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Jiandani is Senior Vice President of Cisco’s Insieme business unit, the group pushing the company’s Software Defined Networking vision. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix caught with Jiandani to get her take on how SDN plays out.
Big Switch Networks this week is unveiling an SDN controller designed to bring Google-like hyperscale networking to enterprises.
APIC Enterprise Module being banged on by DevNet community as it lingers in betas, field trials.
ONUG also forms use case working groups for WANs, overlays and services virtualization.
It's now the "most complete SDN" there is

Promise Theory

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The way we have created IT systems over the years has been very linear...
Exactly how can a high-end SDW solution help?
Following Facebook model, Pluribus Networks lets Arrow spearhead server/switch hardware sales while it focuses on network hypervisor software
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Software Defined Networking technology is maturing and there are several...
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