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UK intelligence service GCHQ is on trial for hacking

GCHQ, the British signals intelligence service, is in the dock accused of hacking computers without individual warrants in order to tap communications.

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Feds drive toward high-tech criminal tracking system standard

The main issue – and it’s a big one – is that such the packages also known as offender tracking systems (OTS) operate and perform with no underlying industry standards for communications or software causing a myriad of problems for...

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No letup seen in Chinese cyber spying

There is no evidence that economic espionage by China against the U.S. has declined since September, when the leaders of both governments agreed that they would neither conduct nor support it. Experts say there is little the U.S....

[SINGLE USE] Richard Borge illustration for Computerworld: 5 Fast-Track Trends to Tackle Now

Forecast 2016: 5 fast-track trends to tackle now (and one to ignore)

IT will drive business change in 2016 thanks to key tech developments like cloud computing, security, the Internet of Things, analytics, and the emergence of IT as a change agent. 

Evolution of NSL in various states of redaction

Judge strips redactions from NSL, showing info FBI gets without a warrant

Judge strips redactions from FBI National Security Letter, showing the broad categories the FBI can get from an ISP without a warrant: examples include purchase and web browsing history, IP addresses of people with whom a target has...

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Flaws in Huawei WiMax routers won't be fixed, researcher says

Huawei isn't planning on patching several flaws in seven models of WiMax routers that are not being supported anymore by the company, according to a security researcher.

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Data breach of toy maker VTech leaked photos of children, parents

The data breach of Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer VTech appears to have also included photos of children and parents, adding to what could be one of the worst leaks of the year.


US Marshals jump into 'Cyber Monday' mania

Cyber Monday is generally thought to be the start of the online holiday shopping season. We would like to encourage shoppers who are already online in search of bargains to consider stopping by our auction website to bid on forfeited...

Amazon hybrid drone prototype for Amazon Prime Air service

Amazon shows off hybrid drone prototype for Amazon Prime Air service

Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson helped Amazon show off its new hybrid drone prototype to be used in Amazon's future Prime Air service.

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Applying more Critical Security Controls to your organization

Experts at Center for Internet Security put out a list of best practices called Critical Security Controls. Among them: keep checking for vulnerabilities, control privileges, and monitor your logs

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Most hackable devices

Many holiday gifts purchased this season are likely to be connected devices, including smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, notebooks and laptops, and video game consoles. Unfortunately, many of these devices will make homes more...

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BlackBerry quits Pakistan over government surveillance demands

BlackBerry has decided not to operate in Pakistan after Dec. 30, rather than let the local government intercept communications on its enterprise services.

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Walmart hired Lockheed Martin for employee surveillance, allegedly got help from FBI

Testimony and documents indicate Walmart hired defense contractor Lockheed Martin to conduct surveillance of employees involved with rights group OUR Walmart and allegedly received assistance from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force...

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Microsoft enables potential unwanted software detection for enterprise customers

Microsoft has started offering protection against potentially unwanted applications in its anti-malware products for enterprise customers.

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Microsoft zaps dodgy Dell digital certificates

Microsoft has updated several of its security tools to remove two digital certificates installed on some Dell computers that could compromise data.

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VPN bug poses privacy threat to BitTorrent downloaders

A bug affecting some VPN services can be used to figure out a computer's real IP addresses, including those of BitTorrent users, which could pose a huge privacy and possibly a legal risk.

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Older Dell devices also affected by dangerous eDellRoot certificate

Users who have Dell Windows-based laptops, desktops, tablets and other devices that were bought before August should check if their systems have the self-signed eDellRoot certificate that can compromise their private communications.

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Millions of embedded devices use the same hard-coded SSH and TLS private keys

Thousands of routers, modems, IP cameras, VoIP phones and other embedded devices share the same hard-coded SSH host keys or HTTPS server certificates.

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