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6 things you need to know about virtual private networks

A VPN is a secure tunnel between two or more computers on the internet. In the past, VPNs were mainly used by companies to securely link remote branches together or connect roaming employees to the office network, but today they're an...

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The fight to defend the Internet of Things

A primer on the Internet of Things security and how to protect it.

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Banks and Fed sites score as least trustworthy in OTA 2017 security and privacy audit

60% of banks and US government sites analyzed for security and privacy received failing grades in one or more category during the Online Trust Alliance's 2017 audit.

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EU wants to ease commercial drone use with future flight rules

The European Commission wants to make it easier for lightweight drones to fly autonomously in European airspace -- with logistics, inspection services and agricultural businesses set to benefit. Last Friday, the Commission...

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198 million American voter records found unprotected on the internet

Thanks to a third-party’s misconfigured server, the personal information of 198 million American voters – the largest known leak of voter records – was stored on a public server and could have been downloaded by anyone without needing...

Reckless abuse (again) of surveillance spyware that was sold to governments

Another case of NSO Group surveillance spyware Pegasus, which is sold to governments to secretly infect phones, being used recklessly to try to spy on reporters, a minor, and human rights defenders.

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Hackers attacked 4 Florida school districts, allegedly hoped to hack voting systems

Hackers who targeted four Florida school districts also allegedly wanted to hack state voting systems.

When SD-WAN is more than SD-WAN

SD-WAN has the potential to offer much more than a more manageable network using any choice of connectivity. Is security the next big opportunity for SD-WAN?

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DHS and FBI issue alert about North Korean 'Hidden Cobra' hackers

DHS and FBI warn about North Korean 'Hidden Cobra' hackers, give details about the group’s DDoS botnet DeltaCharlie.

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Crash Override: Malware that took down a power grid may have been a test run

Meet Crash Override, aka Industroyer, malware designed to attack power grids and responsible for the partial power outage in Kiev.


South Korean web hosting company infected by Erebus ransomware

An Erebus ransomware attack hit Nayana web hosting company and infected thousands of South Korean sites. The ransom demand is astronomically high.


Witcher 3 developers won't bow to extortion for stolen Cyberpunk 2077 files

Since CD Projekt Red refused to be blackmailed, the game developers warned that stolen files for Cyberpunk 2077 may be leaked online.

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24% off Resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool 2-Pack - Deal Alert

Made in the USA and originally developed for first responders, this 2-in-1 safety and survival tool features a blade for cutting a seatbelt and a spring-loaded steel spike for breaking a side window. Keep in on your keychain, or clip...

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4 resources to find free Cisco skills and certification labs

Cisco offers a wealth of instruction - some of it free - for increasing networking skills or prepping for certification exams.

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Top 5 InfoSec concerns for 2017

After the latest data security risk burst onto the scene—the now infamous WannaCry ransomware attack—we began to wonder if the IT and tech community's leading worries on data and information security had shifted. With data compiled...

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NSA's EthernalBlue exploit ported to Windows 10

RiskSense researchers analyzed the EternalBlue exploit, tweaking it to create a smaller version of EternalBlue which can be ported to unpatched versions of Windows 10 to deliver nasty payloads without needing DoublePulsar.

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Mingis on Tech: The alphabet soup of mobile device management

Do you know your MDM from MAM and EMM? It's all about BYOD, and how companies can keep data safe while making it easier for workers to be productive with their own devices.

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What Extreme’s string of networking acquisitions means for enterprises

Extreme has recently bought Avaya and Brocade networking technology and Zebra Wireless

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