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Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure CTO

Windows Server 2016's latest beta brings first look at Microsoft's new containers

Microsoft launched the fourth technical preview for the next version of Windows Server on Thursday, giving the public access to its new Hyper-V containers.

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Intel's first server chip with performance-boosting FPGA to ship early next year

Intel will ship its first Xeon server chip with a programmable FPGA from Altera in the first quarter next year, some 18 months after announcing work on the product.

Server platform based on Qualcomm ARM server chip

Server vendors tap ARM chips to give users alternative to Intel

For a while it was hard to get a hand on an ARM, but that may not be the case soon.

Xilinx and IBM executives

IBM teams with Xilinx to take on Intel with Power chips

IBM has partnered with chip maker Xilinx to expand the use of IBM Power processors in servers, taking on Intel for a bigger slice of the data center market.

Cavium ThunderX

Morgan Stanley kicks tires on ARM servers, wants a rival for Intel

Morgan Stanley is testing ARM-based servers, the latest sign of competition for Intel in the data center

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Gene Amdahl, IBM mainframe architect then IBM competitor, has died

Gene M. Amdahl, chief architect of IBM's System/360 mainframe and later the creator of the IBM plug-compatible mainframe vendor that bore his name, has died aged 92. Amdahl was born in South Dakota, earning a bachelor's degree...


Low-end servers get DDR4 memory

Dell and HPE are bringing a new form of DDR memory to low-end servers in order to let small and medium-size businesses run databases and other applications faster.

The Nvidia Tesla M40 GPU accelerator.

Nvidia packs machine learning for Web video in new GPUs

Nvidia's new GPUs will add more context to live streams and web video

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How to avoid a data center overrun with idle servers

A third of data center servers are not productive. Here's why the problem exists, and what to do about it.


Class action lawsuit alleges AMD's Bulldozer CPUs aren't really 8-core processors

At least one customer is unhappy with the performance of AMD's Bulldozer CPUs and is accusing the company of making false claims.

Cavium ThunderX 64-bit ARM processors

FreeBSD comes to 64-bit ARM

FreeBSD follows Linux to ARM servers

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The best new features in Windows Server 2016 (so far)

From Nano and Docker to software-defined networking and storage features, the next version of Windows Server is packed with great additions

Oracle M7 Enhances CPU-level Security

Encryption, memory integrity, and tight software integration aligns silicon with cybersecurity requirements

Larry Ellison speaks at Oracle's OpenWorld conference. Will he show up at Dreamforce?

Oracle just made its biggest Sparc announcement since buying Sun

Oracle announced a new line of Sparc servers at OpenWorld on Monday based on a new processor called the M7, the first designed entirely in house by Oracle.

larry ellison executive keynote 02

Oracle's Larry Ellison unveils new services, products in cloud push

Oracle Executive Chairman Larry Ellison unveiled Sunday new cloud applications and services, including a training tool that integrates with the company's human resources application, and gave a glimpse of the company's security...

9 tools to manage pet servers - intro title

9 tools to help you manage your servers

Most of your servers are like heads of cattle on a farm. But some are special snowflakes that need to be treated with kid gloves. Here are some tools to do just that.

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Fujitsu puts Sparc M10 servers in the cloud for big retailers

Fujitsu has launched a managed cloud service for retailers based on the Oracle Commerce Platform and Fujitsu's M10 servers running Solaris

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When mobile and mainframes mix, the results are spectacular

The demands of mobile applications and mainframe capabilities make a powerful but neglected combination. Mobile technology needs scalability, secure hosting, instant access to data, and extremely high performance combined with total...

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