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A Call for Open Cybersecurity Middleware

Swisscom proposing a standard abstraction layer for integration and more rapid incident detection and response

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LogMeIn buying password manager LastPass

LogMeIn hopes to bring even more consolidation to the single-sign-on market with the acquisition of password management service LastPass.

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US won't seek legislation against encryption

The U.S. administration will not seek legislation at this point to counter the encryption of communications by many technology services and product vendors, but will work on a compromise with industry, a senior U.S. official said...

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Apple removes apps from store that could spy on your data traffic

Apple on Thursday removed several apps from its store that it said could pose a security risk by exposing a person's Web traffic to untrusted sources.

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Many vulnerabilities in older Huawei 3G routers won't get patched

Huawei doesn't plan to patch more than a dozen models of 3G routers that have severe software vulnerabilities.

Cytegic helps enterprises assess their cybersecurity maturity level

The toolset helps enterprises get an understanding of their overall security posture and make strategic decisions about their security controls

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'Culture of denial': Nuclear industry's cybersecurity shortcomings revealed in new report

International policy institute Chatham House says that the use of default passwords and a lack of air-gapping are among the causes of nuclear infrastructure vulnerability.

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IP was Middle School, Named Data Networking is College

Much of the Named Data Networking (NDN) project codebase is still at the Version zero-dot-something level. But things are nevertheless starting to get real for this architecture designed to blast past today’s host-based and...

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SHA-1 hashing algorithm could succumb to $75K attack, researchers say

The SHA-1 hashing algorithm, still used to sign almost one in three SSL certificates, can now be attacked for as little as $75,000, and should be urgently retired, researchers say

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Lyft's CTO accused of hacking Uber

Uber is seeking information on an IP address involved in a hack that stole drivers' information, and Reuters reports that some believe it belongs to Lyft's CTO.

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Why have most merchants missed the EMV deadline?

The shift to EMV or “chip-and-PIN” credit-card technology is seen as a way to make a major dent in fraud. But a large majority of merchants missed last week’s Oct. 1 deadline to update their payment terminals. Merchant advocates say...


Journalist convicted of helping Anonymous hack the LA Times

A journalist accused of helping a rogue hacking group briefly take control of the LA Times' website was convicted by a federal jury in California on Wednesday.


Android malware hammers phones with unwanted ads

Android users in more than 20 countries have been infected with a particularly aggressive malware program that bombards devices with unwanted advertisements.

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Amazon makes it easier to lock down the cloud

Amazon unveiled a pair of services Wednesday that are designed to make it easier for companies to keep their cloud deployments secure and within the parameters they want.

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Hackers who targeted Samsung Pay may be looking to track individuals

The security breach at Samsung subsidiary LoopPay was probably more about spying than about gathering consumer data for profit, and the worst could be yet to come, a security analyst said Wednesday.


They’re baaaack! Verizon's zombie cookies to track users across massive AOL ad network

Verizon will use its dreaded supercookie to track and share users' personal details and browsing history with the massive AOL ad network. Users are opted in by default, so it's time to opt-out if you didn't during the last Verizon...

Former NSA chief undercuts FBI’s desire for encryption backdoors

The former head of the NSA the U.S. is better served by strong encryption that it would be by encryption schemes with backdoors that allow law enforcement to decrypt the content of communications, according to reports.

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Non-technical manager’s guide to protecting energy ICS/SCADA

Sophisticated cyber-attacks known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are a growing challenge to the Energy Sector of our nation’s critical infrastructure. These attacks can largely be attributed to well-funded, dedicated...

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Attackers target OWA for domain credentials

Why spend time targeting Active Directory for domain credentials when Outlook Web Application is just as good -- and far easier to compromise?

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