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IBM's X-Force team hacks into smart building

IBM's X-Force ethical hacking team recently ran a penetration test against a group of office buildings using building automation systems that controlled sensors and thermostats.


Setting up a Windows 10 picture PIN

How cool is it to draw on a picture to log into your Windows 10 PC? It's a lot cooler than remembering a bunch of letters and numbers. Here's how to set it up.

Obama’s cybersecurity agenda bold, but relies on untested funding, experts say

The IT Modernization fund has important goals that won’t be reached until well after the current administration expires.

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Identity thieves obtain 100,000 electronic filing PINs from IRS system

The Internal Revenue Service was the target of an attack that used stolen social security numbers and other taxpayer data to obtain PINs that can be used to file tax returns electronically.

Google self driving car

US regulator coming around to view that a Google computer could qualify as car driver

The U.S. federal transport safety regulator is coming around to the view that rules could be updated so that computers in autonomous cars can be considered as drivers, but added that the rule-making could take some time.

Poseidon hacker group behind long-running extortion scheme

Kaspersky Lab has linked a single group to a long-known campaign of cyberattacks that appears to be aimed at extorting corporate victims.

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Google will stop accepting new Flash ads on June 30

Google is taking another step away from Flash, Adobe Systems' multimedia program widely criticized for its frequent security vulnerabilities.


Obama’s new cybersecurity agenda: What you need to know

The president wants to spend $3.1 billion to just to upgrade legacy systems.

Windows security patches

Microsoft released 13 security bulletins for February Patch Tuesday, 6 rated critical

For this month of hearts and flowers, Microsoft gifts you with 13 security bulletins; six are rated critical for RCE.

iOS VPNs: Which option is best for your enterprise?

Virtual private networks (VPNs) play an essential role in enabling staff to use mobile devices to securely access corporate resources, and when it comes to Apple devices, the VPN options have evolved with time.

Heterogeneous Multi-Dimensional Cloud Security

CISOs are scrambling to find the right security policies, processes, controls, and monitoring to keep up with enterprise deployments of a multitude of cloud technologies.

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Java-based Trojan was used to attack over 400,000 systems

A Java-based Trojan known as Adwind and AlienSpy has been rebranded as JSocket and is being sold as a service to all types of attackers, from opportunistic cybercriminals to cyberespionage groups.

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Current p2p trends threatening enterprise security

Security threats from peer to peer communication are nothing new, but they're becoming more sophisticated, and if professionals aren’t looking for these threats, they may go undetected.

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US government wants to sharply increase spending on cybersecurity

President Barack Obama is proposing a sharp increase in the fiscal 2017 budget on cybersecurity spending, which is aimed at improving dated government software and promoting better Internet security for consumers.

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Flaws in Trane thermostats underscore IoT security risks, Cisco says

Cisco warned on Monday of serious flaws it found in an Internet-connected thermostat control, which it said are typical among products of vendors who aren't well-versed in network security.


Snowden leaks furor still spilling over into courts

Nearly three years after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden first leaked details about massive domestic spying, his revelations have prompted a broader discourse, especially among legal scholars, over the potentially invasive nature...

IronKey thumb drives

Kingston buys encrypted flash drive maker IronKey

Kingston has purchased Imation's IronKey subsidiary, a maker of encrypted USB drives.


Is it time to give up on WordPress sites?

WordPress is getting harder to secure. Is it time to consider flat file sites instead?

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