazon's scalable deep learning

Amazon’s favorite deep learning framework scales across multiple GPUs and hosts, but it's rough around the edges

cloud development ts

How Swift drives innovation on the cloud

Improved application quality and more collaborative development teams are just two of the benefits to leveraging Swift for front-end and back-end development.

warning outage

DNS provider ChangeIP cites MySQL database crash for days-long outage

ChangeIP, which refers to itself as a "rockstar, low-cost and high-touch web host," has hit a sour note with customers over the past few days as a result of a major outage.

arpit joshipura

Linux Foundation adds an open source networking specialist to the team

In recognition of the increasingly central role open source technology has played for the networking sector, the Linux Foundation today named Arpit Joshipura as its general manager for networking and orchestration.

Apache Zeppelin notebook

Apache Zeppelin open-source analytics startup reveals new name, fresh funding

The team behind the Apache Zeppelin open-source notebook for big data analytics visualization has renamed itself ZEPL and announced $4.1M in Series A funding.

cloud computing

Serverless: The next step in cloud computing’s evolution

Expectations are high and steadily growing for how serverless computing can revolutionize the way organizations approach development and innovation.

blockchain ecosystem

IBM building blockchain ecosystem

To help build an ecosystem around IBM Blockchain and the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric, Big Blue is offering a revenue-sharing program, along with tools and expert support.

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