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bruce schneier

Schneier: terrorists will switch to more secure alternatives to avoid encryption backdoors

A study shows that if the U.S. mandates backdoors to decrypt secret messages, there are hundreds of alternatives that are made outside the reach of U.S. law.

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Which security products do enterprises expect too much from?

Attackers will thank you for enabling them to bypass firewalls and VPNs by allowing infected laptops to send hostile packets through both into your network.

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Indegy finds out when industrial controls go bad (think Stuxnet)

Israeli startup Indegy monitors devices on industrial control networks to detect when their configurations have changed as a way to know when the machines are compromised, an attack vector exploited by the Stuxnet worm that took down...

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Voter targeting becomes voter surveillance

Political campaigns have discovered what marketers of all products know – the better you know your customer, the better you can target the advertising and increase the chances of a sale. But privacy advocates say voter surveillance is...

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Critical VPN key exchange flaw exposes Cisco security appliances to remote hacking

Cisco Systems patched a critical vulnerability that could allow remote attackers to take over Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewalls configured as virtual private network servers by simply sending malformed network packets...

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Android root malware widespread in third-party app stores

Four third-party app stores for Android have apps with a malicious component that seeks root access to the device, according to Trend Micro.


Bill filed in Congress would ban encryption backdoors

Four Congressmen are proposing that states be forbidden to ask manufacturers to install encryption backdoors on their products outfitted with the technology.

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U.S. intelligence chief touts IoT as a spying opportunity

U.S. director of national intelligence James Clapper recently acknowledged that government surveillance can use the Internet of Things (IoT) for spying.

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Don't touch the malware at this museum

Stay behind the velvet ropes as you admire the history of malware at this newly minted museum.


Underhanded C contest winner's code fools nuke inspectors into destroying fake nukes

What if code can look valid, but instead of identifying 'real' warheads to be destroyed, it instead fools inspectors into believing fakes are real and the fakes are dismantled?

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Healthcare CIO: Legal issues are most difficult cloud migration challenge

Boston healthcare organization BIDMC is readying its move of business critical systems into the public cloud, and legal concerns are top of mind for the outfit's CIO

01 day breach

CSO Online's 2016 data breach blotter

2016 has only just started, and already there are a number of incidents being reported in the public, proving that data protection is still one of the hardest tasks to master in the information security sector.

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Drugs, guns, and hitmen more common on dark web than religious extremism

Drugs, hitmen, and money laundering are among the trove of iffy material on the dark web, a research group has found. Surprisingly sparse was extremist religious propaganda.

SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

SAP slaps patch on leaky factory software

SAP's February round of critical software updates includes one for SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (xMII) that may be of interest to hackers and spies.


Let’s encrypt – but let’s also decrypt and inspect SSL traffic for threats

You need a dedicated SSL inspection platform to eliminate the blind spot in your defenses

microsoft headquarters

Microsoft fixes 36 flaws in IE, Edge, Office, Windows, .NET Framework

Microsoft released its second batch of security updates for this year, addressing a total of 36 flaws in Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, Windows and .NET Framework.

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IBM's X-Force team hacks into smart building

IBM's X-Force ethical hacking team recently ran a penetration test against a group of office buildings using building automation systems that controlled sensors and thermostats.


Setting up a Windows 10 picture PIN

How cool is it to draw on a picture to log into your Windows 10 PC? It's a lot cooler than remembering a bunch of letters and numbers. Here's how to set it up.

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