Expert security suite reviews, firewalls, encryption, spam blockers, ad blockers and price comparisons on products from all the top brands including, Norton, PC Tools, ZoneAlarm and AVG.

File sync services provide covert way to control hacked computers

Researchers highlight the potential use of file synchronization services for stealthy and persistent remote control

China to plant Internet police in top online firms

China is also considering legislation that will give the government more control over the Internet

Sounds can knock drones out of the sky

A natural property of all objects can be used to disrupt a drone's gyroscope with sound

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NetSol's new con; renewing unwanted .xyz domains

Network Solutions continues their dubiously ethical practices by trying to con customers into renewing domains with the .xyz gTLD that they never registered

Create local account in Windows 10 during clean, custom installation

How to setup a local account in Windows 10 during or after installation

Here's how to setup a local account after you installed Windows 10 as well as how to setup a local account during a clean install of Windows 10.

EFF-led group wants to give do-not-track some bite

The initiative is the first credible attempt to define what "do not track" actually means, according to backer

Senate heads toward vote on CISA cyberthreat info sharing bill

A preliminary vote on the controversial bill could happen as soon as Wednesday


FAA has approved more than 1,000 drone exemptions

The exemptions fall under Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 which lets the gives the Secretary of Transportation authority determine if an airworthiness certificate is required for an unmanned aircraft to...

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Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever made

Microsoft's end user service agreement for Windows 10 violates privacy in a way that puts the NSA to shame.

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How to kill Remote Access Trojans

Like their fleshy counterparts, RATs travel in packs, leading additional malware components to gather and reassemble themselves before launching the ultimate attack.

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Organizations should focus data sharing post-incident, not attribution

There have been several notable security incidents in the news this year, from healthcare and retail breaches, to financial; even security firms themselves have been targeted. In each instance, attribution seems to take the lead...

Black Hat 2015: Ransomware not all it’s cracked up to be

All ransomware is not created equal and therefore should not be universally feared, a researcher will tell the Black Hat 2015 conference this week.


Black Hat 2015: Attackers use commercial Terracotta VPN to launch attacks

RSA researchers have discovered a China-based VPN network dubbed Terracotta that is used extensively to launch advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks and hijacks servers of unsuspecting organizations.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Tuesday, August 4

Google's started a car company...Samsung puts $85 million into cancer-victim fund...Apple explores offering phone service

DHS warns about privacy implications of cybersecurity bill

The bill under consideration of the Senate has been criticized by privacy groups

Apple computers vulnerable to 'Thunderstrike 2' firmware worm

The improved attack highlights ongoing concerns over the security of a computer's low-level code

Cleaning up botnets takes years, if ever, to complete

The cleanup effort around Conficker shows how hard it is to eradicate a botnet

Yahoo tackles large 'malvertising' campaign in its ad network

Ads with malicious code may have appeared across Yahoo's sites

sdn automate

Cisco's SDN controller has a security hole

Company issues software to plug a root user access vulnerability

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Social Engineering: 6 commonly targeted data points that are poorly protected

Now in its sixth year, the Social Engineering village at DEF CON has always been an interesting location. Each year the village hosts talks and interactive lessons on human hacking, but the major draw is the Social Engineering Capture...

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