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Jeremy Spilman, TapLink Founder & CEO


Flaw with password manager LastPass could hand over control to hackers

Password manager LastPass can even be fooled. A Google security researcher has found a way to remotely hijack the software.

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Kaspersky researchers love “Mr. Robot” hacker but claim no Snowden ties

Malware researchers for Kaspersky Lab took to Reddit’s IAmA chat today and pronounced an affection for the hacker-hero TV show “Mr. Robot” but not NSA hacker Edward Snowden.

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Donald Trump encouraged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has called on Russia to hack his rival Hillary Clinton’s emails.

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Russian involvement in DNC WikiLeaks email heist unproven

The limited data reported isn’t enough for security analysts to say only the Russians were involved in the DNC breach or if they were involved in the WikiLeaks email leak.

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Rival gang leaks decryption keys for Chimera ransomware

The creators of the Petya and Mischa ransomware programs leaked around 3,500 RSA private keys allegedly corresponding to systems infected with another ransomware program called Chimera.

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Pakistan cybercrime bill: Misuse the internet, go to prison for three years

A horribly vague and controversial cybercrime bill was approved by a Pakistani senate technology committee; it could send people to prison for ‘misusing the internet’ or ‘creating a website for negative purposes.’

Russian DNC hack – A cybersecurity microcosm

The Russian hack of the DNC a microcosm of cybersecurity at large. Many companies are as vulnerable as the organization and as underprepared to handle such attacks.

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U.S. cyber incident directive follows DNC hack

Following the hack of the Democratic National Committee, the U.S. government announced a U.S. Cyber Incident Coordination Directive.

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Cisco: Potent ransomware is targeting the enterprise at a scary rate

Enterprise targeting cyber enemies are deploying vast amounts of potent ransomware to generate revenue and huge profits – nearly $34 million annually according to Cisco’s Mid-Year Cybersecurity Report out this week. Ransomware, Cisco...

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How to avoid burnout

After a while the pressures take their toll, and many security professionals burnout, or choose to change careers before that happens. To help you avoid that fate, we’ve assembled seven strategies every CISO should consider.

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Will the Olympics ‘payment ring’ jumpstart NFC demand?

A group of Olympic athletes will be tapping a ring, instead of swiping a credit card, at the summer games in Rio. Visa is hoping that will raise the profile of Near Field Communication for retail transactions.

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9 must-have 'smart' gadgets for your connected office

These nine 'smart' gadgets -- which include cameras, security systems, a thermostat, IoT lighting and a connected power outlet -- can give your home or work office a total tech-makeover.

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Identity Finder rebrands and comes out with a fear-inducing report

Identity Finder has rebranded as Spirion and released a fear-inducing report about sensitive data leakage whose purpose seems to be to drive sales.

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In light of increased cyberattacks, White House sets defense plan with FBI in charge

It’s still unclear if Russian hackers are trying to meddle with the U.S. election. But the growing number of major cyber attacks is causing the U.S. government to coordinate a better response.


SMS-based two-factor authentication may be headed out the door

SMS messaging for two-factor authentication might become a thing of the past. A U.S. federal agency is discouraging its use.

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Fitness device security inadequate

Many fitness trackers have a glaring lack of secure connections and can be tampered with to expose private user data, a security firm finds.


Feds unleash $4.5B push to promote electric car adoption

The White House last launched a number of steps it hopes will spur the development and further adoption of electric vehicles – including $4.5 billion to help build-out the country’s electric charging grid. “In the past eight years...

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Kimpton Hotels is investigating a possible payment card breach

Kimpton Hotels, operator of boutique hotels across the U.S., says it is investigating reports of a possible payment card data breach. If confirmed, it would become the latest in a string of successful attacks on hotel chain operators...

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